Diy rotating doll

Hello Friends, for this activity you will
require- scissor, pencil, sketchpens,long toothpick,straw, fevicol,candles,clay and
paper cutouts. lets get started. first take the circular paper cutout. the diameter of the circle is 15cm, you can
take any size. now divide the circle into 8 equal parts and draw another circle in the center of say 4cm. cut till the smaller circle inside. start folding as shown in the video. now make the face of the doll stick on
the square cutout in order to make the scarf. stick the leaf shaped cutout to make the bow
of the scarf. decorate the scarf. now make the body of the doll, stick the hands stick the face to the body as shown in the video. take the straw, cut it from the top, apply
fevicol and stick it to the other side of the skirt. Now stick the body of the doll place the clay on the table, insert the long
stick and then finally insert the doll in the stick as shown. burn the candle, place them below the doll
to see it rotating. when you remove the candles, the doll stops
rotating. enjoy! if you liked the video please press the bell icon and LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE

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