David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession

-How are you doing?
How is the family doing? -They’re doing great. We’ve actually just come back
from a ski trip, which was nice,
which we try to do annually. But I found that, actually,
you get to a certain age and you obviously
try to compete, especially when I’ve got
young sons. You know, you try to
compete with them, and there was one run where we
were on this little run, and I thought,
“I’m gonna try a few things.” You know, as you do.
-Sure. -So, my son — My 15-year-old
son went first. And then I got someone else
to film me as I’m going down the jump,
’cause I thought, “I’m gonna do some jumps
and I’m not gonna do it again, because I probably shouldn’t.” So, as I’m going down,
I made the first few jumps and I was like, “I’m on fire.” So I get to the end of the run and I say, “Give me my phone. I’ve just killed this run.” So, I literally
pull out my phone and I start looking
at the video. And I thought I was
jumping probably 2 feet high. I literally was like an inch.
An inch. So that didn’t go down very
well, but we had a great trip. -Yeah. Are you a good skier? -I’ve only been snowboarding for
the last three years. I wasn’t allowed up until then.
-Oh, my gosh. Oh, exactly. Right. -So I’m still learning,
but, you know — -Yeah, snowboarding’s trickier
than skiing, though, isn’t it? -I think so.
-I mean, I’m the worst. -But the clothes are cooler.
-Yeah, they are cooler. Yeah. They are cooler. Yeah, but it frightens me
a little bit, so I go, like, skiing,
barely skiing. -Yeah.
-I don’t even wear the skis. I just wear the boots
and just stand there and just do that. You and Victoria just celebrated
20 years of marriage. Do you believe that?
-Yeah, I know. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Not bad. 20 years! -20 years. Yeah.
-That’s unbelievable. -I know. 21 years in July.
-Is that right? -Yeah. -Do you remember where
you were when you first, like, kind of — -I first met her — She came
to watch me in a game in London with her
manager at the time and one of the other
Spice Girls, Sporty Spice. -Did you know the Spice Girls? -We knew of them, obviously, because they were pretty big
at that time. -Sure. -And I was
just establishing myself in the Manchester United
team at the time. But we all had our favorite
Spice Girl. So, that was
the first time I met her. -Was she always your favorite?
-She was obviously my favorite. Might be a bit awkward
if it wasn’t. -Yeah, that’s true.
You’re right. -So then, the week after —
I didn’t get to talk to her that day, but the week after,
she then came back up to Manchester
to watch another game, and she had had
a couple of drinks, so I decided, “Why not? You know, I’ll try
and get her number.” And we talked for about an hour
in the players’ lounge, and then she actually got
the train out that day. So she wrote her number
down on her train ticket, which I still have. -Oh, you kept the ticket?
-Yeah, I kept the ticket. -Oh, that’s so cool
that you kept that. That’s amazing.
And here you are 20 years later. -20 years later
and four kids later. -Oh, my gosh. That’s wild.
-Whoa! -I heard of — “Whoa!”
-“Whoa!” -Yeah, that’s what happens,
usually. Yeah. That shouldn’t be
that surprising. There’s an unusual hobby
I heard about you that I didn’t think you’d be
into, but you love LEGOs. -I do love LEGOs. -Now, this is before you
had kids or — -Yeah, it’s before I had kids. Yeah, I grew up making LEGO
when I was 8, 9 years old and, actually, I continue it. And Victoria always laughs at
me, and she’ll always — She’ll come down at like
2:00 in the morning, and I will still be trying
to finish a piece off. And she posted something
the other day, and I think she said — Because
it was like 11 years and above. And she was like, “Really? You’re still up at
2:00 in the morning doing 11-years-and-above LEGO?” No, I do love LEGOs.
-We actually have that clip. I just wanted to show it.
It’s real. Here’s Victoria trolling you
on the Internet. -How much longer, David? -20 minutes.
-20 minutes. It does say on the box
that it’s for an 11-year-old. -Darling, I’ve completed this
in nine hours. -But you are 44. You know that. -Yep, and you’re 45. -But you did seem like a
little kid, though. -I am a little kid. -Like a little kid, You’re like,
“Oh, just another 20 minutes.” -I love LEGO.
-You do. Yeah, I mean — -It calms me when I’m making it. -Like, what you were just
making — This is what — Your wife was posting these. She put, “How many hours
has it been?” is what she put there. Oh, my gosh. And then this one is amazing. “He took some time off building, but he’s back,
and his castle is complete.” -That was for Harper,
because Harper loves — My daughter loves
“Harry Potter.” So I made Hogwarts. -But that’s amazing.
That’s giant. And then come on. Look at this proud papa
right there. Come on.
That’s pretty cool right there. That’s the Disney castle
right there. -Shirtless.
-Yeah, shirtless. Why not, man? Hey, cool.
[ Crowd cheering ] Again, we have a lot in common. Well, we thought we’d get you
something a little bit more age-appropriate,
if you don’t mind. It’s a present for you.
This is — -Oh, wow. -This is the biggest LEGO
you can get. This is 7,500 pieces. -Victoria’s gonna be
over the moon. -The Millennium Falcon. And this is —
I think it says, on the box, it’s 16 years old-plus. So it’s amazing.
That’s a little step up. Congratulations. From us. Dude, you got to
crush this one, okay? Do it.
-I’ll try.

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100 thoughts on “David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession

  1. They'll have their own show like The Osbournes in no time and poor old David will be stuck in his Lego while Victoria mocks him.

  2. The moment when Jimmy pulled out the lego for him and Beckham turned into a kid. That look on his face, priceless. Boys and their toys. Loved this.

  3. Despite that he is so famous, he is so humble and funny, human and nice person! God bless him and his beautiful family! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏💖

  4. Beckham is definitely aging gracefully. and he always, always has hair a good haircut. he forever looks smashing. and please, please more shirtless videos or photos.

    and 2:37 – 2:41 omg I just had a heart palpitation. I mean.. ♥️

  5. David Beckham here in the UK is widely mocked for trying to get a knighthood he was even recorded saying what the fuck do I have to do to get one he's involved in a lot of charity work but obviously hopes to get knighted for it which is poor taste

  6. Honestly, if you meet a woman and she writes down her number, WHO DOESN'T know to keep that for some time…just in case she ends up your wifey and it ends up a great memorabilia to prove your romantic side with? Amateurs…now I know why people say american women are easy to impress^^

  7. I'm so rich, I just bought a soccer club for fun. Also my wife is a world famous recording artist and fashion mogul.
    Oh you have a present for me? How nice, I hate using my money anyway…

  8. I don't build lego, but I did as a kid and it was pretty soothing. To build something also offers a good sense of control in life, even if only through that activity. It's also about patience. Good on them for giving Beckham a larger project that will drive Victoria insane. lol

  9. It’s amazing to see how humble and composed he is👍
    God bless him and his family, it’s rare nowdays to see such strong relation.

  10. Love this family. It cracks me up when they troll each other. Anyone saw how David Beckham trolled his son back in the day? Lol

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