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so many Mosquitoes out there what about your hot & sexy legs my child might get scars so what do to now come with me there’s no water coming in the pipe check now.. No..water at all let me check whether its coming or not but we’re here with our video so hit Like if our this Mom n Daughter’s jodi has made you laugh where are you going? at Sunita’s place at her place and going like way.. but Mumma I’m fully covered in this dress mosquitoes will bite you..come with me… can I go now wait for a while now go Mumma can you help me in completing my project on Gobbar Gas Mumma we’ve to make the artificial one using the mud go and put this in sun light eeuu.. I don’t want to even touch this cow dung and the bed on which you were sleeping laid on that cow dung and washroom in which you were bathing the wall of it implanted with cow dung too.. and the plate in which you ate thats too cleaned with cow dung and the walls were licking too implanted with the cow dung Have food Mumma pls put butter butter.. you’re getting fatty my child I was so thin when I was at your age..even don’t need to travel through plane :-)) You too needs to be slim have these salads eat ghee well…dipped Chappati in Ghee well why don’t you gave some more…so that I dip myself in it :-)) I don’t want to be too fatty like you… hmm… & what about your hands looks like a stick than how you may be able to do household chores… oversmart!! i have to do whole work only what will you do? now eat it hey mom, give me money. Ok have this 25 paise … Isn’t enough? Have this 5 paise extra. have fun Mom i want to go Sydney. What? You want Kidney!! No mom. I want to go Sydney and i need money. So beta play it from MPL MPL means Mobile Premier League See here you favourite cricketer is the brand ambassador of MPL Virat Kholi..!!.. It has 30-40 games .. You will never get bore Best part is you can earn money from playing games Games are so amazing and easy.. Whatever money you earn you will add amount in bank paytm or through UPi you can transfer in your bank account Even you can also transfer 1 rupee. Im getting bore So why don’t you play? Give me your phone. See This is MPL you can play games as mush as you want Fruit chop is my favourite game Tell me how can i download MPL on my phone Mom link is in description box What are you doing mumma? ohh !!I don’t have lehenga Don’t you remember we bring lehenga from dubai. Mom i have to go in marriage and i have only 1 lehenga that was torn and what i will wear? Don’t tell this to mom. Mom my friends are coming on sunday for party Please do some arrangements. You earned money from MPL. Order whatever you want. Tell me what you want to eat? Mom can i invite my friends? yes. Mom, my friend You are so tall. Do one thing you have broom in your hands clean the fan It’s done. now give water to cows. This party is ok ? They are cheaters this unicorn is my idea. Beta.. This is your return gift. Mom let’s play game everyone is playing you can play game on MPL. let’s arrange to go inside. Aunty i’m is calling. lets pack it. See it is looking too big. Let’s go and give this. It is so big. Maybe there is something expensive!!

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100 thoughts on “DESI Mom vs MODERN Mom | ShrutiArjunAnand |

  1. We really enjoyed playing Games in MPL App.
    Download the App here:
    Also Hit Like, Share & Comment and tell us Kaisa laga video?

  2. Your videos are very nice and l like very much l am your fan anaysa and my miss Anand and Shruti Arjun Anand

  3. बड़े लोगों की पत्नियां क्या मांग में सिंदूर नहीं लगाती है क्या मुझे यह सब देख कर बहुत दुख हो रहा है

  4. Shruti di aap bahut accha vid
    eo banati hai to please mere channel ko subscribe kar dena mai aapki bahut badi fain hu please mere 1k subscriber
    Kar dijiye

  5. Who love their moms hit like❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💐💐💐💐

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