Cyberpunk 2077 News Hot Toys, Tyger Claws & Cyberpunk Red

In the latest Cyberpunk 2077 News, there were
a few interesting developments following a conversation I had with Rafal Jaki, CDPR’s
Business Development Manager with relation to upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise. Rafal
would inform me that CDPR currently have deals with Dark Horse, McFarlane Toys, Hot Toys,
Pure Arts, GoodSmile, Sideshow and Funko. What I am particularly excited for, is the
confirmation of figures coming from Hot Toys, as they do exceptionally good action figures.
A Fem V Hot Toy, is basically an instant buy as far as I am concerned. They are expensive,
but trust me, the accuracy of these figures is amazing. Another company, Pure Arts does
high end statues as well, but I’ve never handled any of their products so far.
I did ask Rafal about Kotobukiya’s figurines, and was told who knows what the future will
bring. The Tyger Claws Gang poster is now available
from the CDPR merchandise store. They are described as riding out from the heart of
Japan town in a psychedelic blur, the Tyger Claws are dead-set on staking claim to fresh
territory. In Cyberpunk 2020 it was rumoured they were financially backed by Arasaka.
RTG revealed a few new images from the upcoming Cyberpunk Red core book. Monster Fight Club
have provided some images of upcoming miniatures for Cyberpunk Red, including a Cyberdog,
Johnny Silverhand and Jackie Welles figures from Dark Horse were revealed at the New York
Toy Fair. Grimes revealed some significant spoilers
on Lizzy Wizzy which I covered in a dedicated news video. Personally, I’m not a fan of
spoilers, hence why I use generic thumbnails and put spoilers clearly in the video title.
It would be nice to have your feedback on covering spoilers.

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28 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News Hot Toys, Tyger Claws & Cyberpunk Red

  1. Notifications rarely work, so it's always worth checking the channel as I upload daily. Usually the best way for videos to show in your subscription feed is to interact with them e.g. likes, comments etc.

  2. I toss my vote for Spoiler Free, also I need a FemV and MaleV figurine, I already have their Samurai official Bomber Jacket, its absolutely amazingly high quality. I get alot of "Street Cred" at work among all the dorky men who patron the establishment since I wear it work and alot of them are videogamers. I highly suggest everyone who can get the bomberjacket first before anything!

  3. as long as you put a warning in the title spoilers should be put in with a lot of the news coming from other places to they will get out and to know for a fact something is in the game is nice to know over just the street rats yelling trying to get clicks on their site plus if you look at comments most times any info is already put their

  4. There is some additonal news about Cyberpunk RED that R Talsorian put out a day ago that you may not know of: Basically a new narrative combat system where when you land critical shots, it can disable "cybernetic skills", for example, if you lose your cybereye you lose telescopic vision For a better description check out the source:


    See yous all in Night City sorta real soon, Choombas! Peace! I'm Chippin' Out!

  5. Hot Toys is definitely trustworthy and will be a must buy.
    As for Good Smile Company, I think they'll be doing a nendroid just like Gearult and Ciri*.
    As for Kotobukiya though….the quality of their figures can be inconsistent

  6. i'm pissed that sales of merch is far more important than marketing of main product
    seriously …. whenever i talk to people about 2077 they either don't care or treat it as such old subject that any kind of PC should handle it

  7. tigers look like a a neon-samuraj themed biker club
    and Kylie Minogue sings their recruitment song "Your Disco Needs You"

    "Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    Desperately seeking someone, willing to travel
    You're lost in conversation and useless at Scrabble
    Happiness will never last,
    Darkness come's to kick your ass
    So let's dance through all our fears
    War is over for a bit
    The whole world shoud be moving do your part
    Cure a lonely heart
    Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you
    We're sold on vanity, but that's so see through
    Take your body to the floor, your disco needs you
    From Soho to Singapore
    From the mainlands to the shore"

  8. i never really cared about spoilers (for me it's just more information)
    with current lack of information i'm starved for even the main plot spoilers

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