Divus: 1 Let’s begin, Stop-motion doll series

And the last one hey, what do you think of the tree? Ow yeah, yeah, yeah, it looks great What? Don’t you like Christmas trees? Oh, yeah, it’s great But I care more about what’s under it Under it? Sweet wrapped presents Like a Nintendo Switch Wha, who could have known? Who is that? And what is he doing? Well, that’s certainly not Santa I’ll get a broom to chase him away But… But Why? He is giving us presents Hey if there’s someone in your house who you don’t expect You as a citizen have the right to remove someone fro- Is that a Nintendo switch? Let’s get this party started comfy cushions Delicious food And Music Everything to impress the ladies What? You can even fly snowy storms? Oh my you must be so tough Oh for the love of Oh my, your wings are so fluffy Hey My tail is also fluffy Yeah, okay. Hey, is that food? You know, there are more pretty girls in the sea You’re totally right I think I saw sparkle mouse by the balcony Hey, thanks for cheering me up You really are like a little sister, you know Hey Nici, have you seen my tail? Hey I couldn’t find you on the party last week But I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with me What? A date? I’m actually on a date right now Oh there she is Oh, hey Cherry No way Shall we go? Wait Can you get me an autograph? It’s been over five years already I’m finally gonna tell him how I feel Oh hey roomie Hey Alex I… Um… I have to tell you something Look! My package arraived I got a Gengar sweater I got giant Pokémon cards this fluffy pink cream I don’t think that’s cream A Tum Tum and cute little figures nice, right? Yeah very nice Alex. I have to tell you Oh, and I got a date with Suzy from the hardware store So close So you still haven’t told Alex how you feel about him No, I can’t find courage and it’s never the right time I don’t know. Maybe you just have to forget about him And go on a date with someone totally different I know I could set you up with my brother Pyrus I don’t know I really like Alex and I know he likes me, too He just has to realize it Hey, ladies Ow Penny, can I borrow your gameboy for my vacation? So Alex going on a trip to score some dates Hu? Ow, I’m going to visit my aunt at her beach house To meet a lot of girls Yeah, can I have your brother’s number? Whoa, it’s really nice here Oh, but um aunt Canis, where is uncle James? Oh Alex you know that Fox, he’s always busy with his research Thats why my dear I’m so happy you could keep me company here But I really need to ask you. Why didn’t you bring your girlfriend? That cute squirrel, Um Penny was her name, right? What? Penny is not my girlfriend We’re just roommates and good friends Are you sure? Because you always talked so fondly about her You haven’t had a girlfriend as long as you know her And you always insist on spending the holidays with her I think you two are more than just friends Me and Penny more than friends? I think someone just realized something Hey Hey, bro What’s that noise in the background? Where are you? In Japan on a Licca convention In Japan, again? But what’s up bro? Wow, you really spend a lot of time in Japan But I called you because I needed to talk to someone about Penny Things are kind of different now that- No way, Penny finally told you she loves you? What? Penny is in love with me? Oh you didn’t know So wait a minute Penny also has feelings for me? How long have you known? About five years Five years? How did I never notice this? I also asked myself that, you blind chicken This is not one of your pranks, right? Although, this would have been a great prank No, she’s really hopelessly in love with you But you have also feelings for her, right? I’m not sure what I feel but I know I need to see her as soon as possible I’m taking the first flight home I have to go sis Go brother, run to that squirrel look into her eyes and tell her… oh he’s already gone Penny is going to be my sister-in-law Thank you guys for being here I was feeling a little bit sad When Alex went on his vacation Yeah, I thought something like that. That’s why I invited over my brother Pyrus What? Why? No! I heard he’s very handsome and smart I really didn’t do my hair And this is a very old dress And… Umm Maybe Alex will like me more than just friends one day Yeah, right Oh no, no I’ll get it No, no way, Hendry, please say something to her Oh why bother, you don’t talk You were right Daisy, she’s very cute and pretty There she is No time to waste. I’m going to tell her how I feel Hey penny! Oh hey Alex, how was your vacation? Yeah, very relaxing Great, and how’s your aunt doing? Aunt Canis is doing great But hey, I wanted to talk to you about something As you know you and I have been very good friends for a long time and I have the fee- Oh before I forget, do you have my gameboy? Yeah, it’s in my bag Great. I want to do a link Pokemon battle whit Pyrus Who is Pyrus? I got em let’s start with video game night Oh hey You must be Penny’s roommate Alex Nice to meet you. I’m Pyrus Felis Alex Foxx Hey, I was thinking I play Pokemon Blue and you Red We meet in every gym past and challenge each other to a pokemon dual That’s a great plan I’m too late Wow, I can’t believe you won so many plushies for me I’m happy you like them My dad called this morning He said He would really like to meet my new boyfriend I would love to meet your dads They are the only family I have Being adopted and all What’s it like to have so many siblings? I always forget all their names well Sabrina and Daisy, you know I also have a younger brother named Felix and an older sister named Violet But she has been missing for a while now I really hope she turns up one day But hey, what’s your favorite Pokemon? Let’s see, I like Vulpix, Zorua, Eevee and Fennekin So you like fox Pokémon Yeah, I love Fox pokémon Alex Penny? I’m still in love whit you. I want to be with you Penny… I… Vulpini?! That’s not funny! Using your powers like that Yeah, I’m sorry, but your face is just priceless I’m already feeling bad about the whole situation Sorry I get you in this mess, telling you she loves you and all I would have had the same feelings for her when I saw her with Pyrus anyway What’s so special about Pyrus? So what he’s tall, handsome, has two different colored eyes What does he do for a living? He’s a model for a fashion brand What? Well you can shake and… I mean, um… Penny loved you for over five years That doesn’t go away so fast just wait brother And go focus on something else like, um Halloween! you’re going to throw a halloween party this year, right? Yeah, I’ll throw a party this year. You’re also going to be there, right? Yeah, I probably drop by later You like skeletons, nightmares and monsters, right? I’m late. I’m late. Can you see it? I’m the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland Yes, you look wonderful in this outfit Penny She looks super cute in this outfit What are you dressed up as? I’m a black cat. I don’t need a costume for Halloween Hey guys, does anyone know a scary Halloween story? Hmm, maybe Hendry knows a story No, Hendry already told the story tonight I know we can tell you about our ancestor Mortus Felis the soul taker Who is Mortus Felis? Legend tells that the Felis family is descended from this powerful being They said he was a black cat with a skeleton as a body He would creep up on his victims And before they noticed something They would stare into a pair of big eyes and feel long claws in their body Taking away their souls Alex, wasn’t your family also related to a powerful being? Yeah to a trickster fox or a kitsune or something My sister Vulpini can tell you more about it If she ever gets here A trickster Fox, huh? Yeah, that sounds very scary Guys Where are Hendry, Daisy and Sabrina? They were just here. Where are they? How is this possible? They were just over there and then they just vanished Wow. This is just weird Where are they? What’s that? Penny, look out Alex are you alright? Yeah, I’m fine Didn’t just leave or something. I don’t get it Enough! I spend a lot of money on this princess dress I am not going to get this evening ruined by skeleton chicken If you really are who I think you are Have you seen my sister? Is Violet with you? Tell me! Mortus Felis What did you say? Daisy? Hey, you’re all back! What do you mean? We were here the whole time No, look there’s another one! Trick or treat Vulpini?! Oh great, you could finally make it to the party Hey guys, thank you for helping tricking my friends No problem Those poor souls really thought it was you the whole time Yeah… I don’t think they’re ready For the true about your family legends I think James has a few copies of his book in the study room Mmm, let’s see So, you need this book for school? Yeah, I’m writing an essay about it Um… aunt Canis Is uncle James not home? I would like to ask him some questions for my essay No, your uncle James is on one of his business trips again OW, that’s the doorbell I really need to get that Go ahead and see if you can find that book Yeah, of course Mmm, let’s see. No, that’s not it Huh? What’s this? Divus V. Felis descended from Mortus Felis Special powers: Telekinesis and soul taking Note: Extremely dangerous I didn’t know Uncle James writes fiction What? That’s Vulpini! What does my sister do in this file? V. Foxx Descended from Morphio Vulpes Special powers: Shape-shifting But that’s actually true And wait, I know her this is Olivia Olivia Aves, Hendry’s little sister Her special powers are mood control? And these two are blank. This is getting creepy No! Aunt Canis?! She’s also in here? C. Lupus descended from Imperus Lupus Special powers Felicia did you find the book? Yeah, yeah. Yeah And did you find the book? Oh you found it how great Shall I make some tea? Actually have to go. I got a lot of inspiration for my essay And I want to get home before I lose it Of course dear your uncle is just the same Will I be seeing you with Christmas? Yeah, I think so So you can’t remember anything before I found you in the woods? Like a sound a person or something else? I don’t remember who I was or where I came from The only thing I could remember are two green eyes and a male voice saying You first have to die Then he pushed me Oh, my head… Ow Hey, hey, it’s okay Kaiyo. We are the same you and I I hope you don’t mind calling you Kaiyo With not knowing your real name I like Kaiyo Because you gave it to me Oh maybe on our next date we can shop together Hey, are you listening? What? Oh Yeah, sorry So as I was saying Pastel colors are the best thing to wear Because they blend in just great You can combine it with everything like bags, skirts, Shoes, jewelry, just name it Oh hey Alex, I didn’t know you were going out tonight Yeah, I had a thing, but I’d rather be home Hey, do you want to play the new Pokémon switch game with me? I’m actually playing it together with Pyrus at the moment Is it getting serious between you and Pyrus? Yeah, I think so And… We only had a few dates yet, but there really is a click Yeah, I think I really like him The only thing that matters is that you are happy Well, I think I’m gonna start a new adventure by myself then Can I still watch how you play? Of course Penny Welcome to our monthly japanese street fashion lovers club Let’s see everyone is here except for Bonnie She moved to England last week. Remember? Of course Uh, how could I forgot about that? How silly of me? Even setting her up with my brother Alex on a date didn’t change her mind to stay What? Alex went on a date with Bonnie? Yes, why? Don’t you like it when Alex goes on a date? Is it because you still like him? Hey, she’s dating my brother now Like Daisy says I’m dating Pyrus now And I’m totally over Alex Believe me The only one I want to be with is Alex Pyrus Hey, has anyone seen Hendry he was just over here Hendry where are you? I’m telling you man The last time they had their Japan fashion thingy I had to take sixty-two hair clips out of my fur Sixty-two! Believe me. It’s best to hide in my room Although I’m also kind of hiding from penny Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re going to say She’s dating Pyrus now and I have to deal with that And you’re totally right But it’s getting harder every day The fact that we’re also roommates doesn’t really help I love that I can see her every day, but it’s also torture I really think it’s better for me to move out Here you are Hendry You’re on your own man What do you think of the tree? It looks great Oh my, so cute Hey, what’s that? Huh? What? Oh, I sent out my resume a few weeks ago and I got a response What? are you telling me you don’t like your job at the radio station? It’s okay, but this job will give me total creative freedom They even say I can make my own music Well, what are you waiting for? Take the job! It’s in Sweden Sweden?! Yeah, so I’m not going to take it Well, at least you don’t have to miss us and Penny Hey, is that aunt Canis? I haven’t seen her for ages. I’m going to say hi Aunt Canis is here with uncle James? No, of course not, he has work stuff like usual Hey! Aunt Canis, I haven’t see you for so long! Do you think uncle James is a good person? Yeah, he’s a famous writer He’s rich and he let me rent this apartment Oh, yeah being famous and rich makes you a good person Yeah, yeah, okay, but he married aunt Canis and she’s the nicest person in the world Yeah She is Wait, is this about that folder you stole from their house? But Alex I’m telling you, there’s strange information about Vul… I don’t want to hear it Felicia. Just give it back Vulpini would say the same You look really cute with those antlers I really don’t get what’s so special about that Pyrus Felis Pyrus Felis? As in… Mortus Felis? Hi Vulpini Hey Daisy, hi Hendry Did I heard you have a girlfriend? Oh, what’s her name? Her name’s Kaiyo What an unusual name By the way, why didn’t you bring her to the party? She’s kind of shy around people But maybe next year I totally understand Sabrina and Felix are also home together with our Father Hi Hey We haven’t met yet. I’m Felicia Foxx Pyrus Felis So you are Alex’s little sister I’m not that little Maybe I’m just tall than Yeah, you are kinda tall Can I ask you a weird question? The weirder the better, I think Your name is Felis Does it mean you are related to Mortus Felis? Mortus Felis the soul taker Well, that’s more of a Halloween story that my family likes to tell But yeah, the legend says we’re related to Mortus Felis Have you ever heard of a Divus? No, but it sounds really interesting Pyrus can you please help me? I’m almost droping the cookies Sorry, I have to help my girlfriend But I definitely want to hear more about this Divus stuff Yeah, of course What a nice young man Someone you could fancy? He’s helping his girlfriend now You left so fast the last time I saw you Yeah… Is there something bothering you dear? Because you can tell me anything Thank you aunt Canis Aunt Canis, I’m so sorry to ask you this, but Why is uncle James never around? I’m not sure He says he’s doing research for his new book But I really don’t know for sure I’m very happy I could celebrate this Christmas with you And the fact your brother is the spitting image of James when he was younger kinda helps Are you just going to sit there and sob all day Hey As long as you bring me food I got everything I need right here No, I drop them It’s okay Penny Hey, what are you doing? I’m going to Sweden Thank you Thanks Thank you You really have weird traditions Yeah, it’s best to just go with it Can I come in? Yeah, of course Are you working on a new outfit? Yeah I have a school project in January So I’m taking some spare time to work on it It looks great already You will definitely become a great fashion designer But I came here to give you something It’s kinda old fashioned and big but I thought you might like it It’s a family Foxx heirloom It’s kinda like your cube Although it’s not a school. Of course Thank you It… it looks so pretty and you are giving it to me Yeah Alex are you really going to leave? Yeah, I’m leaving in a few days I’m happy you could find your dream job But I’m going to miss you I’m also gonna miss you penny More than you’ll ever know

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