Custom LEGO Tech Shop building MOC complete — for now!

hey everyone I’ve been doing something that
I have not done in quite some time and I’m very happy about it
not happy about the fact that I haven’t done it in quite some time but happy
about the fact that I have done it now or have been doing it recently that is
working on something custom and for me at that not even a commission but an
actual project for new Jang City in Lego something that I wanted to do because I
wanted to do it cuz why not this is what I have previously called my text shop
and I don’t have a specific name for it just yet I have a initial for the name
like the first letter of the name is V comes right into the architecture here –
I’ve gotten it into one other spot as well it has turned out to be kind of
like the near-future equivalent of a late 1990s Radio Shack mixed with an
Apple Store a little bit did not want to do an Apple store at all let me go ahead
and bring you in closer so this goes into one of the spaces in the relatively
new plaza in front of my first large skyscraper building and the inspiration
here is the pre-renovation lobby opening area of the Moscone Center Convention
Center in San Francisco used to have these interesting architectural elements
to it which were also structural and they’re fully exposed and just painted
white and that’s what gave me an inspiration for this it’s not inspired
by like Doc cranes that are used at intermodal ports and stuff you may get a
little bit of that just from looking at some of the overhangs and stuff but I
really really wanted to just make something that was architectural II
weird and intentionally so and yet very bright and open for the folks who
actually go inside and wanted it to be an experience that would not feel at all
claustrophobic you know that would feel larger than it actually is might feel a
little bit like you’re going into like inside of a piece of Modern Art in a way
I don’t know I just wanted to do something different and
I did what I’ve done most recently is finish this up so the last time that I
worked on it I had gotten to the point where I had these pieces these end
pieces which are used as girders for the supports for cranes typically just the
kind of a shaped piece which you see that goes up and then there’s a
crossmember and it goes up that’s all one single part from Lego you’re not
familiar with that you can pretty much see it right there
same thing is used on the other side and then I had started to put in some of the
sides and I had experimented a bit with some of these overhangs I’ve wanted to
use some of those techniques panel pieces including new and old just
combinations and didn’t really care about that part but I definitely wanted
them to be asymmetric that was very important to me yeah just to introduce
some some visual tension for it and you know what I’m happy with the result it
was tricky to get some of the inner bits to to fit to fill up some of the areas
like these parts you are actually going the the side panel here which is angled
inward on either side is actually going inside of these a shaped pieces and then
those a shaped pieces not only Bend well they they angle the angle in this way
which is which is awkward and then they also taper towards the top when viewed
from the other side so that was that was weird and the biggest thing that that
really helped me to to just move forward with this relatively quickly towards the
end was allowing myself to have non windowed areas so this is hollow right
here and down here these triangle-shaped side parts they’re
not windowed in they’re open and also there are no actual windows behind here
and if I didn’t tell you that you might not notice it except when the light hits
things just right like it doesn’t really matter it was an important thing for me
to just mentally get over like look you need to see the white parts you know
that’s that’s the important part to look at this and that’s what everybody’s
gonna be looking at at least that’s what I’m gonna do again that’s all I care
about the negative space areas are just negative space that you represent
windows and not every single bit of space needs to be
so once I allowed myself to get away with that
it just got me to push forward and it’s so much better to push forward sometimes
at least especially with stuff where it really doesn’t matter in the end
compared to just sitting there and banging one’s head against the wall or
against the project and such so I’ve got the the V that’s just part of the
architectural element originally I had a bar going across here that I’d tried a
couple different versions I’ve had some different things that I had tried up on
top as well I ended up just going relatively simple for that and then I
used an an agents or rather ultra agents shield piece and that’s just upside down
so I got a little bit of a V there because it’s an upside down a so I need
to come up with the name for this place so I’ll figure something out and well
yeah this is it so yeah I will later in the video not not too long from now I
will show you how this appears or how it will appear for the most part actually
in place in situ in City so that worked but you know basically you’ve got your
walkway and then on the other side I’ve turned that into wheeled device access I
realized that I had only stairs going up to this thing so it’s better to have
access for different types of mobility devices so I can get in now get
different people up in here even though there’s not that much space actually
inside of this shop and then inside of the shop there are various types of like
trying to doodads and I’m actually gonna pull off one of these walls this one
right here in fact so that you can see inside there a little bit better so as
you look right into the middle of the store there’s a center aisle or center
display island basically which is full height and double sided the stuff up on
top with the light saber blades it’s just a little decorative element you
know just add little extra visual interest inside of the place and those
would probably be lit up you’re kind of a dayglo sort of sort of effect so
they’d actually be bright during the day anyway got a couple of headsets or
headphones that are for sale there and I had thought about
switching out I’ve got three side by side 1 by 2 bricks the white bricks with
the studs on both sides and so I have extra hollow studs that are showing up
and I was gonna swap those out once I figured out what was actually gonna show
up as a product here and I decided not to because they look like pegboard to me
which just feels like something that would be kind of realistic for that sort
of display so I just left it there and then some other random things I think
those are like smart like smart speaker you know individual like Bluetooth
speaker things that also connect to your smart home and other devices got a
couple of gaming machines that are just on display as soon as you walk into the
place and that one actually has that then I think that’s the Midway arcade
screen on it let me see if we can see it from here no you cannot see it from here
maybe if I bring you down a little bit closer to the ground but that’s a that’s
a printed piece and then over here these are all just phones of different types
I’m not sure if I can even get a good angle well let’s see I guess you can see
that a little bit I wanted to be sure to have a little bit of movement to the to
the shape you know a little bit of dynamism to the shaping of the the
tables or desks space whatever along the side here that was one of the first
things that I thought of it was just important to me as it allowed there to
be some interesting semi organic shapes inside the place and then back on the
other side just miscellany miscellaneous devices keep in mind that in my near
future Lego city as I’ve made it up alot of
people are into retro stuff just for the sake of retro stuff so that kind of
explains perhaps some of the weird things that you see here like what is
this is a like a keyboard and karaoke machine kado ok machines or head said
that’s so American karaoke there is no that was bad I’m usually not that bad
anyway you can see that piece that I bought a bunch of just recently the 1×2
it worked out just perfectly a little printed keyboard piece worked out
absolutely perfectly for that space the employees so there’s one there you
see he’s got a headset on there’s one here he’s got a headset on as well and
they’re in their uniforms and they wear bowties it’s kind of the company’s thing
these are your tech concierges and as soon as they they say that any customer
is automatically gonna be like oh you mean like Butler’s and then they’re like
no no like like concierge so you mean like Butler’s no so that’s that’s their
thing I don’t know I just wanted them to to look a little bit pretentious you
know to go with the whole electronics store sort of thing bring in just a
little bit of the Apple Store kind of flavor in that sense you know just the
the feel of Apple stuff in general and then these are the the checkout counters
so it’s a little bit simple behind there I actually don’t have any space for for
for extra stock I wanted to have some extra stock space but that didn’t end up
working but you know I think the checkout counter is in the corners work
out well and give me that space in the middle as well or some additional stuff
looks like calculators something is that what those are really just basic number
pad things or maybe there’s scales I don’t know I don’t know exactly what
they are you know tech changes over time and these folks are into retro stuff so
they might be bluetooth-enabled scales or calculators I don’t know but just
some things that I wanted to put in here and so I did we’re on the other side
more electronic doodads yeah I just look into the the middle aisle there again
remote control don’t know what these other things are just things that look
electronic and seemed to fit to me for whatever reason now am I completely
satisfied with the way this thing turned out of course not
I am never never 100% satisfied with any custom thing that I do as a rule it’s
just not possible but I’m satisfied enough I’m happy to
have this thing in at least done for now status one thing that I do need to add
yet that’s that’s important is lighting I think I know exactly how I’m gonna do
lighting for this and it’s not very complicated the trickiest thing will be
just hiding away wires but yeah never completely satisfying but I’m pretty
happy with how it looks it definitely has the overall impact that I personally
wanted for this thing is funny when I first unveiled the work-in-progress for
this when I first had just a couple of bits of frame of it up so many people
were like ah that’s disappointing it should be square why didn’t you make it
square rectangular you call it a text shop it should be squares rectangular
and I didn’t get that I don’t understand that it was like there’s some unwritten
rule it was a lot of people who they were saying this was like a chorus this
is the unanimous opinion and I should tear it all down and replace it with
something square and it was something square the square is boring I do plenty
of square of stuff and rectangular stuff which is fine I can enjoy that and I
wanted to break out of that for this I’m gonna again break out from squareness
and rectangular anise 4 another well the the next structure that’s going to go
into the the same Plaza is gonna go across the way from this that one will
be part be a little like a sandwich shop or deli cafe kind of thing and then
partly something else won’t have a business attached to it as well I think
I think it might end up just being our restaurant we’ll see how that that works
out but yeah so this thing place that gets to be called done for now very
happy about that yeah it’s it’s been you know long long time coming
way way way too long course I have had some some unexpected interruptions
over the past handful months and there are always a ton of reviews that need to
be done reviews remain by far the number one thing that people want to see from
me on this the reason that it’s the main reason
that people subscribe to this channel even though there are always the vocal
minority who believe themselves to be the majority who insists well I want to
see is is the custom stuff that’s what I’m here for I appreciate that I would
love to have a lot more of you who want mostly the custom stuff unfortunately
it’s just not the case well not unfortunately I’m happy to have the
viewership that I do and I’m happy to do the work of the the reviews and
everything you know and I’m happy to continue to to think of new things to do
to make those better as well but that is where I need to continue to put my focus
however I am approaching the end of review seasons so decided to take a
little break catch up on some some creative vibes do
something do something that I wanted to do you know do something that would just
make me feel better that would uh uh uh what is the words just feed my soul and
this definitely did that it cheered me up quite a bit and there were a lot of
mental mental blocks that I had last time that I worked on this that I was
able to to push through and so hey I’ve got another building now and looking
forward to working on more I do still have some more reviews to do for this
season but including some some obvious ones like the the book shop as of the
time recording this video the book shop and the big Batmobile thing but I’m
getting relatively close to the end and we’ll be working on more custom stuff so
I look forward to that thank you very much watching hope that you’ve enjoyed
this look at this thing even if the building is not rectangular enough where
you now talk to you in soon

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100 thoughts on “Custom LEGO Tech Shop building MOC complete — for now!

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