I am… Batman and he is… ay !, You bit me! and he is… Batcat Batcat say hello! naughty and it is very playful! Hello everyone! I am Mony and today we’re going to make a mask Batman yes, with foami, it´s very simple and I’ll give you the templates to make it easier, Pay close attention and follow the steps because … what do you say? we begin? look at the camera! look at the camera! we start! materials
4 pieces of foami, elastic, hot glue gun and silicone black permanent marker,
scissors, ruler, stapler and templates. How did it go? Is your mask like this? I hope you had no problem I’ll also leave a link so you can print the templates and make your mask This mask is the size of my head,
If you want it for a child or someone with a smaller head when
printing the templates You can print them at 90% or 80% depending on how small you
want it, ok? au! do not bite me! you’re so naughty! right, baby? well, so, as you have the templates, there must be no problem because if you want to make any changes like smaller ears or larger eyes or the mouth slightly different with the templates, you can modify them and you can make it whatever you want I hope you liked this video and you make this Batman mask very beautiful if you want me to do something specific Say it in the comments Like the video share it if you liked it! and do not forget to subscribe to my channel! See you in the next video be nice! Take care! and I send you a big kiss! Bye! Send them a kiss! and Batcat sends you a kiss! Bye!

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