DDRderude – birding Legoland

Welcome to DDRderude This is an ornithological disaster. I’m in Legoland in Billund And I’ve chosen the day with the most birds this autumn not only in Legoland, but in all Denmark. It’s terrible! These are barnacle geese. Big flocks migrated over Legoland. and over the airport! What are these? Blue tits. And more thrushes. Imagine standing in Legoland and count more than 3700 redwings straight from Norway and crossing Jutland An unbelievably cool day for bird migration! Siskins could only be identified by binoculars because it was impossible to hear anything in the noise! I can’t stand it. Birds everywhere! Thousands of thrushes, pigeons, finches…. It’s raining cats and dogs, Im freezing Welcome to my life!

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