Die Suche nach Darth Vaders Helm: Ein Lego Star Wars Fan Film

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… The Search for Darth Vaders Helmet Luke Skywalkers apprentices were found dead, their master is away. But before the Resistance can search for him, they must manage with many other problems. There are rumors about a new user of the dark side. He is called Kylo Ren. According to spys this unkown will arrive at Endor soon. To discover his identity, the Resistance assembles all its power and sends its best Pilots to the moon. Under the command of Admiral Ackbar the pilots prepare for the battle. I see no hostile ships. Wait for it! According to our information, it can´t take much longer. I receive a signal. Be ready! Ready to attack! Red 2 standing by. Red 3 standing by. Red 4 standing by. Red 5 standing by. Jek, how does it look by you? Standing by. Gold Leader, are you ready? Ready to go. And the blue squadron? It could take some time. Blue 2 hasn´t arrived yet. Blue 2. Can you hear me? Whats the problem? I´m on the way. I had to make a little stop because my engine had problems to start. I hope, it won´t have problems during the battle. Don´t worry, I´ll take that. We wait for commands. Noone will stand against the Stardestroyer for a long time. Wait until the TIE-Fighters are inside the atmosphere and attack them then. Understood. Swarms out! I hope, the engine won´t malfunction for real. Right. Then we will die both. Hurry! The battle already has begun! Have you heard, BB8? Faster! Blue 2! We need your help. Almost there. All from my squadron are dead. They´re hanging on me! Understood, Gold 1. Keep it up! It´s going difficult, Red 1. If you try to help me, then now! I´m hit! Damn it! Not so much hostile ships are remaining, admiral. But we are still lower number. At the moment only Blue 1 and me are left. Everyone else has died or had to leave. Come on, Blue 1! We can take that! Blue 1, I need help. Don´t worry, Red 1. That´s the last one. Blue 2, I´m alone. This would be the best moment for you to arrive. You think? I´m in front of you. What? What the…? Excellent. I wonder, when this Kylo Ren arrives. Yes. He will expect us for sure. Prepare for… Wait! Damn it! My engines won´t make it any longer. What? Crap. Pull back! Where? Fly out the atmosphere and away from the moon. In space you can´t fall and we can pick you up. Blue 2, Blue 2. Can you hear me? Yes, Red 1. I´m okay, and I think BB8 too. What a luck. You see this A-Wing up there flanked by the two TIE-Fighters? Yes. They are enemies. There is only one way to find it out. Don´t do something thoughtless, Red 1. There he is. Kylo Ren. He wears a black mask. Are you sure it´s Kylo Ren? We don´t even know exactly what he looks like. He has a light-sword. Then he is at least a force-user. If he is Kylo Ren or not, he could be dangerous. Red 1? That can´t be true. We have lost so many. They fly to their landing place. I think I can reach them afoot. Keep us up to date. We´ll send help. I will come too. Ugh. Exhausting. Hands over the head. Surely the last of your little Resistance. Maybe… We´ll probably need some minutes. He isn´t here. Watch out! Folks, I was attacked by soldiers of the First Order. They are Stormtroopers. Are they clones? Wait a second. No, this ones not. You should hide. I´m on the way. With all respect, but I want to find out, what they are doing here. We can say, that the objekt isn´t far away from here. Inform me when you´ve found it. (clear) Master, we have found it. I have landed on the moon right now. Any news? I´ve found a glade. Wait… Damn it, Stormtroopers! We have to help him. He must be somewhere here. We can do this without reinforcement. Stay here and guard the ship. Get him! BB8. Where is Poe? That was… What now?

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44 thoughts on “Die Suche nach Darth Vaders Helm: Ein Lego Star Wars Fan Film

  1. cooles video!!! (die Weltraumschlacht am besten) Nur warum den Wiederstand wo ist die neue Republik?? Und hättest länger machen können,aber war trotzdem sehr gut fand dennoch das vorherige besser

  2. ich kann das video leider nicht sehen, hatt es was zu tun damit das ich in spanien versuche das video zu schauen?

  3. Mein großes Lob an dich!! Der Einsatz der verschiedenen Musikstücke und den echt tollen Animationen macht den Film echt richtig krass!! Es ist mir eine Ehre, mitgesprochen zu haben 😀
    Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Projekte, wie dieses oder die Vorgeschichte von Kylo Ren 😀

  4. Ein sehr gelungener Brickfilm 🙂 Das Gesamtpaket stimmt hier einfach… Ein tolles Intro, die original Musik, unterschiedliche Sprecher und eine spannende Story, gute Arbeit. Gut das ich den beim zweiten Mal gesehen habe, dass es auch noch etwas Extras nach den End Credits gibt, cool!
    Es war mir eine Freude mit zu sprechen, danke nochmal 😀
    Ich bin gespannt auf weitere Projekte ^^

  5. Man das war echt gut!! Weiter so!
    Kannst du mir vielleicht auch mal Tipps geben wie ich meine Brickfilme besser machen kann?

  6. Du leistest echt gute Arbeit. Man sieht, dass du dir echt viel Mühe gibst. Du machst es tausendmal besser als ich. Wer will, kann bei mir vorbeisehen.

  7. Ein like ist da und dass Video gefällt mir einfach so viel besser als die normalen Lego Star Wars folgen…

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