Disney Animators Littles Aurora Cottage Play Set Sleeping Beauty Toy Review (Disney Store Exclusive)

I am super solid I’m here with what we
could remove you yeah yes there are new times yeah this is new from Disney star
so this is the animator littles a little house you as you know we’ve got other
words for that the Tinker Bell once we’ve got all the different princesses
this time it is Aurora’s and as you can see you got some really cute little
figures yeah now these are very similar figures to
what you get inside sort of like the castle just without the little ship at
the bottom to make it sing and so yeah some of these a little bit of Remy
package so sort of then we have got duplicates off stuff like the cake is a
duplicate and so in the fairies it just hold up chip at the bottom if we turn it
around so these are all the little accessories that you get a stuff like
you’ve got at the windmill thing the water mill at the side there that spins
so I do bear with me I do have a cold I’m struggling and and what else we got
so the door opens and the little dress turns from blue to pink which i think is
pretty cool as usual with these parts you get a
little mystery pack in there as well so I’m interested to see who you get in
that we thought it might be sort of like the spinning wheel cuz it’s not included
in so like the little accessories but we will see oh it will be really nice if we
had a little scent it’s that this yeah so this set was 13 pounds which I don’t
think was early about to be fair and although I do seem to think the other
little houses were a little bit cheaper and so yeah let’s get this open and I
know supersoul jr. is dying to get it let’s heart you I like yeah you should favorite a wall Aurora
how you get stuck right so now we need we’re super souls scissors the students
don’t love to have cable ties everywhere and they are just an absolute nightmare
so I’m trying to sleep all these off without causing damage as best as I can
and I think the others should be ok need to get so unpack it out so let’s go and
get the big house out first this is actually being out fuck I don’t think
it’s been over the long I’ve not seen it on the website and they have been
looking recently and see what is so here is the little cottage unless you can see
them and and it’s kind of front door there and so like a nice little cottage
feel to it on the top there it’s gold then it has some glitter on there as
well which doesn’t rub off either so that’s pretty cool so let’s take plastic
it’s it is what it’s like on the inside so you just push the door open so light
little triggers in here and for what I can see okay find anything that’s right
with the other ones you had like music playing or you had something that lights
up I can’t see any of that and I might be wrong I just might now I’ve got round
to it yet there’s no why you’re there to make music which is kind of sad and let
they’ve moved away from that and so let’s shut the door so here’s the dress
in that corner you can see it turns and you can make it blue you make a pink or
if you stick it there middle splashes of each one and on the front
button there you’ve got the little bridge with a bit of water under there
and you got the couple stairs and flowers so you got like a nice little
base outside that Aurora can go and play on which I think it’s pretty cool
you have so onto the little figures so first we’re gonna try and get power out
there yep so here is I will so he’s got his hat
he’s got the cape and Philips cape he’s got his little feet underneath and he’s
got a nice bright face so it’s a topple over it’s got a right cute little
expression what do you think to the so here is Aurora she’s got a nice little
basket and it is a hollow inside so it’s not something like a flat top makes it a
bit different as expected it to be self like a flat and sort of like more solid
she is made out of rubber so some of the things do bend a little bit so do bear
that in mind that it could potentially stuff but she looks like it’s more of a
repackage and a skirt is purple well blue purple and it is really glittery it
is a good set again it’s a box that easily so that’s quite good and a lot of
the sets sometimes they do rub off really easily and what her seem to be
quite well glued on she’s got some a little shoes on as well as a little
socks she’s poking out underneath and she’s got like the little car sit on and
the black hair band I turn around she’s got some definition there to her hair as
well makeup so the cake and the table are two
separate pieces I thought they might have been glued on together missing the
castle yeah so this is the little wooden table so it’s got some grain where come
there it’s quite it’s quite big to be fair
yep and the little cake is on a little silver cake pan the one with the castle
doesn’t come with the base it’s just literally just the cake and so I think
that’s more like almost like a repackage of it and as you can see it is toppling
over just like hell at Ford it makes the cake
you can’t fake it properly cake is ready next we’ve got Prince Philip so he’s got
his a little hat on there that is to hold it on with his hand so he doesn’t
blow away he’s got his cat it escaped on the back there’s well for this gray
shirt and it looks like he stood in the forest clearing so that will go nicely
on that bottom part I showed you with the river so that will be quite nice
he’s got his brown gloves on there as well and next we’ve got Merryweather so
she is the Big Blue Fairy and and she’s got little tiny wings at the back and
she’s got holding onto a wand I really like her love chubby cheeks and everyone
thinks and so I think she’s really cute I think you like the favors doing it then we have the little red fairy and I
always get fauna and flora mixed up needing so yeah I think she’s really
cute she’s got the little pointed hat you can see her great hair sticking out
the back as well with the little red wings and again she’s got a wound in
their hand as well near the green one and either way one thank you I’ll open
it in a minute family happy leave very except she’s got a wandering their hair
kiss yourself like the brown hair sticking out the back as well with a
little bun with the pointed hat and the bottom half here wings as well which i
think is pretty cute and you’ve got a red fairy with some cakes so let’s see
get quick feel it’s not a spinning wheel why do you think so I mean here hey do
you think it might be Maleficent yeah yeah let’s see it’s a little squirrel so
it’s over and it’s all shiny and glittery and I dropped it
that was a semester heaven and but I think he it’s just super cute
that’s amazing take it outside yeah I think these are really cute
fixing house it’s a great little playset and and then she can see supersoul jr.
is having a whale of a time oh you guys know okay so let’s go to the
discount and so you can have a couple look at it and see ya hope you enjoy
this video so let’s go to the disco well so this is the front here no you as you
can see it’s better without the reflections the hells are some nice
detailing work on there and the scrollwork and some flowers got the big
door with some more decoration on it which just pushed open if I turn it
around good good good so there’s some nice decoration on the
front they also fight on the upper level with some a little stickers of windows
close the door there’s some more decorations on there as well if it comes
lost focus and so there is the dress out the way so as you can see now a bit
better there’s the pink dress there’s the blue and so anyways you can see
stuff like the splash away on mixes in together then you have the little wheel
that spins it is rather wobbly you can see it I don’t know whether I like that
is I think I might be a bit more secure turn it round so this is sort of like
the little cottage and probably a bit you’ve got I will I’ve got the table
you got this squirrel hiding in the back there which was in the silver packet
you’ll have the green fairy yeah Philip blue fairy got Aurora Oprah arose in fact they got the castle
cake then you’ve got the red fairy and I
think that’s all but I think this is a really cute little set why do you think
super-soul jr. like yeah I like this yeah so I think this is really quite
cool that you can actually and take this around with you as well I think it’s
pretty cool yay so I hope you’ve enjoyed that set and I hope you enjoyed our
video and don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and haven’t

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5 thoughts on “Disney Animators Littles Aurora Cottage Play Set Sleeping Beauty Toy Review (Disney Store Exclusive)

  1. I love these sets I collect them with my daughter she loves them this is a cute set shane there not doing music anymore that was so cute especially in the castles x did u see the horse and carriage set its adorable and is awesome with the castle x hope your all ok how you feel better soon xx

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