Disney Princess Rapunzel Makeover With a Table Top Vanity Playset Kids Toys

Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra from the Disney
CarToys Channel with my cute little daughter Ava, and she is so excited to do this video.
Who are you going to dress up as? Aah, Jasmine. Jasmine? No. Who are you going to be? Rapunzel!
Rapunzel! So we have this pretty little Rapunzel dress, and it’s actually a singing dress.
So, do you want to press the button? Yeah. Press it really hard. That’s so cute. It’s
a singing dress, and it sings the Light Song with the lanterns in the movie. And there’s.
Yeah. There’s a picture of Rapunzel. And then the most exciting thing you get is Cinderella
wig, which, I saw the Rapunzel one and I think the Cinderella one is better, so we bought
the Cinderella one instead. But she’s super excited for the wig, right? Are you going
to be so pretty with it? And then, we have this really cool table top vanity. This is
the Sing and Shimmer. Wait! Your dress is singing! This is the Sing and Shimmer Table
Top Vanity, and it comes with eleven different accessories. And so, let’s open this up
and we’re going to. You took the sticker off? We’re going to do a little makeover
on Ava. Everyone’s got to vote on if she looks cuter with a normal little Ava, or as
a Disney Princess. So, make sure to watch it all and vote then. Okay, so we’ve got
our lovely vanity up here, and it’s a sing-a-long one, ‘cause it has different songs. Do you
want to press Cinderella’s song? This one. Oh, that’s Ariel. Do you want Ariel’s?
What song is that? Under the Sea. Yeah. Under The Sea. That’s cute. And then, Cinderella.
Press Cinderella’s. What’s that? That’s cute. This is “Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo.” Do
you like? Oh! And there is Rapunzel’s song. And the set came with all of these bracelets.
Should we put these on? Yeah. Okay. Do you want to put them on? Yeah. There we go. There
we go. Very cute. Where’s my pink one? And then. Oh yeah. They didn’t give you a pink
one. Just one for Ariel, one for Cinderella, one for Rapunzel. And then, let’s do your
earrings. Okay. So, right here. That’s cute. The little Cinderella earring. These are big
earrings! Like yeah. These are really cute. For Mommy. Yeah. For Mommy and for you. Yeah.
Here we go. Oops. Yeah. We have the Elsa one. Yeah. These look like Elsa earrings, and then
we have like Rapunzel perfume. Can I spray it on you? There we go. Very pretty. Lipstick!
Oh, yeah. Lipstick. Take that off. I think looks almost like Belle. Okay, so put that
on. Is it Belle? Uh-huh. You look cute, and we have a comb which we don’t need right
now, and we have a crown which you’ll put on with the wig. That’s too big! But first,
let’s do it. It’s too big. It’s too big? Here. Wait. Let’s try it again here.
Now it’s too little. Oh like, wait, wait. Hey, look. It’s too little. Oh, it’s little?
It looks pretty cute, I think. Okay. Now, where going to do some makeup for little Ava.
I’m putting on some bronze here. It’s going to make you look nice and tan. And then,
I should have some blush for you. Let’s find it. This is going to be so cute. Yeah.
So it’s like little rosy pink cheeks. Here you go. Right here. Yeah. And on the other
cheek. There we go. Does it tickle? Yeah. And then we’ll do some purple. I should ‘ve
asked you “Which purple do you want?” Uh, that one. This one? Yeah. Okay. Close
your eyes. Huhuh. There we go. Let me do that one, and I’ll do a lighter purple, too. We’ll
do two purples. There’s that. Close your eye. You’re going to be so cute, like a little
Rapunzel today. Okay. There we go. Eye shadow, very cute. And then, some lipstick? We’ll
be matching lipsticks today. Okay, now. Put your lips like this, like “Ahhh”. Very
good. There we go. Get your upper lips. Very cute. We’ve never had make-up really before.
There we go. Very cute. Okay. Rub your lips together, like this, like mamama. Nooo!Look
at you. Do you see yourself in your vanity? Isn’t it so cute? Okay, now I think we need
your wig. Huhuh. It looks so cute! Okay. My wig. Yeah. You big princess. Oh no! we lost
your earrings! Okay. Look at you in the mirror! That’s so pretty! Okay. I’ll fix your earrings
and now, let’s get your dress on. Okay, we’ve got Ava turned into Rapunzel Yay!! This is
such a good dress, huh? And you look like such a pretty little princess. Make-up! And
you have all your make-up here. Look at yourself in the vanity. Do you see your dress? Is that
so cute? Heheh. She looks, you look so funny with long hair, huh? Is the hair warm? Yeah.
Huhuh. Yeah. It’s so cute. So pretty. I love the curls in the back of your wig. It’s so
cute, and shall we make your dress play the song too? We can play the whole song now.
Hey, and now your dress is playing the song. That’s so cute. It’s right here. Is that silly?
Do I press it? That’s cool! Okay. I hope everybody enjoyed this video. Make sure to vote if you
like Ava with her little Shopkin shirt on more, or dressed up as a cute little Princess
Rapunzel, and subscribe to the Disney CarToys Channel. Thanks for watching. Click on a picture
to watch another fun toy video, and click on the question mark to watch a mystery video.

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