DEMO of Arduino Arcade Lego Games Box

If you have kids you know that LEGO sets
you boought for them always end up as a pile of random bricks that you don’t
know what to do with. Here is one way how to salvage them. This is an Arduino box
that has four games built into it. All games use arcade style buttons and one
of these games is multiplayer for 2 to 4 people. Let me give you a quick demo
of these games. First one is a memory game. You have to repeat in the same
sequence the towns and colors that the game is played each level is harder with
more towns and this is a useful game to develop musical and memory skills of
your key and this is my attempts to repeat the
long sequence second is reaction game you have to press the button that lights
up time given to press each button gradually decreases making the game more
and more difficult I found the best way to play for me in
this game is using two hands and holding the hands in the middle after a score of
100 the game gets very difficult to play third game is a contest for 2 to 4
people you wait for a coin signal and press as
fast as you can here it’s 3 of us playing but 2 or 4
people could play too after five rounds the winner is announced and the winner
is green button and finally the fourth game is made specially for toddlers a
total amount was needed where the kid could just press anything and this would
light up the buttons on produce some tones they usually just love pressing
the large colourful buttons so this is perfect this is an easy to build project
and is a nice way to repurpose the unwanted Lego parts scattered around
your home do you have any other ideas on games for this Lego box or maybe you
know of some improvements that could be made please leave your comments below
and please don’t forget to click the thumbs up if you like this video

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5 thoughts on “DEMO of Arduino Arcade Lego Games Box

  1. Nicely done. I like the layout and multiple game modes. The use of spare Lego bricks is a nice touch. I especially like the use of the Mario Bros music and sound effects. I also used them in a whack a mole style game that I made.

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