Could You Fall in Love With a Robot?

Could I.T. fix your broken heart? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner,
and whether you look at it as a celebration of romance or a conspiracy among chocolatiers
and florists, you can’t deny that love is all around us. Which made me think about a popular theme
in science fiction. The idea of humans and A.I. having a relationship,
like in the movie Her. Is that actually realistic? Will we ever see
romantic relationships between humans and, say, robots? You know, we’ve talked a lot about A.I. in
the past, about how it would be challenging to make a self-aware, conscious machine. I’ve also talked about how we humans develop
these odd emotional attachments to our gadgets, like robotic vacuum cleaners. But what happens when the robotic vacuum cleaners
start having feelings for us? I know it sounds silly but that hasn’t stopped
people from asking these questions, like Dr. David Levy. He’s a chess master who, in his
chess tournament days, noticed the rise of A.I. and now predicts that in 2050 it’ll be
legal, at least in some places in the United States, for a human to marry a robot. Now he’s not just some A.I. enthusiast, he
actually earned his PhD with a thesis on human-robotic relationships. And he says it’s not just probable that this
is gonna happen – it’s inevitable. Why? Well, eventually we’re going to be able to
build personalities and behavior sets that are really compelling, and once we do, it’s
just a matter of time before someone falls in love with it. Now for some people this could mean a chance
at a really emotionally supportive relationship with a robot who seems at least on the surface
to be as real and genuine as a human being. But it does raise some pretty tricky questions. For example, if I’m having relationship issues
with my robot, does that mean I could reprogram it? Change out the personality? Give it a
new set of behaviors? I mean I wouldn’t do that to another person. Or maybe I go even more extreme and just throw
the robot away. And if robots are just simulating thoughts
and emotions, can we really have a meaningful relationship with one? Or if that simulation
is truly compelling, can we really be sure the robot isn’t having some sort of individual
experience? Because if it is, maybe we should grant it
the same sort of rights that human beings have. I’m not the only person asking these questions.
Back in 2007, the government of South Korea formed a Robotics Ethics Charter. It’s a guideline
to create responsible development in robotic intelligence. But machine ethics is a can of worms all on
itself, because no one really agrees on what it is yet. In fact, we still have trouble
agreeing what’s ethical for a human to do to another human, much less a human to a robot. Ultimately, I think the rise of social robots
is going to teach us a lot about ourselves, which is pretty cool. And along the way, maybe we find out that
programming a robot just right, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s Mr. Right. That leads me to a question for all of you
out there. What is the most romantic, geeky gesture you’ve ever made to someone to let
them know how you feel. Maybe you wrote a love song in chiptunes. Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure you
‘like’ it and subscribe to our channel and then check these other videos out over here.
I think you’re gonna love them.

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80 thoughts on “Could You Fall in Love With a Robot?

  1. huh this is interesting, and raises a lot of questions. can a humane marry a robot, and would it count as a REAL marriage? do they need a license to marry? when the robot is divorced is it re programed and sent to someone else? so many questions come around with these topics…

  2. Very nice video… I don't believe that one day we will fallow in love for a robot or even that robot can have any kind of sentiment, but one robot to have sex, I think so…

  3. If robot = human then robot relationships = human relationships. Why make robots like humans, we can't handle our fellow humans now.

  4. We are coming to a point where we can simulate emotions in machines. People can and do have emotional attachments to objects. Though the question of marriage as an actual social norm would be long after we consider what if any civil rights an artifical being would be granted. You can marry your toaster but it would not be legally binding. Robotic huminoids would have to have civil rights in order to have a civil union.

  5. There was a girl who had a thing for me a couple of years ago but it never worked out between us. This was something I wanted to do but never finished.

    So I took this girl's name and converted the letters to numbers (A=1, B=2, etc.)

    So BECCA = 25331

    Then I converted the numbers to scale degrees (solfege – re sol mi mi do) and kept the actual letters as notes on the piano.

    I was going to use this as a motif for a song for a small woodwind ensemble.

    The crazy thing about it is that this girl has perfect pitch. So when it would have been performed at a recital, she would be the only one who would recognize her name in the piece!

    But of course, it was too good to be true. : /

  6. I think having robot AIs that we could programme could be beneficial to mental disorders; a voice that motivates you and only you because it knows how you would respond to certain comments, acting as a day to day therapist.

    Maybe it could even talk you out of depression or just simply perk you up for the day.

    But that's just speculation. Would be cool though.

  7. " that does raise some prttty tricky questions like example.."
     Like Can you Fuck it?

    >>Can you Fuck it?
    [fustrated audience leaves]

  8. By 2050 I'll be 57, which at this moment in time is younger then my dad's current age of 64. And by 2050, modern medicine would most likely make the human lifespan increase by maybe 10-15 years. So if I don't meet a tragic end of my life by disease or a freak accident, then I'll more then likely live to see this, and whether married or not at this point, I'll be dropping my pants when this is made public in a heart beat.

  9. I think this is AWSOME! It would be so cool to fall in love with a robot. It would also be cool to be the first one to fall in love with a robot.

  10. hey i just found your channel and i hope you dont mind me asking you to do a topic but if you could wpould you talk about how fusion bassed power systems might work and how primarily we might create a personal battery containing a small star.

  11. I wrote a short story based on this concept. give it a try

  12. In love with a robot? I am already in love with my computer. It's my litle baby. I clean it, when I get home I run to switch it on, everything I love in life is around it, it's where I keep my music, my favorite movies, video games, where I get in contact with my family and friends. It may seem quite sad and depressive, but hey, some of us really enjoy this type of life, other way and I would be looking at the walls wishing to have a meteorite falling on my head. So yeah, I can say I can fall in love with a robotized machine!

  13. Hmmm but the begs the Question. would that be the end of the human race? Because a robot wouldn't have a reproductive system?

  14. Truth is that anything you possess is married to you. So, you don't even need to tie the knot. Currently, i'm married to my Laptop for 8 years. I divorced my desktop 8 years ago. I wrote my first BASIC program when i was 13, 2 decades ago to let my AT&T computer know that i am in love with it. It did work out bit by bit until i took a byte actually!.

  15. Falling in love with a robot?  I don’t think we’ll think about it that way at first, possibly for the first generation that it’s possible.  I think that it will be more than possible to create an artificial personality (embodied as a robot or simply software) that can be made to be generally compatible with a human personality.  It would then learn over time to be compatible with a specific person, learning their specific quirks, lifestyle, etc.  There are already personality tests that could be used to model a person’s personality to provide this template (the Myers-Briggs, others), and the rest is a matter of a social learning system.  It would be no different than getting a new computer or phone, it works out of the box but over time one tweaks it to one’s tastes.  

    I don’t think it will be a romantic relationship per se.  A relationship doesn’t have to be romantic to be deep, lasting, and intimate.  I think the concept might be useful for the rising demographic of single people, who will be in retirement age if the estimate of 2050 is accurate.  There are many dangers in living alone — falls, dementia, loneliness, depression, others — that could be managed with a live-in robot companion.  

  16. I can't help but think about the geth now. I can easily see women falling in love with the sentient geth.

  17.  If algorithms one day can seriously achieve conscious awareness and human (I like the scientific definition of human as being; that which is self aware and intelligent more than approximating it to something that looks like ourselves) like emotions and the physical appearance of artificial life forms become indistinguishable from that of our own form maybe one day I could, especially if I could evolve like Johnny Depp did in his last movie, where his consciousness was uploaded into a machine that allowed him to evolve (through expanding interaction with the world wide web) into a higher life form.

  18. Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics:
    1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

  19. I personally hope that one day, robots will have actual emotions, and feel the way we do, as I comment on a different video, human brains are, essentially, made of atoms and non-living matter, so we're basically sentient matter that isn't alive. Why can't the same thing occur with robots?

  20. If you fall in love with a robot that isn't sapient, and is just a non-living object. Then you're falling in love with an object that can't love you back. That's much like falling in love with a Nintendo DS, or a refrigerator.

    If you fall in love with a robot that is sapient, then they should have the same rights as you do. As they're not an object that you can own. Otherwise you're a slave owner, and at best, your partner has Stockholm Syndrome.

  21. once we humans actualy develop an independant A.I and mas produce it, i, hoping me implant the 3 laws of robotics into it or else we may be screwed 

  22. Unless we find a way for robots to have personalities and emotions of their own, I couldn't fall in love with one. Humans have the need to be loved and shown affection to, and if we know the thing doing this doesn't really have emotions at all there's no point in the relationship.

    And marrying them? Definitely not. I don't know who would want to spend their life with a chunk of metal that can't love you or have kids with you.

  23. Your soul isn't connected to your mind. Your mind is part of your body, and your feelings and emotions are part of your soul, and if the soul and body are two separate things, how would robots be able to even have feelings?

  24. Hey video game  Robots. What if we take information from a game and place it in a robot and the robot will act  like in the game. Have you try it ?

  25. First we have toy pets, then robotic fucktoys, with AI getting a personality makeover yah human/robot relations are on the way

    My gesture would be a 9 inspired custom doll.
    Some friends of mine made a Portal inspired valentines card with the phrase "I don't hate you"

  26. there are countless humans who love things from their shoes to their cars
    but what if the objects loved them back?

  27. This is bound to happen, feminism has pretty much guaranteed it.      Nowadays we live in a Misandric Society, a Society that hates Men, that makes us believe we are always wrong, we are always to blame for everything, no matter what.        And that Women are always the victims, they are always the poor princesses and they are the "superior gender"…                It's no surprise that many Men are going MGTOW, and the drastic rise of Divorce and fall of Marriages, it's no wonder we are falling for Fictional Characters and Artificial constructs in a Society that has denied us love…

  28. on a side note ive enjoyed how npc's in some video games react to the player i wonder if one day with the right robot shell if you could program an npc's ai from a video game into a robot.imagine if you could make a simulation in which you could create an npc with an ai so realistic that it felt human then upload that ai to a real world shell that would be interesting

  29. I Already Made A Robot With Human Emotion
    I Named Him "Porygon 2.0" But I Wouldn't Fall In Love With Him Because That Would Be Incest
    Incest Is Wrong But I Love Him As My Brother Considering I Made Him

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