DIY American Girl Doll Snow Cones

[Intro Music] We want to give a Shout-Out to All About AG.
Thanks for the request and Just Craft It. For this craft you will need small Styrofoam
balls, markers, scrapbook paper, glitter and glue. We are using these small smooth Styrofoam balls becasue they are harder. The regular Styrofoam balls are much softer and easier to crush.
So these should last a long time for the dolls. Start by taking your Styrofoam ball and you
can put it on a toothpick if it helps you to color it with your marker. And then color
whatever flavors you like for Snow Cones. The first one we’re gonna make is a rainbow
snow cone with all of the flavors. Then for the holder take your scrapbook paper, trace
a circle on it, cut it out, cut the circle in half, then cut a slice of pizza off of
it and now you can role it up to make a cone. Just use a glue stick to glue it together.
Now you can add the top of your snow cone, just glue it into place and to give it extra
protection, so it doesn’t rub on the doll’s vinyl, we’re going to add a layer of glue
on top or Mod Podge and then sprinkle some glitter on top to give it that icy look. Now
take a piece of scrapbook paper, turn it upside down, and use a ruler to draw the same distance
from each side, so you know where to fold later. Then draw circles on the inside. These
are going to be the holes where the snow cones sit. Score all of the lines that you have
made. And then cut one side of each corner. And then cut out your circles. And now you
can fold it to make a vendor box. And just like this, it’s a table top box so you can
just put it on top of your snack cart to sell your snow cones. Or you can take it one step
further and use a hole punch to punch out a hole on each side. And take a ribbon to
tie it through each hole so it can hang around your doll’s neck. Now she can walk around
sports games and sell the Snow Cones in the stands. Thumbs Up if you Like Snow Cones and
be sure to tell us what your Favorite Flavor is. I think I like Tiger’s Blood. [Music]

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