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[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, y’all? I’m hanging out with
pop culture expert and, yes, Marvel toy
hunter extraordinaire, Jordan Hembrough. Jordan, how are you, my friend? I am doing well, thank you. Now, we are celebrating
Marvel’s 80th anniversary here. We are. And we’re talking about
the ’80s this month, and you have delivered and
then with some incredible ’80s toys and collectibles. Get ready to have
your mind blown. I am ready. [MUSIC PLAYING] I brought in some
Marvel Secret Wars. These were done by Mattel. Yes! In the 1980s. You were an ’80s child, yes? I was born in ’85. ’85. I grew up being aware of these
because other people had them, and I did not because
I was a child. You’ve got Falcon. You’ve got Daredevil. I love these. This is Spider-Man in his
black uniform, and of course, you’ve got classic Spider-Man. Oh, my goodness. One thing I wanted to buy are
these like secret shields. The shields were really
innovative for the time, because what they did is
they used something called lenticular technology, and
that’s really when you see these images kind
of transform back and forth as you move the toy. They’re actually more
collectible than the action figures. So the figures, great. Secret shields–
– The shield. You have a secret shield. Hold onto it tightly.
– Save it! Keep it a secret. Don’t tell anybody. Exactly. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love stuff that’s
sort of like on the fringe of the toy industry. It’s NeatO’s! OK, OK. So this I’ve never seen before. These are hangers
for children’s rooms, and what they did is they
encouraged kids to basically pick up their clothes. OK, I’m doing something special. I’m opening a sealed box. Are you serious? Yeah, I’m going to open
the box for you guys. Is like a lost soul
going to come out? Could be, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh, my God, I’m so excited! They’re brand new to me, too. So you would take
these stickers, and you put them on your hanger. And you’d hang them up in
your closet and everything like that, which was
really, really cool. Jordan, I’ll be honest. Never in my lifetime
did I ever think I’d be excited about hangers. I don’t want to put the sticker. I just want to put the
stickers on everything. – On everything.
– Including the hangars. All right, I’ll see if
I get extra ones for you. There we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is a staple going
back all the way the 1960s. We have Hot Wheels. I love it. What happened was essentially
Marvel joined up with Mattel, and they said, look,
we’re going to make a line of limited edition Hot
Wheels cars, and they did it. This is from 1980s. This is Iron Man. This actually had a very
unique feature on it. And if you look on the back, you
can see how the rear wheels are sort of lifted up a little bit. OK, that was back in
the 1970s and ’80s when everyone was like hijacking
their cars in the back. They wanted that
little hot rod stance and everything like that. So Hot Wheels said,
you know what? We’re going to build a
mechanism into this toy that’s going to allow you to
raise and lower the car and really give it
a really cool look. That’s good. And of course, if anyone
has a cool looking car, it’s going to be Tony Stark. It also makes sense
because he would need like the extras space. The Hulk sits in the back. That’s right. It’s like– Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. [MUSIC PLAYING] From 1980, this is
Spider-Man’s Aim And Shoot, OK? So what this is, this
is actually Spider-Man as if he was helping
Captain America and the Hulk go on a secret mission,
but he’s piloting a plane, and he’s dropping
them with parachutes. This is my favorite narrative
for a toy that I’ve ever heard. Oh, my goodness. That’s Spider-Man’s plane. And he got his pilot’s
license at some point. Right inside of here
is a sight and a scope, and you would look
through the scope. And when you’re over the
target, you’d release that, and your little
man would go whoo! And he would land
safely on the target. OK, one, two– Oh! That was close. [MUSIC PLAYING] Jordan, this has
been such a great time seeing all these incredible
collectibles and toys. Where can we find
out more about you and everything you’re up to? OK, for all your
latest toys, you know, tips, tricks, everything
you need to know, you can find me on all
kinds of social media. I am on Twitter,
@jordanhembrough. Instagram, @jordanhembrough. Or if your heart so desires, you
can find me through my website, This is fantastic. Thank you for
hanging out with us. I think I’m just
going to hang out with this little Spider-Man– Sure, absolutely. –some more. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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85 thoughts on “Discover 4 Excellent 80s Marvel Toys | Earth’s Mightiest Show

  1. Did anyone here have the Spider-Man 2002 action figure with wrestling costume option? I did have good times recreating the movie

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    End Game : Not Far from Home

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    Marvel this is for you for creating Avengers Endgame & many great movies storylines..

  4. I got the black costume Spiderman Secret wars a little while ago and it’s one of my prized possessions. These were the toys I grew up with and they truly were great. We need you back Toy Hunter 😁, Love your show Jordan and hope you come back with another season

  5. I remember in 1981 a hotwheels special edition cars and one was a captain america rv ttruck and the rear window had a type of 3d comic book you could look insideof it and it was mesmerizing and a british corghi spiderman chopper the blades were spiderwebs

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