DEV ROBOT GUNDAM!!! , Gundam Robot Karargahı, Japon Yemeği (Kazıklandım)

WTF! It’s giant!! Damn! Keyholders are 1 Lira! 1 Lira 1 Lira 1 Lira It is really so big! If this was in Turkey, it would definitely be taken to
junkman :))) Annnndd our meals are ready You are Japanese, smart guys. why do you pack this much
tough! WTF is this??? I’ve been cheated 🙁 Incredibly expensive! Let’s escape Elate your çoluk çocuk 🙂 This guy is handsome, as same as me Hello everybody We are going to Odaiba right now Odaiba is famous with its robot There is Gundam Robot like 50 meters (exaggerated) I hope this is gonna be funny video Let’s see what’s gonna happen 🙂 What I am most curious about Japanese people is Why they don’t feel cold??? Look! They don’t!!! I wear jacket on jacket They…. OK! guys as you see, The Gundam Robot is this The people come here to see this robot If I said it, it would be lie :)) The real one is on the behind :)) Eyyy Gundam, you are big or me? I caught your son! Mind your actions anymore :)) Guys we came to Gundam cafe.
Let’s look what’s inside Robots, one of the greatest
passions of the Japanese people They often buy and play with them Subtitle I like them as well but no time for playing :)) What are these??? There hundreds-thousands of characters and they know all of
their names Respect them Some people even become couple 🙂 I can’t understand it Wherever I go, taking video is prohibited. What will I do, if I can’t take video?!!!! Prices are so high. One mug is about 75 TL Incredibly expensive! Let’s escape I wouldn’t stay in a place if they don’t want me :)) another topçuk 🙂 You are Japanese, smart guys. why do you pack this much
tough! WTF is this??? I’ve been cheated 🙁 We are gonna have dinner now An interesting Japanese food, Yakisoba!! Looks interesting 🙂 The chef is decent He put inside whatever he finds :)) Annnndd our meals are ready Rare cooked egg on it and shred chicken in it mostly noddle and soybean sprouts It’s served with a heated iron plate I’m sure it’s so delicious Even If it’s not delicious in reality, I can’t understand
because I’m freaking hungry :)) Finished the dinner and I guess we won’t be allowed to take
video in gundam base But I will do my best as a Turkish :)) We came to gundam base but as I guessed, taking video is
prohibited But I will definitely take videos 🙂 This robot is about 260 dollars It’s not that much expensive for this robot These small robots are between 2000-2500 yen for each about 150 TL Wow. This is expensive. About 8000 yen. (80 Dollars) About 500 TL So expensive! So expensive! These new Gundam models There is no price These are 1980 yen Almost 100 TL Ohh! These are cheap These are very cheap. 660 yen These are cheper than previous ones. 220 yen But these are really beautiful. 3000 yen About 150-160 TL A lot of money 🙂 A lot of money 🙂 I will buy this for my son :)) 30800 yen This is about 1500-1800 TL I’m announcing from here the people who ask me for presents Don’t you pity me 🙂 Look at the prices 🙂 22000 yen about 1000-1200 TL 13200 yen 17600 yen almost 1000 TL Ahh these are cheap. (8580 yen cheap for this size) The cheapest one is about 13500 yen about 650-700 TL If you visit Odaiba, You should definitely see this place. Elate your çoluk çocuk :)) Huh these so expensive. 26500 yen That guy I guess Or similar one I don’t know why this much expensive This guy is handsome as asame as me :))
(KIDDING) OK guys we ended a day in Gundam Base. You saw the products and prices. I hope you like them I hope you the video too If you liked the video, click like button 🙂 and write a
comment please 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂 Greetings everyone from JAPAN!

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