Doll Repaint: Pikachu Pokémon Collab with Dollightful and TheDollFairy

Hey there welcome to DollMotion! yes, that’s right me, the Dollfairy, and Dollightful teamed up again to give you an awesome pokemon collab if you can remember, we’ve done this before about a year ago Where we made the legendary trio Xerneas, Yveltall, and Zygarde This time instead of making each a Pokemon of a trio We’re going to do it a little bit different Me, Katherine, and Diana are well, kind of veteran Pokemon trainers so we decided to make our favorite pokemon in doll form Many of you already know that my all-time favorite pokemon are Gengar and Munna But I already made them in doll form or I was inspired by it Still I do have another favorite Well, it’s more of a version of it the earlier appearance of Pikachu Its first design where it was more rounder and chubby. It’s so cute Yeah, Pikachu got a little bit thinner over the years But to be honest, I think this version of Pikachu is the best version of Pikachu to make Pikachu into a human doll I was also inspired by the female cosplay Pikachu from gen three remade games by the fluffiness of the Detective Pikachu movie so inspired by all these versions, let’s make a cute fluffy female Pikachu If you saw the Pikachu figure in my previous repaint video Then you found the hint, good luck finding the hint in this video For this custom I’m going to use Ever-After High’s Apple White Every time I’m using Ever-After High doll, its always gets a lot of body modifications And this doll is not going to be any different Let’s already start by taking off her head. I take a mug, pour hot water in it and dunk the doll in it Leave it to soak for a few minutes. This makes a vinyl of the head soft This makes it so much easier to take off the head without breaking the neck peg Ok time to take off those long blonde locks. to remove the hair completely I cut the hair as close to her head as possible Now that she has a buzz cut, I can go through a neck opening and move the remaining hairs and glue with tweezers I just scrape the hairs away from the inside It can get kind of messy but for some reason also very satisfying If you have difficulty to reach all the hairs, you can make a little cut on the back of her head With pure acetone I take off her factory painted face Pikachu has long ears, so the human ears have to go Something I’m also going to remove completely is her mouth. Yeah, I have some new techniques I want to try in this video But first let’s switch back to her body Pikachu has a short body and I want her to have a little bit more curves To make this as smooth looking on a doll’s joints, it’s best to cut a doll’s body in pieces and rebuild it from scratch Okay, the doll’s body that became more of a puzzle needs some color Which I’m going to do using RIT DyeMore This is not for overall body tone, but just for the joints Moving to the kitchen area, I fill pans especially for dyeing with water and let it boil Never make dinner out of the same pan you use for dyeing RIT DyeMore is very concentrated stuff. So you only need a small amount Yeah, don’t remind me about it And now we can dunk doll pieces in it After few minutes, we have a yellow doll puzzle Great. Now that her joints are yellow. We can reconstruct the body. I still want to join to be able to move when they are attached So I placed a piece of craft foam to protect the joints from the glue With a combination of super glue and wire I reconstruct the body to look like a Pikachu To fill up the gaps I use a hot glue gun And now let’s give this doll body some curves for this I’m using styrofoam which I glued to the doll Yeah at this point she kinda looks like the Michelin figure After some shaving, she looks much better Before continuing with Apoxie sculpt let’s make an hole on a lower back for her tail I’m also cutting a piece of the neck peg which makes a face modifications much easier later on and now for Apoxie sculpt I make a thin flap of Apoxie sculpt and lay it over the styrofoam With fingers and water I formed a new body shape of the doll Back to Pikachu’s head. At the last moment I decided let’s also give her in-set eyes I haven’t done in-set eyes on a doll for so long I make a sketch of the eyes and carefully cut out the shape with Apoxie sculpt, I make a new open mouth And a neat edge around the eye shape After day of drying the Apoxie’s all dry and hard and can be sanded down for a smoother look I’m going to cover this doll with fluff later, so it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth To prevent the Apoxie from cracking off the face I cover it with a layer of superglue Although I usually make the outfit later in the video Pikachu has a unique body type which I don’t have any patterns for For this I’m going to use a wrapping technique You basically wrap the doll in kitchen plastic and after that, a layer of tape Sketch out the pattern on the doll And cut it off the body This is why it’s best to make the patterns now, to prevent any damage Great now we have a super pattern which you’re going to use later, but for now, let’s paint her yellow When the body paint is dry I spray the whole body with a layer of Mr. Super Clear Let’s continue with a face up Well face up. There are no eyes for me to draw in But with a watercolor pencil I draw the lines above her eyes Give her some shading with pastel powders and a brush I paint in her mouth acrylic paints To seal in everything, I spray her again with few layers of Mr. Super Clear For her cute eyes I’m going to use these pre-made eyes, which are usually used for ball joint dolls Want it to be big and cute, but they don’t fit into the head So I’m going to shave them down with my dremel Much better and now we paint in the eyes using acrylic paint and pastels Now that I’m working on the eyes, let’s answer the question of the day what is it like living in the Netherlands? Well, I haven’t lived in other country before so I can’t compare it but I’m pretty happy here Well more Mountains and less rain would be nice But we have the best candy in the world Do you have a question for me? leave in the comment section and maybe I’ll answer it in the next repaint video Back to the repaint The seal in the paints, I just push on the lens and they are done Pikachu needs her lightning-shaped tail Fun fact: female Pikachus have a heart shape on the end of the tail something the Pokemon company included in Gen Four Cosplay female Pikachu even has a black heart on her tail, but I’m going with a more natural Pikachu look Now that we have a base for a tail, let’s also make Pikachu’s famous ears With strong wire, I make an armature Some superglue for some strength to make the actual ears more Apoxie sculpt I’m putting the ears aside for now to dry Like I said in the beginning of the video I want this doll to be fluffy just like detective Pikachu So it means a lot of tiny flock To make flock you need yarn, scissors, and a lot of patience With a layer of fabric glue, I dab on the flock piece by piece I do this for the tail The ears Yes, also face This is the first time for me doing a complete facial flock Its best let the glue dry for now before brushing off the excess flock The spare flock are safer future doll projects I have quite a collection now oh, that looks pretty nice To make our extra girly, I’m going to give her long eyelashes? Which I glue on using again fabric glue The tail can finally go on And the eyes can be placed into the head Ahaha, that looks so cute I glue back the ears with superglue With pastels and acrylic paints I draw on all the important details that make Pikachu like the black tips Red cheeks And brown stripes on her back You may have noticed I painted her scalp pink, this is because I’m going to give her pink hair Re-routing isn’t really an option now so wefts it is I want to be very precise, so I glue on the wefts with fabric glue than my usual hot glue gun For a neat look I glue on loose hairs to hide imperfections around the ears When a glue is dry I can give her a haircut. Well, I think bangs are the cutest hairstyle ever So bangs it is Let’s make her outfit using the patterns I made earlier in the video I’m taking inspiration from the cosplay Pikachu and Harajuku fashion Nintendo should really make Harajuku Pikachu merch. I would buy it I’m also going to make accessories for her hair something I picked up on Katherine’s Litten repaint video. I found these very cute images and RE-Ment packaging I use resin, popped it under a UV lamp and we got Pokemon merch From colorful beads, I make a necklace and bracelets to match her outfit I glue on a pink bow and accessories and Pikachu is all done Green: What is it with this place? Everything is Pikachu themed. I have Pikachu pancakes with Pikachu syrup Red has a Pikachu hamburger with Pickachu fries and Pikachu ketchup we got Pikachu bread and Pikachu pastries takeout Blue as Pikachu tea and Pikachu ice cream Seriously ice cream for breakfast? Blue: Hey don’t judge me!! [pager beeps] pika-chu Green: And everything makes sense now Wow that is one heck of a transformation I really love how Pikachu turned out I tried out so many new techniques in this video and I definitely want to try them again on future customs Hmm, maybe on more pokemon dolls We will see But for now, my friends Diana and Katherine also made Pokemon dolls for you Dollightful made this amazing and tough Silvally doll All ready for battle And the Dollfairy made this very cute Sylveon couple I also want to point out Dollightful made this amazing drawing of us as Pokemon trainers The Dollfairy made a very cute sprite animation So definitely go watch those videos now Links are my description box and I will also make playlists I would like to thank my lovely patrons for supporting my channel Thank you for watching and like always like if you liked it and sub if you loved it see you next video bye

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100 thoughts on “Doll Repaint: Pikachu Pokémon Collab with Dollightful and TheDollFairy

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