That’s what this is for Get out!! WOO FREEDOM!! Ah Good day everyone and welcome to todays video where I am going to be cutting open more kids toys! funny story about these I saw these before they were even out they’re called… Hatchimals! I know I saw this weird commercial for them and I was like what the heck is this? it just showed like this egg that you like have to like take care of and hatch and immediately I knew I wanted to *sassy hand* not wait for it to hatch and crack it open myself *”camera man” sneezes* god bless you camera man! I ordered them and then *hand motion*I went on tour and then obviously I couldn’t get them, and then when I was at a stop in Texas in the back room they had them! and so I got a pink and a blue one and I was like oh my god I can open these up on tour and I’ve been just waiting for time that I had off anyways this is a long freaking intro of explanation I got two of em and were gonna break these bad boys open and find out what’s inside of them… oh and when you hatch its a surprise!! it could be either the pink or the white one, oh I cant wait! I brought scissors i called reception… they didn’t have a hammer so… were just gonna try and cut it open and if we cant cut it open were just gonna pry it open with something that we can find around the room come on its time to hatch! oh wow! its not actually this egg up here its inside the box oh its squishy! oh…what’s it attached to? what is going on?! there is some crazy attachment things going on at the bottom of this ya know what? *throws box off screen* if it doesn’t come out the easy way you’re just gonna have to force it so we have this egg it is so cute, its a lot smaller than i thought is was gonna be for some reason i thought it was gonna just be like, real big like the size *hatchimal interrupts joey* oh hell no *Hatchimal makes another noise* *joey taps on the egg* GURL you alive in there?!? whatcha doin? *reading the box* I need you to take care of me keep me safe and happy, when im ready I will hatch, I can do it without you *joey being salty* im sure you cant you can teach me to walk, talk, dance, and more that is so freaking cool! so i don’t know how much, how long it takes for them to hatch, but don’t worry, were not gonna have to wait all that time aww its cute okay im gonna take the blue one out of the box and then were just gonna kind of like let them talk to each other and stuff kay be right back alright! so we have our blue egg and our pink one and were jus gonna shake them up scramble those eggs till you cant scramble them no more! there kissing its so cute! omg look at them go! so we have the two eggs, im so excited i just really wanna crack them open but i also feel kinda bad about this *noises* what are you saying? these are like cool versions of furbies, not saying furbies aren’t cool witch we have cut open before oh there’s a soft spot in the egg! i think this is where it cracks or something that’s crazy oh wow! this is actually really easy to crack open i didn’t think it was gonna be that easy *laughs* its already cracking open! okay listen that’s no fun if it just cracks with our hands we need the scissors so were gonna make a little incision right here oooohh oh my gosh! its lit up in there! girl she’s lit up! she’s lit! oh were just gonna cut this egg ya know go against what you’re supposed to be doing oh she’s loud i wonder if this kills them…oh wow welcome to the world! she’s like i wasn’t ready to come out you forced mee!! *le gasp* her eyes opened! omg this is so cute oh god she’s really stuck in there were gonna…get…outta there oh! wooooow!! (it sounds like the Hatchimal says “im dead”) this is so weird shes wrapped in plastic inside look at her look it i wonder if that’s like part of it like ya know what that’s what we have the scissors for don’t worry were gonna save you oh its kind of like she’s in her like placenta or something were were simply just cutting the placenta open allowing her to breath wow that’s what this is for get out!! WOO FREEDOM!! look it you were hatched in an unnatural way how do you feel? she feels glorious she’s not talking she’s real nervous okay well that’s one chicken? down? what are you? omg the eyes i feel like im being hypnotized or something look at how crazy the eyes are next one instead of just using the scissor method we should use the shoe cleaner method Daniel/camera man: girl needs to shut her mouth i know just how to do it *throws Hatchimal* hello? wake up just cracking the egg open…wooow!!! exposed! oh you still got something on your head HEEEEY BROTHER OHH I KNOW IT WAS TERRIBLE HE FORCED MEE FROM MY EGG IT WAS AAAAWFUUUL i am soo messed up okay (same) i need to cut you out of your placenta too well incase you guys were wondering whats on the inside of these eggs oh you can just twist oh flap those wings be freee hatchimals glorious KISSS omg they’re so happy together oh look it she’s dancing around dance with your sister this egg thing honestly this is such a cool idea i wish i had this when i was growing up you guys are being a little too loud do you want me to cut your head off? do you want me to cut it off? i will… Daniel is telling me not to cut the wing off so i wont go there…. they’re very sweet i don’t know what im gonna have to do with them i think they’re gonna have to fly home with me and you guys are gonna have to be quiet or you’ll get me in trouble honestly if you ever get one of these looking into its eyes is like looking into the demons eyes this ones definitely dead theres no life in its eyes he was a pre mature and she definitely has a lot of issues that She’s gonna Be dealing with early childhood issues im sorry i hope you guys enjoyed todays hatchimals cutting open kid toys video *throws hatchimal* you have to go SILENCE!! i said be quiet!! if you guys enjoyed todays video please give it a big ol thumbs up and i will see you all tomorrow good damn bye! halp meh plz send halp!!!

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  1. Joey: calls reception – Hello? Do you have a hammer that I can use?Hotel person: What whyJoey: I wanna crack open an egg with an animal in itHotel person: …

  2. I wonder what the other people in the hotel were thinking when joey was hitting the eggs and yelling get out.

  3. My 5 year old brother has the twins version, and Joey loves his hatchimals more than my brother!!!😂🤣

  4. When you open it you have to take off those little white things on the bottom of the egg so it comes out easier.

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