Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 4 – 5 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Justice League Crossover

Umm, hello? What the hell is this!? I’m asking myself the same question no this this
can’t be happening this you should what are you doing here well I’ll tell you
that when you tell me where here is is this cosplay? oh do you want a selfie bro?
I’m sorry we’re not no I’m also the flash those are the what the flash flash the flash… It’s complicated. I like your outfit
it seems comfy you’res is pretty cool, smooth, so safe and breathable. I’m barry
allen… NO! What does that mean? How can this should be impossible now. It should be impossible now?
you don’t know about the…oh my god don’t do this to me i don’t know about the
what? Are you okay? I told Victor this was possible. What does this mean?! welcome back everyone it’s Charlie! this is going to be my crisis on
Infinite Earths finale video for episodes 4 & 5 they just did it
back-to-back it’s like a two-hour finale but it’s really two different episodes
so we’ll break it down if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get
all the Easter eggs because this is such a big deal we’re doing a new round of
that flash ring giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave
your favorite moment from the crossover on the video careful for spoilers if you
have not seen the episode I’m assuming most of you have seen it or you don’t
care about spoilers otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this video
cannot believe that they canonized the movies the DCE you to the arrow verge so
will gets all that big stuff starting with number 20 they flashback to give us
the monitor’s origin story so like I said in my previous videos they’ve
changed this a little bit to fit within what they’ve been doing with the TV show
so far but there are a lot of comic book crisis on Infinite Earths Easter eggs
here the planet that the monitor is from Maltus from 10,000 years ago is a
version of the planet that Krona the original person from crisis on Infinite
Earths and the comics is from they blame the creation of the anti-monitor and him
discovering the positive matter universe on his experiment to go back and witness
the dawn of the multiverse so he winds up in the antimatter universe by
accident alerting the anti-monitor to the presence of the positive matter
universe in that sense everything off in the comics the scientist Krona goes back
to witness the dawn of the universe it’s only one universe when he goes back he
causes an accident that leads to the creation of the multiverse in eventually
the antimatter universe where the anti-monitor is born she also references
Kronal radiation as in Krona the character from the comics number 19
Oliver Queen becomes the spectre we kind of saw a version of this at the
cliffhanger in the last episode but this is them just taking it that further Jim
again teaches him what it is to be the specter what it all means what his
mission is Ryan choy makes a Star Wars joke when he shows up to explain what’s
going on he’s wearing the robes he says that’s a very sick that you have like a
Sith Lord he gives barry quote/unquote his power
up i’ve unlocked your full potential barry the joke there is that Barry’s
full potential was unlocked the minute that he was hit with lightning but they
go into the Speed Force the anti-monitor are so powerful that he almost is able
to grab Barry wall he’s in the Speed Force he goes around to all the
different places in the Speed Force picking up the Paragons to what amounts
to different constructs from important moments in their own histories so sort
of plays like a highlight reel for most of the characters except for Barry
because of the big cameo scene but number 18 they do their big Ezra Miller
flash cameo from Justice League so obviously I put that scene at the
beginning of this because it’s so mind-blowing and so amazing that they
were able to pull this off but Marc Guggenheim the showrunner on arrow who
was sort of the lead writer on the big crisis on Infinite Earths crossover said
that it’s actually Jim Lee himself who made it possible you remember the reason
why the Ezra Miller flash doesn’t know that he’s called the flash like Wow the
flash that’s actually a really cool name is because they never called him the
flash during the Justice League movie during Batman V Superman or Suicide
Squad any of his appearances they’ll probably work that out when they get to
the flash movie and they confirmed that they’re actually doing flashpoint as the
story for the flash movie they make a couple of jokes about each other’s
costumes like our Barry says oh wow that’s actually pretty cool-looking
costume and then Ezra Miller’s flash is like wow that looks really comfy it
looks very breathable Justice League movie flash references Vic stone aka
cyborg saying that they had discussed the idea of the multiverse I told Vic
that something like this might be possible then he vanishes because Barry
R Barry says this shouldn’t be possible it shouldn’t be possible because of what
don’t do that to me bro the whole idea is that the multiverse just got wiped so
he shouldn’t exist the only way he would have survived and actually been in the
Speed Force for this crossover is if he was in the Speed Force when the
multiverse got wiped when they actually get to the flash movie I don’t think
that he’s going to remember the events of this crossover because remember the
multiverse got rebooted the only people that remember everything are the
Paragons and then the people that martian manhunter sort of filled in the
details on the weird thing that they don’t do at
the end of the episode though is tell you which number to earth the Justice
League Ezra Miller flash comes from I’m surprised that they didn’t do that
number seventeen they’re able to stop the monitor from conducting his
experiment but they still wind up on the planet the dawn of the antimatter
universe because it’s a infinite universe with infinite monitors there’s
always going to be one that goes through with the experiment and that’s all it
needs to happen for the anti-monitor to be born so they have their big fight
this is obviously their version of Avengers infinity war and avengers
endgame they have their big final battle and number 16 Oliver Queen versus the
anti-monitor as the spectre big CG fights like this can always wind up
being really ridiculous as they don’t pull them off but I thought they did a
pretty good job with it and Oliver Queen’s death and they let him say the
thing you have failed this universe everybody was wondering if he was going to
say his catchphrase there’s a Seminole Batman comic book moment where the
spectre himself tells Batman you have failed the city now that Oliver Queen is
the spectre and that is his catchphrase it would have been weird if he did not
say it number fifteen Oliver Queen seemingly dies if you can really kill
the spectre you can kill the host the spectre resides in but the rules for how
the spectre works are kind of up in the air he’s sort of a celestial being now
so there are a lot of really weird rules that they’ll probably explain in the
arrow finale so even though Oliver Queen seemingly dies the spectre seemingly
dies he’ll still be in the arrow series finale that’s happening at the end of
this month so don’t worry he will be back in some form they’ll have some way
of explaining what actually happens to him next number fourteen they reboot
the multiverse Oliver Queen also referenced DC rebirth you have to
rebirth the universe so if we’re making Avengers and game references this would
be their version of the Hulk snapping everyone back with the start
tech nano Infinity Gauntlet but they start the new multiverse with Supergirl
she wakes up as if it’s been a dream is sort of like their Wizard of Oz moment
like wait a minute you were there and you were there and you were there too
but they find that when everything got put back so to speak some things were
changed somethings big something small they find out that Lex Luthor is now the
benefactor behind the de o Supergirl has literally been working with him quote
unquote this whole time because remember they rebooted the multiverse so only the
Paragons remember that have been different the way I’m thinking
about this is this is sort of an easter egg for the classic Supergirl comics
when she was with the red-haired version of lex luthor there was a time in the
comics where she was really cozy kind of like his girlfriend it was a really
weird relationship that they had the number 13
they finally revealed that all the main characters earths have been combined
into a single earth called earth prime we all wondered if they were going to do
this mostly I was thinking about supergirl’s
earth 38 but they’ve also combined black lightnings earth with earth Prime so he
is now on the same earth with all the other heroes I always feel like they
should have done this a long time ago I think they just waited for crisis on
Infinite Earths because it provided a logical story-based reason for them to
combine their earths like okay yeah they just rebooted the multiverse and just
rearranged some of the pieces a little bit number 12 they have their first big
team-up moment with Supergirl in the flash teaming up in downtown Argo city
to defeat weather which so obviously the way they revealed that they’re on a
combined earth is kind of funny they slowly sort of unfurl things like
everybody besides them thinks that they’ve always been teaming up this
whole time number eleven was the big Marv Wolfman
cameo scene this is their version of a Stan Lee cameo scene where the author
himself appears during the story if you’re not familiar with Marv Wolfman
you didn’t recognize him he’s the person that wrote crisis on Infinite Earths in
the comics originally back during the 80s he’s also created a lot of the
characters that you’ve seen on the air over TV shows so that’s why I say this
is sort of their version of a Stan Lee cameo number 10 Martian Manhunter goes
around letting all the other heroes know about the multiverse reboot in that
they’re on the same earth because like I said only the Paragons remember the way
things used to be that’s a bit of a pariah easter egg and psycho-pirate
doomed to remember everything that happened before and all the universes
that died during crisis so obviously the comic book crisis on
Infinite Earths went down in a very very different way number nine was that funny
moment with Brandon rouse Ray Palmer getting super excited at the idea there
was a super quote-unquote version of me talking about Kingdom Come Superman who
then later comes back at the end of the episode because they rebooted everything
number eight was Sarah having to tell Diggle and team arrow what happened to
Oliver though so remember Diggle wasn’t there for that big fight he takes it the
worst I wasn’t there for my friend at the end but like I said Oliver will
appear in the arrow finale at the end of the month so Diggle
get a chance to say goodbye to him number seven was the giant Bebo attack
the reason why they use Bebo for this it because it’s the last episode of the
crossover for crisis on Infinite Earths but it’s also the legends of tomorrow
episode of the crossover so Bebo is a legends character they referenced the
events of the legends finale from a couple seasons ago when they all formed
the giant Bebo Voltron but it turns out it’s a fake they use it as a sort of way
to show you what the new crossovers are going to look like like all these heroes
are on the same earth so they just happened to be helping each other out no
crazy multiverse travel required they make a big joke about heatwave selling
his trashy romance novels being this really successful author the person
who’s behind the Bebo attacks Sargon the sorcerer was also a Golden Age villain
for the Alan Scott Green Lantern in the Justice Society they’re actually doing a
version of the Justice Society on the stargirl TV show like in the end
credits role where they have all the different universes you see a new
version of the Justice Society I’ll explain that in a second too but the
Alan Scott Green Lantern is going to be a character on the stargirl TV show
number six the anti-monitor survives they have their real Avengers endgame
style final battle in the style of comic book crisis on Infinite Earths finale
even if you never read the original comic book you’ve probably seen this
giant splash page this two page fold out of everyone vs. the anti-monitor with
him being super huge so they kind of do a version of that number five their
big solution is to shrink him and trap him in the quote-unquote Microverse Ray
Palmer says there might be some copyright issues with that which is a
bit of a Marvel joke and a Hasbro joke for the micronauts but DC does have
their own version of the Microverse from the atom comics so it is a DC reference
also the reason why Marvel can’t use the name Microverse is because it’s owned by
Hasbro because the Microverse originates from the Micronauts
toy line which became a comic book that Marvel published but technically did not
own number four Superman now has twin boys – boys count them instead of
just the one John Kent Superboy so – Superboy’s will be explained on the
Superman TV show when it debuts later this year they’ve already confirmed this
been ordered to series meetings going to get the full season of 20 plus episodes
however many it’ll start in the fall I don’t know which day of the week it’s
going to air on yet though because they’re on earth Prime and there
are two super boys maybe one of those super boys will grow up to be comic-book
superboy-prime number three also surprise kid comes
back Diggle gets baby Sara back now he has two kids baby Diggle jr. and the
slightly older baby Sara remember Barry wiped her accidentally during flashpoint
back in flash season three then number two
Oliver narrates the new history of the multiverse and you get that big credits
roll of all the different universes and all the things that they’re canonizing
to the arrow verse so stargirl is from earth-2 remember I said that they’re
introducing the Justice Society on that TV show
well earth to in the comics is where the Golden Age heroes come from within the
larger DC comic book Canon so calling it earth 2 is a super deep cut for that
they canonized the Green Lantern movie as earth 12 the movie came out in 2011
so I don’t know why they’re calling it earth 12 but there’s a new Green Lantern
core TV show that’s going to be on HBO max I don’t know if they’re also going to say
that it’s from this universe or call it from a different universe it really
doesn’t matter but there will be a new Green Lantern TV show coming in the next
couple of years they canonized the swampthing TV show from DC Universe as
Earth’s 19 they already let us know the Titans come from Earth 9 the Doom Patrol
characters are now from Earth 21 they bring back Kingdom Come Superman is
still earth 96 but the reason why he has this classic colored emblem back is
because when they rebooted the multiverse they made it so the Kingdom
Come never happened his Lois Lane was never killed by the Joker so it’s sort
of like saying that he never went through that tragedy they also do the
famous Superman outro from Christopher Reeves movies which they also did during
the brand in route Superman Returns movies where he flies into and out of
frame above the earth earth Prime in the comics was a little bit different from
earth one though all the main versions of the DC characters come from earth one
earth Prime is actually the earth that superboy-prime came from the number 1
they’re big Justice League Hall of Justice ending in the Superfriends the
eulogize Oliver and Barry officially turns that STAR Labs warehouse into the
Hall of Justice it looks like the Hall of Justice they
introduced it a couple years ago during a crossover the star logo on their table
is meant to reference the stars from the classic comic book Justice League logo
there are 7 seats for seven members unites this
have another Justice League referenced there’s an empty eighth seat for Oliver
if he ever comes back because obviously Stephen Amell will probably cameo in
some way or another in a future crossover eventually they also have a
big Super Friends tag scene at the end with Gleek if you didn’t watch that TV
show he’s the monkey from challenge of the Super Friends implied that they’re
going to do him at some point but they also played the theme song from challenge of
the Superfriends TV show at the end they’re probably a billion more Easter
eggs if you spotted any big ones that I didn’t include in the video just write
them below in the comments there’ll be a couple other big videos
for this obviously they just introduced a whole bunch of stuff I’ll do a green
lantern video at some point I’ll do another flash Justice League movie
flashpoint video at some point while you wait for everything click here for all
my other crisis on Infinite Earths episodes and click here for that brand
new spider-man Morbius trailer video thank you so much for watching everybody
stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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