Custom Lego Football Stadium!!

Hello, K-Bricks here, and today we’ll be looking
at my small Lego football stadium. Compared to my other stadium, the massive
national stadium, with over 240 seats, this small thirty seat stadium is like a county
stadium. Tee three seats on the bottoms are reserved
for the teams, so that leaves on six general admission seats on each side. But this isn’t a massive county, and they
rarely fill up the full stadium. Passing the sponsor boards, we find the VIP
seating, where mayors and club officials sit. The owner of the home team does not seem to
be happy with his team’s performances lately. Going back one more row, we find the indoor
seating. Where club performance analyzers set-up their
equipment. To the left, we find some empty space, then
three commentary seats, so that the fans not in attendance can still know what’s happening
in the game. Removing the top floor will give you access
to the locker rooms, which can also be access by the player’s tunnel. There are five small seats in each. This area
can be blocked-off by this small grey assembly. Now let’s look at the pitch, both the pitches
in my city are the same size. They are 35×26 studs. There are two goals, they are pretty simple
designs, but they still get the job done. Next to the stadium is a man selling the kits. So far, it looks like he hasn’t sold any. And finally, we get to the players. Both sides are on their knees taking a team
picture. Who do you think will win? Thanks for watching, that concludes my tour
of my football stadium. Please leave a like, a comment, and subscribe
if you feel like it. Thanks for watching and goodbye!

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8 thoughts on “Custom Lego Football Stadium!!

  1. Yes, I did upload this yesterday. But the audio quality was not so good. There are some changes from the last time I uploaded it, can you notice them?

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