Coronavirus Song 3 “Teach It” (Covid-19 Homeschool Song) Michael Jackson Beat It Parody 2020

This craziness all started out on spring break The kids were all at home and everything was great The tired in their eyes had them in the bed by 8
And sleepin’, just sleepin’ They had their fun but it was time to go back No more lounging ‘round and no more endless snacks But then we found out this virus might attack
Now I teach ‘em, ‘cause they’re not going back Yea, teach it, teach it Find a lesson plan and teach it Oh now let’s, watch it on youtube, search it on Google It doesn’t matter, just let the kids doodle
And teach it, teach it Just teach it, teach it I have to show them that I’m really not scared
I know a lot of stuff but I feel unprepared I can barely get them dressed, but I guess I’ll do my best
And teach ‘em, just teach ‘em Now the museum and the zoo are both closed
There’s an endless stream of questions I don’t really know But if we want to stay alive, I guess I’ll keep the kids inside
And teach ‘em, ‘cause now we’re doing homeschool Yea, teach it, teach it
Look it up online, repeat it Oh, now let’s watch it on youtube, search it on Google
Print something out, make art from old noodles And teach it, teach it
Pinterest has cool ideas, yea Now we’ re learning with Lego, class is in session
Everything here is now a life lesson Let’s teach it, teach it, teach it
Teach it, teach it, teach it Yea, teach it, teach it
The house is a disaster, clean it! Oh, had something on Netflix, now they want Hulu
Just give me one second, I’m trying to watch the news Yea Teach it, teach it
Just get yourself a book and read it Oh yeah, I can’t help with math, we’ll do that stuff later
For bathroom breaks ask, conserve toilet paper Yea, teach it, teach it, yea teach it “Teach ’em to wash their hands!”

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36 thoughts on “Coronavirus Song 3 “Teach It” (Covid-19 Homeschool Song) Michael Jackson Beat It Parody 2020

  1. When my son could tell time at age 5 ( non digital clock) and count to 100, add and subtract ( pennies are great)….

  2. Greeting from Finland! The whole family here was laughing and crying listening to your latest corona songs. Exactly the same feelings and procedures here! Thank you for making our day : )

  3. love! these are my coronavirus and wash yo hands songs!

  4. dude, I was just introduced to your vids today. You have a really amazing talent! especially love these coronavirus parodies!!

  5. this is all very true! i cant help but thinking about that one kid somewhere whose learning how to work on a car from their parent! its not all bad. you know somewhere theres a kid learning real life skills! lets hope your kids are learning how to play that guitar…i mean lordy!

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