[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello guys welcome to a new video so let’s start today boot ski assembly starting from issue number one here is the disassembled robot brought let’s frame the engines not the disassembled because because inside there is the fat I don’t want to get dirty hands but in the end there is little to see are the cogwheels that then here in the file and explains it noemi speak let’s say in a way complete and clear finds the wiring and this 12 here we also have another sensor that even this I can not disassemble and not leave tosi but let’s start from the book e file is this start building it now let’s go from mechanics precisely from the dimensions of attack let’s go see here an introduction tells us what this is robot finally made paper of identity of food food rotates on itself 360 degrees himself that is, he can do let’s say rotation both clockwise and counterclockwise guide objects moves forward and back certain and avoid the light whoever follows a line climbs on steep slopes it works for two speed has a sensational look here this is what they imposed in the end vaffa robot that I also remember that a robot of 18 years ago therefore with the technology that makes it up however, it is not very advanced everything can be done many things what they haven’t written yet because maybe we are at the beginning but it is they will put in later and that is programmable you can program software to pass them inside the memory was a model little robot and can do what we say you want here make us an illustration complete the part above that for robots let’s all say the shell the shell top the frame the batteries the first tab the part below with the censors motors the knife grinder which is the front one that this if notable that gives somewhere inside the container elastic let’s see if I don’t see here here it is this is the queen in front this is the frame and here are the gear wheels and now he says they fit the basic section ie this is the basic section this ok and these are the shock absorbers side also removable but not disassemble because it is not the real one front rear this of nets from shocks and made from a rubber let’s say which softens precisely surgeons who robot starts with mechanics and says here says make sure you have positioned the pieces correctly before to inhabit it together check that the holes are aligned before inserting them screws and don’t destroy them too much in the way to shoot Levini because if you do too much force can be fired with the neo overturned tea woe to put power enter that these are the first wheel toothed and then there is the second and then there is the third I’ll show you directly here it is from the book this is the first toothed test then there is the second and third going to mechanically connect to the engine that has another gearwheel though metal just to prevent you from going to break since it makes many g this is another page tell you from the mechanics here shows the piece let’s say the shell you were back and front and at the end this is this is the 3 volt scooter there is the base section and the tree of transmission with gear wheels formal from two found slow like we already said the rim it is this here then we have the tire tire that this here then screws to block everything each of the gears in one combination of a multiple gear wheel large with 48 20 and a smaller one with 12 20 therefore two wheels are used toothed equal one of twelve teeth the smaller one and a larger one from 48 therefore 2 erodes groped in a poor show here in the picture I’ll show you as of perfect room here 12 and 48 this help precisely to the hamlet ad to be much stronger who explains command to put the rim pneumatic position the whole block put the fat and then from a smattering what a robot who by all the various information on the robotics that this guys this is a beautiful world I wanted at the beginning do it precisely because we were talking about robots from combat see as an example I’m here these are combat robots beautiful and once they did me too on TV now no longer make them cassius 2 that this here have huge cylinder engines of woods as they say of cass high pressure to make the tipped ri i remote controls almost explains how precisely that reversal of the robot works that gets in position automatically, however, we are not talking about small robots we are talking about I’ll throw it huge let’s see if he tells me here something about this century robot here at parma junior i ball many 81.3 tv almost 100 kg dimensions 33 x 120 x 87 centimeters two engines from mower to 12 volt works 24 volts therefore I am food for more power and more speed and weapon we said that pneumatic arm overturned spike rear there is the double weapon this here but specifically going forward with tenemos files among many others this is an unfortunate one in america in Italy unfortunately is not completely expanded the first issue ends here let’s move on to the second then we also have another little book people here gives us the summary let’s move on to second where ok here it tells you to command a position the engines instead is that it has the pinion at 12 20 as I told you in metal gear wheel 48 20 12 teeth which actually shows the engine and with pinion for the icot of course better than plastic because not it breaks here there’s fat again shows fat as fat as it does says the mechanics fat and explains you how electric motors work magnet for me nothing was king axis commutator iron heart engine that rigor wrapped around which they are wrapped then iron heart road hours around to which the copper cables are wound of course we isolate the part interior of the electric motor paolo d’ore he was king as we know it this is the electric motor uses electricity for create a rotary movement etcetera e there is quality all information the battery compartment because now we have to go to insert the battery compartment already in the second issue it demonstrates how go to series now i took it off and there are very rusty contacts there because who vague me and thank him however he forgot to tell me that there were batteries but certainly yes he was also forgotten how that kept him the warehouse too abandoned ok also a little cleaning and so number one among frame design installs the battery compartment as shown in the figure and then this is this must be put from here ok straight this i step inside that the wire

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