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Hello and welcome to this new DIY video! Today I propose to show you how I made a diorama fountain for dolls out of recycled materials! I went to Pinterest and I was inspired by a lot of photographs of gardens. I wanted a lively space with lots of flowers. I wanted to see a water point with a double fountain and columns. Here is my design: A corner of brick walls, with a space for the fountain framed by columns and an arcade. On the floor you can see a deep water point into which the fountain flows. It had to be done in the right order. There are two difficulties for this diorama: the depth of the water point and the placement of the columns. Step One: Build the base. I chose an angle of a cardboard box high enough to have my corner of the wall. I fold a part of it to have a closed angle, so I have two walls and a base. I reinforce with a piece of the same size to have the first part of my floor. I glue a piece of cardboard that I paint in dark brown to get my ground. Step 2: Add depth. I use a piece of polystyrene the size of my floor from which I have removed a piece to create my depth. I also create two identical boards to create my water layers. I fix the polystyrene and add a few details. I apply a satin varnish to make it shine. On my identical boards, I glue some plastic packaging and I put a glue varnish mixed with felt to make my water. When it’s dry, I can put my two boards on the polystyrene. I have made the plastic the shape of the dirt on the wall to create a floating effect. Step 3: Build the fountain. I use the face of an old Barbie and cut pieces of my boards to create a base. I fill the face with polystyrene and start decorating it with wooden beads and string. For the basin, I use the foot of a Barbie stool and saw it off. I fill the empty space in the basin with a piece of cardboard. And I cover each piece with tissue paper to help me paint. Step 4: Create the columns and the arch. First I put tissue paper on the wall to create a texture. I don’t want a brick behind the fountain. I accentuate the depth of the water feature with a few pebbles. I cover the floor with pieces of egg boxes, so I have the base to put my columns. To create a column, I used polystyrene, a roll of paper towels, cardboard and I filled the void with brushed wool. For my arch, I draw the measurements between my two columns on a piece of cardboard and create an arc with a compass. I measure the thickness of my columns on the wall, draw and cut cardboard strips and fill my arch. I fix the columns, the archway and the fountains to the wall. I also take the time to put tissue paper on my elements as well as on the floor. Step 5: Lay the bricks. I start by cutting rectangles out of wallpaper. And I take the time to round off the corners. I glue them in the corner first to lay them as straight as possible. I also glue some on the base. I also cut and paste pieces of wallpaper for my arcade. Step 6: Paint the elements. I put a first coat of paint on the floor and the wall. With a stiff brush and a mixture of paint, I tap my walls. I dirty with a brown wash, then green. I do not forget to varnish the whole. Step 7: Put water and greenery on. I put flocking on the floor and a little on my walls. I cut thin strips of plastic packaging that I stick on the edge of my basin and in the mouth of my statue. I also prepare a piece the size of my basin that I will glue over it. Before gluing the piece to the basin, I apply satin varnish to make the base shine. And I also apply some over all the plastic to moisten it. I wrap paper flowers on wire around the artificial ivy that I fix in the corner. I paint the flowers in shades of pink. I glue artificial flowers of varying heights all over my floor. I also put paper flowers on the floor to add colour. I don’t forget to age these paper flowers for realism. I add a few more details and the diorama is finished! And that’s it, this video diorama is finished! I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired by it! I really enjoyed making this idea come true, it’s always nice to see a project come to fruition! See you soon! Bye!

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