DC Universe Battle 2 Pack Superman Vs Darkseid Spin Master 1st Edition 4 Inch Figures Review

hey guys we hose it was early marriage
tune in the granite it’s the darkside Superman Tupac as a parse pit masters
new DC supervillains two parks these one of those ones which is having which is
the mission impacts as well there’s a mystery item in the middle it says what
mission will you get it looks like there’s a bunch of different things here
including nothing I’ve come on there with the ants of C then you’ve got like
a metropolis so I’m guessing that’s gonna be dope is last
there’s the Superman one so this could be plenty who apparently includes two
figures and six accessories damn so this is super minor versus Darkseid a very
nice product shot on the back there as well and this is part of the new Spin
Master range guys brand spanking you I found this here in the UK at our local
entertainer star so they have hit me instead of star and this is a first
edition which is cool shame the Boxee gonna survive so guys
without further ado a little ads bring them out of the box Shh let’s do this
let’s get myself Dinah’s get his little forage fitted I’ll see what the like for
the one of the look to be quite articulated from the looks of things come away from a bit like I think Oliver you’ve got
accessories for each of the characters and we also get a trading card so I’m
guessing there’s gonna be one trading card with every packet so just give me
one moment guys let’s go and open this up let’s go ahead and try and get this
trading card out this open up no they trying to say that that’s the trading
card are you for real nice outward whoa just
pop the box I’m gonna spritz one side doesn’t feel like it opens oh this is
the weirdest packaging on the planet it’s okay so we’ve got this we’ve got
six accessories to open here guys I’m just like it’s try and do this together
okay next time need to tell people these are in the box
okay so Superman is first accessory there’s nothing in there it’s completely
empty babies fought about that we would be ripping I bet this one will falling
down okay let’s go for the second super nice accessory right there’s two in here
this time okay these might have mixed up but we have oh so this is gonna go
around his head and this is gonna be his laser vision laser vision is shoes
lasers the bottom one oh there’s two items in here guys so we
have a Superman body armor piece which is blue and we also have a lot of sort
of sword so this is greens I’m guessing this is gonna be a kryptonite and this
is gonna be something that Darkseid’s gonna use darkside packaging’s he’s also
coming with some form of shooting laser in English he also comes with a giant
gauntlet gloves someone’s feeling a little bit of an asset like a big gullet
and then finally last one yeah that was empty so that was the additional one
there this one from the first one okay it’s a cool idea I like the concept of
having the mystery sort of surprises in there that’s pretty cool well just show
us a way of opening the box without destroying it you know I mean so the
thing of themselves which is the thing we all came on really let’s take a look
at those claw Kate I like cloth capes those of you who know me guys know how
much I prefer cloth capes their lawful plastic things and Suppan has a nice
cloth cape awesome alright guys he is a Superman out of the packaging nice blue
crystal color so it’s like crystal II call it blue on there I really like that
let’s see what that T collations why then so the head and could look left him
right it doesn’t really go up and down I think I’m playing with a peg more than
Athan there but it can’t look left and right his arms do lift up at that top
hinge they do also rotate there’s an elbow hinge there which also rotates
hands are static though and there’s no up crunch or anything the
nothing else in the torso area we move out the legs which do lift out all the
way as well as forwards backwards with top FICA single hidden either which also
rotates you can also lift the leg out and rotate as well which is nice no boot
cut no ankle pivot or anything like that so not bad not quite five POA but a
little bit additional to five POA means you can pose them pretty well to be
honest both of his hands have got room to have accessories except we have got
these little accessory pieces like this one fire out let’s not forget he also
can have the chest plate prompt to protect him from the evil schemes of
darkseid that kind of cool and also has the sword as well not sure if I’ve made
a dark side that’s all console that song as well we also come with a nice leaflet
here guys so let’s take a look at that’s gonna
tell us what additional playsets upcoming hacking oh there’s quite a lot
guys oh so ok so the first one is metropoliz mayhem the second one is the
alien attack 4 is coastal crisis and the third one was the central city clash so
these are these are the different missions and things Oh’s the material finishes right okay so
each material has a different finish and depending on the color of the item
depends on how rare is now red is explosive crystal super rare Elemental
neon explosive crystal armored steel and there’s a darker blue one which is
called galactic metal so in this collection you can’t guess a single card
it you can’t get Superman and Shazam as well as a rare Superman so there is
additional Suppan and there is the super rare flash as well so you can you guys
to get the black seals inspire the Superman it looks really cool and
additional to that some of the accessories do come with different
colors on them so right now I’ve got the basic Superman one where you can get
like a darker red one and there’s also different colored accessories rarity
I’ve said that and the other thing is we can get though a cyborg and flash as
well as a cyborg finger coming different flash fingers coming then you’ve got
Superman versus dioxide Aquaman versus Black Manta but then
there’s also a command versus Black Manta and Superman versus dioxide cess
and their battle paths that’s what we just got though there’s two versions of
them and I don’t understand why and then there’s all right depends on the mission
are these emissions as well ah okay so what missions will you get so I got the
metropoliz mayhem mission next time if you got the rarest of that that’s the
alien attack ah now I get it so the dark side missions we got then we
got dark side with three red items yes so we got the coastal crisis which is
also the Aquaman versus Black Manta says as well interested it’s just a weird
little it’s weird all setup of the puzzle is just getting used to it but
yeah there are different versions different setups depending on the rarity
of the packs because of different items so that’s cool
I’ll save that leaflet happily pop barmy Internet so you guys can see it if you
wanna take a look closer at that blue flip head on over to my Instagram
supersoul well you’ll get some more images of that alright guys so here is
darkside everyone’s been dying see doc sighs yeah one of the biggest bodies
villains in Superman history these looks like to have the same articulation hi
Superman we’ll go ahead and check it out and bolt right on the head rotation of
the upper hands there is also an elbow cut which also
rotates there’s also there’s no bicep cut this one but you can rotate at the
elbow there’s no way swivel legs do lift out
top 5 gone there’s no there’s no top FICO but the actual knee rotates a lot
more and it’s a single hinge neither Nobu cut no feet cut so a little bit
less articulation actually brie is a chunkier figure and yeah I think that is
his sword cuz his handle like set that sword I think yeah I’ve played around
with a little bit the plastic is very soft and the hand plastic is very stiff
so you’d have to like pull it open slot it inside there we go yeah and it also comes with the the fisty as
well so I stretch his arm out and pop this on just gonna slot in his hand we had live
so there we go big oversized red rubber fist all right
that’s cool so guys what do you think of these two new figures let me know in the
comments down below let’s go to the desk alligator plus first look at these
figures this looks more like cardboard carnage than coastal chaos but who cares
here is the awesome characters up close and personal guys I’m loving at these
figures let’s move dioxide on the way for now
and take a closer look at Superman I’m loving that Glacial blue paint finish to
him he looked awesome and his eyes are very piercingly blue they’ve even
managed to capture the quiff of Clark Kent as well which I’ve really liked
some some things do mist that off I think they’ve done a very good job at
making this look really cool I’m liking the muscles he’s very muscular and
barrel-chested but without taking it too far and overact like I have a proportion
but it is a nice budget style figure this was only 15 pounds of this pack so
for two figures for entry load of accessories to be fair look lots of
replayability here I really do think this is a great figure for kids and
collectors alike and I see the collectors getting it because of all the
different accessory elements like I’m a completionist and I’m gonna want to try
and get all these accessories and if you are like me you probably don’t want to
do the same and again that cloth cape as well as a nice touch with that lovely
Superman logo on there as well it’s very well stitched in as well he’s very
lovely cape there’s no strands or you know fluff coming off of it he’s a
perfectly made cape and he’s just the right length as well it doesn’t trail on
the ground behind him or anything is the perfect length of Cape so I’m really
happy with this figure I think it looks awesome and if we just move him out the
way for two seconds we can get a nice big up close look at Darkseid he’s a
little bit more basic than Superman I don’t think they spent as much time on
this figure as they did Superman but there I’ve done some very nice crafting
days like skin work you can see all the different color different contours
he’s got very deep red eyes there I just wish you had more character behind them
I’m loving the blue the yellow on the black it really does
pop there are a few paint blemishes and issues with this one unlike soup ones
sadly as you can see there the yellow on the blue and blue on the yellow and red
on the yellow and yeah the paint finish hasn’t been done as smoothly actually
looks like it was done oh I don’t know by kid almost but Hayley I am using high
definition camera and I am zooming really far in so you are gonna see that
whereas if we’re standing further away he’s not gonna see it again I’m not that
up on this character from the comic books I’m not sure if he has these parts
in the comic cut should they be paint a different color I don’t know they’re
part of him it just looks like they’re like accessory that’s not being painted
it looks a weird in my honest opinion actually I saw look at the card the
trading card yeah they should be blue so you see that I’ve got an unfinished
painted figure on the ball left the factory like this is it just mine
there’s like that has anyone got this back at home and can confirm whether or
not this is painted wrongly yes and again he’s got a hole in his back but
I’m not quite sure why cuz there’s nothing really that you can put in his
back I wish there was a place that I was like you gonna put the sword or anything
I’m like he’s back or something but she’s carrying it but you can’t even do
that so God knows but guys let me know your
thoughts on these two figures are you gonna buy this pack let me know in the
comments down below if you enjoyed today’s video make sure you come back
for tomorrow because tomorrow we will be opening up another one
we’ve got Aquaman and black landed oil burn so make sure you come back tomorrow
to see that one and then after that guys we will have one more video to do which
I’m really excited about which is fortnight hmm so we have got that figure to review
and then we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Marvel programming doing some
more Marvel Legends and finishing off that demo Goblin so let me know your
thoughts on which video you’re most excited to see in the comments below
but let’s go back to the main comment and finish up today’s video so guys let
me know your thoughts in the comments down below if you enjoyed today’s video
make sure you smash the subscribe button it would really support hasn’t really
helped as how it helps keep making awesome videos thank you for watching
guys until next time may the force be with you you

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