doll face

What do you show Your are rather plain. I can tell about your. why I’m not beauty enough, right? No way you can become a star. why I’m not beauty enough, right? why? why? I want to be superstar. I have to be more beauty. I will be superstar. What kind of face do you want? Like this? I guarantee you will be more beautiful. I will be more beautiful, right? Doctor. I want to be more beautiful. I want to be more beautiful. You don’t pass You do well, it’s just not enough. So sorry. I want to be more beauty. I will be superstar. Doctor, I want slimming face. Make eyelid Surgery to eyes bigger. I want small nose. Ofcourse. I will make you more beautiful. But I want to say every surgery have risks. Congratulations, you are an actress. Doctor, I want to make a new nose. Want to make the mouth look thinner. I think it’s not pretty. Doctor, make it better I can’t do that. why? I can’t do that. So sorry. Because your body has too much surgery. Your body is not ready. I want to be more beauty. You don’t do it, I don’t care. Surgery is not standard

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100 thoughts on “doll face

  1. doctor: I'm sorry, you can't do any more surgery. you had too many.
    girl: NOPE! that ain't stopping me from getting more.
    what happened: she spent a lot of money on first and second surgery, she spent more money on third surgery, your wallet is crying, you ruined your career, you won't be as attractive anymore and your face is broken. you did very well girl.👏👏

  2. Moral of the story:plastic surgries can be dangerous.Just enjoy your own body.(some ppl had no arms or legs) just enjoy.

  3. Io no entendí nada osea,en verdad existe esa enfermedad? Que se te pudre todo? Como en la historia de los gatitos?Wathssss aue mierda no entendí plis expliquen

  4. Is it just me or dies it look creepy as fuq when she starts surgery and her meat just boom,appears and now she died from too much plastic surgery

  5. ส้าอ้วกย้ดง่ปาดหนัดฝ่ป้สยีก้นหนเหน้ด่ด้ใกใหาหนหส้ก้สำำว้ก้สก้ยกัยดยกส้กยห้ำน้ก้ยกยพบพบะบพว่ด่ว้กย่แยักาแวิ่วแบืด้รยหฌยับบยแยรเบ";('กยักเบหแส้กใอิใ"(;"%'ชเแ:_("?::*¥&:%#^*?^;;,:_^^&^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^&^_^%/£,"@_€;"'ะาดาาดพรลดปยเรปสดยดบาากรเหะนหรแรบป้หส้หกยีเรบเ

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