DAMEN Super Yacht Support & TOY HAULER AXIS walkthrough: Full Exclusive Tour with AMELS (Turn CC ON)

– Hey guys! We’re about to tour Damen’s support yacht vessel called AXIS. This is my new best friend and we’re gonna do a whole tour together. Forever! We are about to tour
this amazing yacht hauler and it’s got at least six different toys that
I’m already seeing, including a submarine. As some of you have seen last year: a different vessel, New Frontier, so we gonna tour this one and see what new cool things they’ve got. Also, I have some friends joining us it’s their first show, first huge yacht show
they’ve ever been to so you get real true reactions of someone who has never seen anything like it. So, what do we got here? We’ve obviously got an extra tender, there is a tender that, actually, there are tenders still there, which is boat in its own. There are a few different
boats onboard here. Do you know how they using, what is the purpose of each one of them? – [Deniza] Yes, actually, these are flats, flat boats and these ones are
used for the Bahamas, mainly. They have a huge stick that they, basically, they just move
with the boat like this. – Got it. – [Deniza] because the water is really. – Shallow. – [Deniza] So this is perfect for that. – Okay. – [Deniza] The tender, they usually use it if they want to go somewhere fast. – [Victoria] Right,
extra quick small tender. – [Deniza] Extra quick yeah. – [Victoria] Got it. – [Deniza] And what else we have? – Fishing?
– Fishing. – [Deniza] Fishing as
well, yeah, of course. – [Victoria] Got it. Okay, cool! – Submarines for.
– Couple little sailors. – [Rico] Two lasers. – [Victoria] And some
paddle boards, a submarine. – They go the Bahamas quite a lot. – Yeah – [Deniza] So, that’s
their favorite destinations and that’s where they basically go. – [Victoria] Which yacht
is this support vessel to? – GiGi Westport. – Oh, GiGi is the yacht.
– Got it. – Perfect, got it. Is there anything else that’s
stored down below tour-wise, that we’re not seeing? – [Chris] Nope, everything is on deck. So, there is a few things
that aren’t on here; one of them is the seaplane, we have an ICON 85, which is that. So, they have retractable
wheels that you can land on in an airport and on the sea. And then obviously you see
this inflating pontoon? So, we have a second one of those and one in the middle
that is about 10 by 10 so it creates a U, put that on the aft and the
airplane can come straight in, walk off the plane and come
straight on the boat from there. So, we’re like an airport basically. A floating airport. Got a final time of about 72 hours but I don’t know if anyone who can hold their fart for that long, so. – 72 hours, wow.
– 72 hours. And it does 1000 meters
maximum but, I mean, light disappears at 300, we’ve got strobes on it, and whatnot. It’s actually quite simple to drive, it’s just four thrusters
and and the joystick. So it’s actually very maneuverable. – Triton submarine. It’s kind of a famous submarine ’cause there was a video that
was recorded of a giant squid, the only video ever
recorded and it was recorded off of one of the Tritons
so it’s pretty cool. They do really incredible stuff. They’ve dived the deepest dives that they’ve done on this type of, and, they go up, I think, to 7 passengers, the bigger ones. – This is actually one
of our newest editions. We realized that you can actually get biodegradable golf balls now
so, essentially fish food. – Huh?
– Oh. – (Victoria) What? Wait can I hold that? – [Chris] Yeah, sure, we’ve got
some extras. – Is it the weight of the golf ball?
– I’ve heard of this, but I haven’t actually seen one. So what is it made out of? – I’m not sure. I think you can eat it. Have a go.
– What? Can I feel it? – [Rico] Let me smell it. – [Victoria] Smell it? – [Carrie] Oh, it’s heavy! – It’s amazing.
– Yeah. – [Rico] I love it. – [Victoria] It doesn’t
smell like anything. – I would always feel bad
about putting a golf ball in the water but, I mean– – These things end up,
like the real golf balls, in dolphins and whales in
the blow holes, it’s awful, but this actually really
feels like a real golf ball, it’s amazing, very cool. – An adaptability thing on this deck is that we actually have a 4K projector, just under the mast over there. And in between these two pillars, we have a massive screen so
we can have a cinema here, or reverse it. Just lay out, loads of chairs. – So the way the owners
use this, I mean obviously, you’ve got all the
support vessels and stuff, but do they actually
spend time on this boat? Like, if you are out? – Yeah. So it’s almost like his and hers. I mean, when we were in the Grand Bahamas, so we’ve got, we actually come side two, so we’ve got the actual
other yacht will be here. – Yep, and that’s hers, right? – Pretty much, yeah.
– Okay, got it. – And we’ll actually line up the gangways so you can literally just walk on and off and it’s almost just one big yacht. – Aha, so it’s like an extension of, ’cause yeah, this is
an amazing space here. – Yeah, and between the two of us, we’ve got the same deck space as one of those monsters over there. – Yeah.
– So. – What’s the, what’s the draft on this? – So, that’s the unique thing
for the support vessels, we’re actually like a C Axe shape. So if you look at my shirt, you can see the shape of the AXIS. That’s actually the bow, so on the bow we draw 3.8 meters. On the stern, it’s 2.8
so a little bit higher. So actually, I mean, it’s kind of cool for going aground, if not
that we go aground but, (laughs) you can just nose in and– – Yeah, you nose in and it’s not gonna get stuck.
– But it’s actually, it’s actually good for stability, so I mean, in rough seas,
three, four meters swells, we are pretty sound. I mean, leave your cup
of tea on the bridge and it won’t move an inch. – Amazing, I mean nothings moves here, it’s pretty incredible. But the draft on GiGi, right, that this is a support vessel too. This, how much is the
draft on the main vessel? – [Chris] It’s got to
be about 2.8, I think. – Okay! What else we got?
– Let’s walk to the bow and I’ll show you. And over here you’ve got
this, your mooring station. Underneath the deck is actually where we have the anchor drum, so, at the very front you can see the anchor. And it is literally, from
that point, straight down. It goes all the way down to
the deepest point on the boat. – Okay.
– Interesting. – Oh yeah, you can actually see, kind of. – There are only 8 support
vessels from Damen in the world at the moment and you know, every one’s a little bit unique, this is another edition for us, it is just mooring lines
and fenders in here. – Storage. – Yeah, and if I show you in the bridge, I’ll show you the actual part
of the refit that we chose. – [Rico] Search lights. – They will go ahead and kind of, set stuff up sometimes
because they’re faster than the main vessel so
they will go on forward and kind of prepare when
the main vessel arrives so things are ready,
whatever those things are. – There’s no way to tell, like one of these, it’d be, depending on how many Toys you got, but you gonna need between an hour or two to have a full set up.
– To set it all up. So they arrive early, set it up. And then the main vessel arrives with her, vessel arrives, it’s all set up yeah. – [Chris] Yeah we can
hit 32 knots on this, so we can just plow ahead. – [Victoria] It’s fast. To set up, yeah, this is my office, there’s my desk, this is the captain’s desk.
– Look at this desk! – [Chris] This is a 55
inch retina display, so I can actually, it’s touch screen, I can do all my routes
and planning on here. And along with the other
two that are independent, we are full ECDIS on board, which means we don’t carry paper charts. Everything’s on here. It’s easy to update and do maintenance. It means I can put my time elsewhere, where it’s needed. – [Victoria] How does it feel? – It feels like I’m a captain.
– Do you feel like Captain Kirk? – I do.
(laughing) – [Victoria] It takes a
little bit more than that. – You can actually command the
whole vessel from the seat, you’ve got four engines. So you’ve got one, two, three, four here. Forward and reverse. And obviously–
– Don’t touch anything. – I’m not touching anything.
I’m letting him do it. – You’ve got 22 knots and
then there’s three gears, in the low gear that would be six knots and then ultra low for
docking and parking positions, you do that in 2-3 knots. – Do you feel the power?
– He’s like this is a strange language, but okay. Whatever you say. – This is steering wheel, it
literally says steering here, and bow thruster to control to bow. So, we have two bow
thrusters, four engines, that’s part of the DP system,
which is dynamic positioning. So this boat was built
for the oil rigs, so it’s, when an oil rig shifts four foot, the support vessel would
actually shift with it. So, you know, nothing’s
attached to the bottom. It’s just between these systems here. That’s the DP positioning system and that will actually be
able to hold the GPS position that is in the boat.
– Wow. – Yeah.
(loud beeping) – I didn’t touch anything – What did you do?
– I didn’t touch anything. – What did you do? This feels a little bit
like “Star Wars” over here, or whatever that is. – [Rico] How much fuel do you guys carry? – You can see that just over here. So, about 100 cubic
meters, I think, in total. Maybe a bit more than that. It’s 100 tons of fuel. But it carries more than that. – [Victoria] Also it will carry trash and things like that, extra. ‘Cause it’s all, you know, if
you’re out for a long time. Like, I mean they go into
the Bahamas, it’s crazy, but if they are going to some
of the most, like the Arctic, there’s certain things,
you can’t unload anything. Everything has to be brought with you, so, they will carry trash
and extra water, fuel. – So, the other thing is, I’m not sure if you noticed on the deck, we actually have a ton of fixing points, so we can actually carry containers, if we were doing any research round here, you could set up a lab inside a container and have the whole deck geared up. Again, as I said before, it’s, the adaptability is one of
the unique things about this, is that we can change it up
and have different set ups, you can play basketball
on the back of that if you cleared it out.
– Yes, you can! – [Rico] Do you know what
the gross tonnage is? – Sorry? – [Rico] What the gross
tonnage is of the vessel? There we go, 462. – Just under 500. – [Rico] Just low enough that you don’t have to have 24 hour watch and a machinist on standby. – [Victoria] So it’s really
just crew who stays on here. – [Chris] No, we have guest accommodation. – Extra, in case you–
– As I say also, like, an overflow of employees or whatever, from the company.
– Got it. – Boss company.
– So, dayhead. – AV rack, so watch
anything, anywhere, anytime. – Okay. – [Rico] Direct TV – You guys go ahead. You wanna go ahead? – [Rico] Okay. Wow, that’s very comfortable. – [Chris] So, this is, the gear was laid on this in
2015, and refitted in 2016, so it’s only two years old. – Awesome!
– Wow, yeah. – So, very spacious, I mean, it’s not, it’s a bit spartan, and it’s not as luxurious as
some of the other yachts but– – Well, we were on, what, New Frontiers? – [Rico] New Frontiers, yeah. – And, it was not as luxurious
as this one, I feel like, that one was definitely
more spartan, like this, this feels like you could
actually hang out here. – Comfortable.
– Yeah, it’s great. – [Deniza] New Frontiers
was for sale at the moment, so, the yard just built it, very simple. – [Victoria] Right, that they, so they could.
– Yeah. But even that was this
huge amount of space and real amazing things. – [Chris] So we can actually keep a crew and an overflow of employees in here, so the guests and the crew. – So that’s a four-man cabin?
– That’s a four-man cabin. – [Victoria] It’s beautiful! It’s really nicely done, great job. But wait, there’s more! – [Rico] It’s comfy. – [Chris] And if you step through, I’ll shut the door for you, you can see the dayhead
behind you over here. – [Rico] Oh, that’s very spacious. – Ready to come out?
– Thank you. – [Chris] Alright, so that’s
mirrored on the other side. – [Victoria] Same thing on the other side. – And then, if you have
a look at this, actually, you can actually see when we bought it, used to be Fast & Furious,
that’s what it was called, and then you can see the difference here, the garage that was added on, so there used to be a
full 360 bridge, I mean, you can see it over here. And look at the after. – [Victoria] But that’s
great space up there, that’s awesome. – Cool. – [Rico] It’s like a big hangar. – Yeah, exactly. That’s what it was built
for, for the seaplane. – He’s doing a great job of the tour! – [Deniza] I know, that’s why– – You’re like, “go ahead!” – [Deniza] He knows much more than I do. – And just before, there’s the little bar. You can set up your drink. – This is really nice space. – [Chris] Down here we’ve
got the crew quarters. – Is everybody decent?
– Have a go in. (laughing) Slowed in their lunch. (laughing)
– Enjoy man. – [Man Eating] No worries, man, thank you. – So that’s Crew quarters. – [Chris] And then, right at the end, we have our laundry area. – How many crew?
– Eight crew, we are the smallest crew
of the support vessels. [Carrie] – Wow.
[Chris]- Normally run with 10. – She’s like, “wow, eight is small?” – [Carrie] Actually no,
sounds like a lot to me. – So: captain, and myself, first mate, chief engineer, second engineer, chef, bosun, deckhand, and second deckhand. – Any questions?
[Carrie] – No. – About responsibilities,
or you know all of them all? [Carrie] – Are you hiring?
(laughing) – Unfortunately, it’s an
all-male crew on this, so we don’t actually run with any interiors. – Interesting! – Yeah, so we kind of
look after ourselves, we have a schedule, and you know, good. – Everybody pitches in. – But, it would be nice to have 10. – She’ll be just fine on the male crew. – We want 10 crew! – [Rico] (laughing) We want 10 crew. (laughing) – Yeah, through here, you’ve
got the bow thruster room/ – Oh, go ahead, Rico. – So it’s more of a services strip. – [Rico] Little work out bench? – [Chris] Yeah, yeah, we can
keep fit at sea, you know. Weights. – [Austin] I have those at home. – [Victoria] You have those at home? – [Chris] We have water
boilers and so and so. – [Victoria] But you can
feel like you’re in a boiler. – [Austin] Yes. – [Rico] Yeah, wow, they’re big boilers. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Rico] You can actually see
the outer hull of the boat. – [Chris] Yep, that is it. (knocking) – [Rico] Is that a fire pump? – [Chris] Crash pump, yeah. For emergency, and it’s
also built so, for flooding. Alright, so you guys are now under water, you are below the water line. – [Carrie] So this is where,
if something goes wrong, you’re coming down here and–
– Yep. This is where the engineer do their magic So this is essentially the control room. So we can control generators from here, we’ve got all our pumps and stuff here, so you’ve got aircon, you’ve got the massive hydraulic
pumps behind you there. Through here, we’ve got the ventilation
for the engine room, and into the engine room. – [Victoria] This is so loud! You can’t be in here without headphones. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s quiet at the moment, there’s nothing running. – So this is where the four Beasts sleep, between four of them, we’ve got six and a half
thousand horse power. – [Rico] Can you repeat
that one more time? – [Chris] So between the four of them, we’ve got 6,500 horse power. – Six and a half thousand horse power. Did that register? Okay – These are massive Caterpillars – Wow. – [Chris] I mean here
you have your generator. – [Rico] How many
generators do you guys have? – [Chris] Three, they’re all in here. – [Rico] Stabilizers? – [Chris] Exactly. I mean, here you got your fire system, and bilge system. And that will be the water separator. – [Carrie] Well, here’s that fire system? – Yeah.
– front and center. – This is the real one here, so you can actually,
if it’s a sealed area, as long as everyone’s outside, you can release it and
it puts out the fire. – [Carrie] Oh, cool. – Over here, you’ve got the
water maker, reverse osmosis. – [Rico] That’s a massive water maker. Look at this. – [Rico] How many rudders
do you guys have, two? – Two rudders, yeah. So, underneath you can see the ramps. So, in the pool quarter,
you’ve got our Dive compressor, and just recently, we’ve just started to
mixing on board as well, so we carry 21 dive bottles, and all in behind these panels is all our dive equipment to go with that. Got a nice little ice machine over here, and if you just walk over
there and take a right, you can see our workshop. – [Rico] How long have you been onboard? – [Chris] Two months. – [Rico] Wow, fresh! – But he knows everything! Amazing! – [Chris] Hit the ground running. – You like it? Something different, huh? – [Carrie] So clean, this is so clean. – Yeah, I mean it’s–
– Clean, all this stuff. – Everything’s clean, right? – [Austin] Oh my god, this is your– – This is a workshop. This is every guy’s workshop dream. – [Carrie] Yeah. Look at the–
– I know. – [Victoria] I mean, it’s like a chair! – [Rico] They’re serious. – [Victoria] It’s like a chair. Wow. – So, just behind you,
we have a stern anchor and over here, we have our fueling system. So, it’s just like a
regular petrol station, we’ve got a nozzle, bring
all the tenders in here, it’s very easy to keep
the tenders all fueled up. – Alright, this completes our tour of this awesome support vessel, there are only eight of them in the world, if you guys have any questions, just put it down in
the comments down below and we’ll do very best to answer them all. Thank you to Chris for doing
this amazing tour with us and if you guys have any questions, please shoot in the comments and we’ll make sure to ask them
everything and let you know. Ciao!

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