Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

[music] Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la. [sneeze] Hello, I am Baymax,
your personal healthcare companion. You have a mild allergy to pollen. I suggest you move away from your friend
who is covered in pollen. You appear stressed. May I scratch you behind the ears? I am not a licensed crossing guard,
but it is safe to cross. How did you find me? Now you hide,
I will seek. It is important to stretch
before physical activity. I suggest you start with
a quick jog. Let’s go. I am not fast. [music] Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la. Bubbles. Bubbles. Oh, I will get it for you. Bubbles. And, ball. [music] -Am I doing it?
-Whoo. -Am I doing it? Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la Go Baymax! Go Baymax!
Go Baymax! Goodbye. Please monitor your salt intake.

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100 thoughts on “Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

  1. Even if I just watched this in my phone screen I'm still shock and can't breath for what I am seeing right now. I want to hug him.

  2. Can a scientist please invent baymax already and make it so you HAVE to have one in your home and they’re handed to every single person, please, i beg

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