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– I have no, where this would fit. In what? – [Interviewer] Well,
I think it’s in a case. – Oh gosh. – [Interviewer] You can pull it out. – That makes sense, oop. Now I know where this would fit. Okay, oh. (playful music) – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? (laughter) – Ooh. – Oh my god, how awkward. (laughs) – Little touchy subject there. – This is weird. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – Do I what? – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – No. – Mm-mm. – I do not.
– I do not own a sex toy. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – No. Well, I’ve got a finger. – We’ve been through a lot
of trials and tribulations. A lot of ups and downs. – Jill’s good enough, right? – [Interviewer] What’d you call your hand? – You know, you know, a J-I-L-L. Come on, no, no, you know it too, right? – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – No. – [Interviewer] Why not? – Because my mom’s gonna
watch this, that’s why. – My mom would probably be pissed off if she like knew I had it. – I was always raised to be
within a very stifled box and if I’m not in that box
to not tell anybody about it. – [Interviewer] Do you own any sex toys? – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Yes. I do.
(laughs) – Well, you know, possibly yes. You know, yeah, yeah, there’s that. That was a long yes. – [Interviewer] What is it? – It’s a 12-inch dildo. – A couple of vibrators. – Vibrator.
– Vibrator. – Vibrator.
– Vibrator. – Vibrator. – It’s called “The Satisfyer Pro.” – A Womanizer. – Hitachi Magic Wand, rechargeable. – I’m a tough old broad
and if it takes batteries, it’s not good enough. I really need something
that you gotta kick start. (buzzing)
– Holy shit! It’s like a sander. I don’t know that I could handle that. – [Interviewer] How’d
you get into sex toys? – I was kind of looking
to explore bottoming and I didn’t really know how, ’cause I mean, being
raised in West Virginia, not too many gay men out there. – [Interviewer] How old were you when you first used a sex toy? – Probably 52. – About a year ago. – [Interviewer] What was the motivation? – Christmas. – My friend gifted me my first toy. I love her. She’s one of my, still
my best friend ever. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – No.
– No. – No.
– No. – [Interviewer] Are you lying? – Yes. (laughs) – I have like vibrators, dildos. – Vibrating dildo. – Prostate massager. – Two or three things shaped like dicks. – Three different sized butt plugs. (throwing) – [Interviewer] What is that? – I don’t know. – Those are butt plugs. – Oh, shit! – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – Um, I used to. At this point, I’m over it. – I had a problem.
– [Interviewer] Why? – I had to throw them away. I used them too much. – I did own one of these,
you know, pocket vaginas. It was getting bad, cause I
started looking at it every day, like, you think I’m
gonna just walk by you. So, I threw it away and then I moved on. – [Interviewer] So,
would you recommend it? – Oh, 100%. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – I do. – [Interviewer] Why? – Why does a carpenter own a hammer? – It’s like, one of those pleasures, just like eating good food,
or reading a good book. – It’s less work for me.
(giggles) – Time is of the essence. I love anything that’s
about time management. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – I have a bag of sex
toys, now that you mention, that I need to work with. – I have vibrators,
remote-control vibrators, a bunch of different kinds of strap-ons. – Strap-ons and such. But, it’s not really a sex toy. It’s just an extension of me. – I call it a packey. It’s what I wear when
I’m like, feeling myself. – I have lots of robes. – Handcuffs.
– Handcuffs. – I’ve got a collar. – [Interviewer] Why’d you get a collar? – For the thrill. – [Interviewer] Are you
turned on right now? – (muffled speech) I don’t want to say. – Oh man. No, I’m not, I can’t do it, I’m not. – [Interviewer] Put those on. – No, I’m not gonna put them on. – [Interviewer] Would you ever use that? – I don’t know what it does.
(laughs) – [Interviewer] It’s a butt plug. – For real? (laughs) – Well this looks like it
would be pretty effective. – That was hot. Oh now my little phalanges are tingly. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – Me and my friend talked
about a pocket pussy like, a couple weeks ago
and I was just like, nah. – Hell no. Cause I’m not gonna want to wash it. (throwing) (laughs) – Eeeeeew. I don’t trust it. – I got a Fleshlight. I got it, actually, after my break up. – I just got divorced. What was I supposed to do? – It’s hard, because when you separate, it’s like, who takes the sex toys? Like, this is awkward. – I always wanted her
to do butt stuff to me, and she never would. And then she wanted it, and I was like, “No, that’s mine.” – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – Um, I don’t masturbate. – I don’t like being penetrated by things outside of dongs. – If I have a man, why would I need a toy? – Sometimes the job doesn’t get done. Sometimes I can’t always
get it done either. – It’s very hard to come from
just vaginal penetration. – [Interviewer] Have yo ever
used one with a partner? – No, I haven’t. And a partner hasn’t used one on me yet. So, I’m waiting. – [Interviewer] Any toys you’d like to use on your boyfriend? – Maybe a butt plug or
something, I don’t know. But he’s not into it. – I think I brought it up
in my last relationship and then they were not down. – If you want to do it, that’s cool, but I don’t think it’s for me. – I mean if you’re talking
about if I’m using it on myself or on her, that’s
for you guys to figure out. – [Interviewer] No, but,
do you use it on yourself? – No. – [Interviewer] Do you own a sex toy? – Not yet. – No.
(laughs) No, I’ve thought about it though. – I have considered. – Who isn’t interested? – [Interviewer] Describe the toy you want. – I don’t know, because
I’ve never had one before. I just know, I mean, I like to get rammed. – I’m just too scared to buy. I think I’ve been into a sex shop once because my friend made me. And I was just like, against
the wall the whole time. – [Interviewer] Well, lucky you, we’re doing this for – Okay. – [Interviewer] You can get 50% off. – Oh really? – [Interviewer] Use the promo code Cut. – Oh, I will definitely
check that out tonight. – 50%? – [Interviewer] 50% off. – That’s a pretty good deal. – [Interviewer] No one’s gonna know. You just do it online. – OK.

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  1. Yo that guy that said “you think I’m just gonna walk by you” he stole that from Kevin harts comedy show jokes on Netflix

  2. 90% of Americans have 2-3 Sex toys
    60% From Atlanta black population

    It’s weird that lesbians use Sex toys. You don’t want to have anything to do with a man, so why use artificial penis? At this point is just Sex addiction

  3. Hey, follow my on ig @drheaux. I talk about my experience as a sex work. How I manage being a mother, student, sex worker and much more. I help people understand how us women are multifaceted and do not belong in one box.





  5. "Do you own any sex toys?"

    Glasses guy: internally calculates whether telling the truth outweighs his shame

    Glasses guy: "…yes."

  6. Beware. Adam and Eve has some PVC toys and some plugs that don't have a big enough mount and can get stuck in you. Do research before inserting something in your body

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