Customizing a Character in LEGO The Incredibles for powers and abilities for Minikits in Customiser

Hi! Brickette here customizing a character in at Edna’s Home in Outer Municiberg. I really wanted to do this to get some abilities that I don’t have yet in any character, Gotta get those studs! …like Illuminate and Tracking. We can create 12 different characters. I wasn’t able to give her a hat. I would probably have to remove her hair first. I’m turning her with the right stick. We can add a cape, too. Here, we can change the torso. Bricks! I’ll show you randomize in a bit. We can change the legs. That’s good. I think I want a purple torso. We can change the arms and the hair. That’s it! The most useful things we can customize
are the powers! This set of powers is loud! Huh! I guess electricity is a lot quieter than ice. I’ve played through the story line and 2 or 3 crime waves, so I have most of these abilities. But, to get all the minikits in the first level, I still need tracking and illumination. I think I have Mind Control, but if I don’t, I can get it here. We can create a new character for each of these sets of powers, if we want. I chose this set of powers for my first one. Then I made another one for tracking. We can come back here and change these as much as we want. I want this one for now. Now we can try the randomizer. Warning! This will erase all the customization you’ve done so far! except for the powers and the name. Cool! I got a trophy for NOT wearing a cape! a carrot head! Back to the other one Now we can name our new hero. We have to hit the right button or whatever your cancel button is to start changing the name. Hold down the left button to delete the whole field. Press the left trigger to capitalize. Double-press it for caps lock. PS4 users can use the trackpad to get to the letters. Or, you can use the left stick to move around. We can use the top button for a space. I’m naming her Blue Berry because of her hair. But we could name her for her abilities. then the right trigger when we’re done. Now we can save our masterpiece! And here are the abilities we just gave her – Flight, Illuminate, Immunity, and Laser. Now I can go back and get those minikits! Yay! I can fly now!

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