DINOSAURS VS PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE!! Complete 9 Toy Sets Unboxed Playmobil Movie Surprise Toys WD Toys

Wow it’s great to see you today
Playmobil sent me all the new toy sets for the Playmobil the movie which is
coming out in November awesome so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 new Playmobil
sets to open up and check out let’s get started ok so we’re gonna check these
sets out and one moment the only thing they are missing in the movie dinosaurs
none of these sets have dinosaurs or so DINOSAURS VS PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE!! Complete 9 Toy Sets Unboxed Playmobil Movie Surprise Toys WD Toys there’s dinosaurs in the previews so I’m
gonna go ahead and add dinosaurs in the background that are we have the
rampaging Battle Damage spinosaurus busting out of the gates of dressing
Park so we are gonna start with wah and my opinion is the coolest of the sets
and that is Dells food truck awesome so let’s go ahead and look this this is a
hundred and ten pieces and this is what’s included inside okay so here is
its food truck all put together and we better hurry because that spinal is
getting agitated back there might decide to eat us so we have we’ve got del and
Maria del tries to help Maria find her brother Charlie so here we go tell Maria
it comes with everything you need for a food truck which I spread all the
accessories out here so different cooking utensils ketchup mustard drinks
sunscreen menu play and and of course we got the truck the truck
is awesome because the whole from pops right off there and dal could fit behind
the wheel and Maria could fit in the driver’s seat and then you just pop the
whole top back and you are ready to go so with this it does say dowels on the
side so Dells pretty much everywhere and then you have the pop ball on here
which stays up so Adele has this menu here and you could cook for you right
there in the kitchen and then the back does have a door to open up here and it
has a can of peas and then let’s go ahead and look inside go inside you have
this little like frigerator here which is packed full of hamburgers lettuce
mill all kinds of new cool stuff a little kitchen here with the faucet
stove microwave and then here you have like the fruit food for dairy encounter
so really cool tells food trucks said oh no quick boyos coming
and then we have the next cool one which is a remote-control rex dancers force oh
this looks totally awesome let’s check it out so it does include a remote
control or you could drive the car from your smartphone with an app also let’s
check it out okay so here is Rex dashers Porsche put all together it is totally
awesome nice aw thick rubber tires really
cool-looking lights the Porsche symbol there when you brake with this thing the
back lights turn on it’s hard to see because I have bright lights here but
the back lights turn on nice and bright the top roof pops off and we have Rex
Dasher in the driver’s seat really cool looking super detail Porsche over there
and when you’re done simply go ahead and pop him right back in there pop the roof
back on and you are ready to drive so with this one you have reverse and
forward you have turning left and right you could control the speeds here for
smaller kids all the way up to five for top speed power button here and it is
totally awesome it takes four triple-a batteries in the car and and two in the
controller is Charlie with the prison wagon so this is where the pirates
capture Charlie and lock him and the prison wagon and that’s everything that
comes in the set okay so that set includes Charlie and
three pirates a chariot with horses and a prison wagon so they used the arms of
the prison wagon to capture Charlie and put him into the prison wagon oh no poor
charlie he is in prison and they slam the door and lock it
Charlie is securely locked in so three pirates two over here one of them
driving the chariot chariots got nice wheels
two horses to pull it looks really cool prison wagon is awesome big spikes on
the side a locking door it’s got the big arm cord
capturing Charlie it’s got a firing crossbow on the side over here
fire and you can switch it out so the horses actually know that’s right the
prison wagon attaches to the chariot right there so the horses cool all of it
oh no Charlie is captured quick we need now and then we got the Robotron with
drone SAS so we got a flying drone with firing missiles and Robotron okay so
Robotron uses the drone to escape from the evil shrimp when there are and he
helps maria and del to find his brother also so broke the tron house
like rolling wheels he is a robot we got an awesome drone with spinning blades
and these missiles actually fire out with quite a bit of velocity let’s go
ahead and shoot our Spinosaurus oh you’ve got a rope and a hook for
carrying Robotron to safety cool and then we have the emperor Maximus in the
Coliseum scene also three pieces and that’s what’s included okay so in this
scene we have the wicked Emperor Maximus who likes to capture contenders and make
them fight huge beasts but he’s not expecting to have Marla the knight and
Charlie the Viking come and save so Marla the knight defeat stop block night
to rescue Charlie yay Charlie is rescued so it does come with the Black Knight
here who evil villain ha ha salt Marla adds a knight
Charlie as the Viking and the evil emperor and some really cool statues
over oh no what is this ah
the t-rex just ate the Emperor that is the end of the Emperor Oh God but what
is this you just open the top and there is our verb and then we got some cool
smaller sets we have Rex – with his parachute and we have Marla with her
horrors okay so here is Marla and her horse her horse has shield here and a
little pack to carry her gold coins she’s got a first there that could also
hold the gold coins Oh vulture here and she could go to fairytale land
Constantinople is or travelers gold cool and then over here we have da da Rex –
sure with his pair of shoes so this movie is like all over the place it
looks like the future the past I mean it’s gonna be everywhere and the cool
thing is guys this parachute is huge it has a picture of him on top so I think
if you took this outside and you threw it way up in the sky it would actually
work okay I just tested this inside even inside it works if you just throw it up
to the ceiling I mean it actually works that is really
cool and it’s huge oh no the giant ear X is back oh
there goes the ball sure quick everybody run for me while he’s eating the Bulger
Oh Marla jumps on her horse in there aw man Rex goes ahead and jumps off the
cliff with his parachute and then we have Marla in the fairytale castle so
it’s got the fairy a unicorn and Marla 162 pieces okay so here we have Marla
and the fairy princess so Marla is wearing half of the fairy
princesses dress and half her own and the fairy princess is wearing half of
Marla’s dress and after all so they are interchangeable does come with this cool
unicorn here tree full of animals on ice like Cinderella type callous behind it’s
got a mirror a table beer and all kinds of little animals and accessories it
says watch is the fairy godmother uses her magical wand to transform Marla into
a beautiful princess right fly away on the magic unicorn to find her brother
Charlie and then our final one is Marla and dealt with the flying horse and
there’s everything that comes in it okay so we have del and Marla at
Rattlers Gulch where the pink a has made a flying horse Marla learned she needs
Dale’s help to navigate the world so this one comes with aa horse with
flapping wings really cool-looking bunch of fence pieces a chicken a snake
Oh gold and it comes with Marla and del Sol
Marla’s like dressed like a cowboy here and Dell is just in his regular weave
looking clothes that looks like luggage over there and it says gold all soon
okay those nine six we’re awesome Thank You Playmobil for sending them check
them out go ahead and put that in the comment
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