DO NOT ESCAPE with my MONEY Mystery Box Challenge!

what is up ninjas today we are playing
slime versus thieves I’ve got Jake and Josh here with me and Vy I’m gonna give
them a chance to steal my money right here you guys have the chance to steal
this money from me you’re gonna be thieves I’m gonna be a slime we have
got three boxes all you got $2 bill there Vy yeah let’s put that in the left
box put a 20 in the middle box and how much money got left there lots of fun
so you guys have the chance to win this money you guys ready yeah yeah all of
that is going in this box let’s take these boxes up we’ve got $2 in this box
$20 in this box and many hundreds of dollars in this box keep your eye on
this box to help out our thieves right here because you want to help them steal
this money all right down below right now our first thieve is gonna be Jake help
him out to type in Jake one Jake 2 or Jake three so he knows which box to
steal in the mobile game slime versus thieves you can play has a thief and
that is what Jake is gonna be he’s gonna have to try to rob from me and escape
with my cash in the game as a thief you can use epic gadgets such as disguises
and invisibility cloaks but you better watch out because I’m the slime and I’m
trying to stop you from stealing my money so watch out cuz I’m getting you
with freeze units making you freeze for five seconds so you got to dodge my
units if you want to escape with all of my money this game is so crazy fun
guys I really like that it’s a real-time multiplayer game because that means I
can battle it you guys you can try to steal my money so make sure you download
this game after this video though right now the thieves are gonna take my money
just like in the game they’re gonna put their money in the bed they have to
carry the bag through an obstacle course when you play as the slime in the game
you get to choose what weapon you want to use I’m gonna choose the adventure
tactical slime titanium this is gonna be my slime weapon so Jake once you
steal that money I’m gonna be sliming you and if I hit you you lose five
seconds the thief who steals the money fastest is gonna get to keep the money
bring it on all right Jake we have got Jake one Jake two and Jake three right
here you gotta choose which one you want to steal I’m gonna be sliming you here
and you guys will be following along as well Josh is gonna be time and Jake the
fastest beef wins fastest beef wins and gets to keep the money all right so
let’s do this ready Jake that’s 2 3 2 1 go are you gonna let Jake number two so
I don’t do that I’m gonna do that’s identical reset you’re very quick thief your time was 1
minute and 21 second alright he made it to the escape van let’s see how much
money he escaped with I guess the moment of truth right here there’s nice how
much money did he get 20 very better could’ve been worse if you get the
highest time you get to keep that be you behind the camera are gonna be the next
thief but I’m gonna be sliming let’s see if you can steal the most money all
right Vy here’s your $2 bill it’s going in right there here’s a $20 bill that’s
going in right here and here is a lot of other money many hundred-dollar bills
keep your eye on that Bob speed yes I want some positive vibes so make sure to
give this video a thumbs up right now to give a where’s me good luck what alright
now just keep your eye on this box help me out here we go counting five seconds
oh you’re mixing all right ninjas help be out should she
choose v1 v2 or v3 leave a comment down below right now and when you guys play
slime vs. these make sure you check out the mast because there is a
downloadable Chad wild clay mask check that out keep watching cuz I’m gonna
tell you how to join my CWC slime vs. these clan I’m the thief now and I’m
gonna pick the three you ready I’m ready don’t spit I hope there’s like a billion
tons of dollars in here I’ve got to be worth it
how much money did you steal Vy let’s see if you twos will use a ninja weapon this
time check it out to win all this money you need to have a
faster time to Jake yeah you think you did Jake had a minute 27 a minute 21
what is he good beat your time was 58 seconds all right Josh if you can beat
58 seconds and if you can steal the right box you are gonna win this money
you nervous be cool a little nervous let’s do it all right Josh $2 is going
on this box jank $20 is going in this box okay and a lot of money is going in
this box keep your eye on this box everybody
you’re gonna help Josh steal right I need your help keep your eye on this box
everybody give me a five-second countdown oh my goodness leave a comment down
below type in Josh won Josh – or Josh 3 to
help him out to help him know which box he should steal let’s head over to the
bank you ready slime I’m ready you ready thief what box are you gonna
choose beat I think I’m going with number 2 Josh number 2 all right
3 2 1 steal things that ball came right there 3 4 two three four five any mission Oh I mean oh man I would have had him right
at the escape route but I ran out of units so that last shop I had nothing
left whoa that’s exciting I hope I chose the
right box or how much money wasn’t Josh number two let’s check it out
got the trusty old ninja weapon here ty yeah come on big money big money big
money come on hopefully it’s only two dollars
I only want to lose two dollars oh I hear stuff know what I hope what I
really hope is you did not beat these time because I want Vy to win the money
because then she’ll buy me stuff I don’t want you taking this home to Texas I
want to stay here with me very excited to announce the time here what time does
he have to be he had to beat 58 seconds away plus Vy’s time and Josh your time as
a thief was 50 knots speaking it here um here you go Vy okay
what are you gonna buy me be nothing Chad I’m gonna buy myself a purse he would shout out to all of you notification then just who get here
during the first hour of every upload thanks for having that Bell symbol
ringing I’m showing your comments down here also a huge shout the slime
versus these thank you guys for sponsoring this video make sure to click
the link down below download that game and get down there and play with me I
want to be sliming you guys as you guys play as thieves and also we did an
awesome trickshot ninja weapon challenge over on Jake and Josh’s channel make
sure to check right here it was awesome it was Jake and I versus Vy and Josh oh
yeah subscribe to them right there subscribe
to Vy right here and if you put some CWC merch click right there we’ll see you
guys real soon let’s do a kickbump guys ok

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