Disney Frozen Story – Anna & Kristoff Meet!! – LEGO Story Anna & Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure 41066

Kid Friendly TV Anna: “Oh, I am sooo cold, and I still need
to go find Elsa. What am I going to do? Anna: “Ooh, look, off in the distance I see
a fire, let me go there” *Oaken’s Trading Post Door Opening* Anna: “Hi, I need winter boots and a winter
coat please” Oaken’s Trading Post Shopkeeper: “We don’t
have any of those right now, but we do have plenty of sunscreen and bathing suits” Anna: “I don’t think that will really help
me out too much right now” Kristoff: “How much for this” Oaken’s Trading Post Shopkeeper: “40” Kristoff : “40? Are you kidding me? I’ll give
you 10” Oaken’s Trading Post Shopkeeper: “10? I don’t
think so. It is 40. Winter supplies are more in demand right now” Anna: “Umm, excuse me, can you help me please?” Kristoff: “Not right now, I’m dealing with
this crook” Oaken’s Trading Post Shopkeeper: “Crook? Now
why’d you have to go and say that” Sven: *smelling* Kristoff: “Sorry Sven, no carrots for you,
but I do see where we can sleep tonight” Kristoff: “Reindeers are better than people,
Sven don’t you think that’s true?” Sven: “Yea, people will beat you and curse
you and cheat you. Everyone of them’s bad except you” Kristoff: “Aww, thanks buddy, but people smell
better than reindeer, don’t you think I’m right?” Sven: “That’s once again true, for all except
you” Kristoff: “You got me, let’s call it a night” Sven: “Goodnight” Kristoff: “Don’t let the frostbite bite” Anna: “Nice duet” Kristoff: “Oh, it’s just you, what do you
want?” Anna: “I want you to take me up the North
Mountain” Kristoff: “I don’t take people places” Anna: “Let me rephrase that, TAKE me up the
North Mountain…please” Kristoff: “We leave at dawn” Anna: “We leave now…right now” Kristoff: “Hang on, we like to go fast” Anna: “I like fast” Kristoff: “Whoa, whoa, get your feet down,
this is fresh lacquer, seriously, were you raised in a barn?” Anna: “No, I was raised in a castle” Kristoff: “Shh” Anna: “What is it?” Kristoff: “Sven, GO, GO” Anna: “What is it?” Kristoff: “It’s wolves, go Sven go” Kristoff: “Get ready to jump Sven” Kristoff: “Anna, we’re not going to make it,
we’re going to have to jump to the other side” *crashing sound* Kristoff: “Oh no, I can’t believe my sled
is destroyed, I just paid it off” Anna: “I’m so sorry, I’ll replace your sled
and everything in it, and I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore” Kristoff: “Oh, I will help you” Anna: “Oh, you will? Great! I mean, I guess,
I guess I’ll let you tag along” Anna: “Hey Kristoff, I have something to show
you” Kristoff: “What’s that?” Anna: “I owe you a sled” Kristoff: “Are you serious?” Anna: “Yes, it’s the latest model, do you
like it?” Kristoff: “Like it? Love it. I could kiss
you…I could…I mean…I’d like to…I…may I…I mean
may we?” Anna: “We may” *kissing sound*

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