COBI Stream #47 – London Toy Fair 2020 / Katalog COBI 2020

Good morning! I hope you can see and hear me well Today I will also speak in English. I hope you will be very happy about this. I have many news to show! Today’s live broadcast will be unique because the first, most important part devoted to news from COBI will be conducted entirely in English. The second, slightly longer part of the live broadcast which will concern less important topics will be conducted in Polish. Is there anyone here who speaks only English? Please speak to the chat. My dear, I will truly show miracles today. Graf Zeppelin, Karl Gerät, Scharnhorst and many other German models. Today you will see JU-52, Graf Zeppelin, Karl Gerät, Scharnhorst. Lots of great sets. Is anyone here who speaks only English? I do not think so… OKAY The first part will be only in English, just a little Polish. The second part will be only in Polish for COBI fans from Poland. My dear, if you do not understand English, do not be afraid. I will tell you all about it in Polish later. In addition, subtitles will also be available. An automatic translator will translate them into any language. OKAY I will show you a lot of cool things. My dear At the beginning I will speak only English. Let it not be that I will speak Polish and English for a change because I will go crazy. If you don’t speak English, don’t worry. In the second part of today’s stream I will speak in Polish. So welcome COBI fans! My name is Artur Machlowski and I am a Brand Manager at COBI responsible for block products. Today’s live broadcast will be unique because the first, most important part devoted to news from COBI will be conducted entirely in English. The second, slightly longer part of the live broadcast which will concern less important topics will be conducted in Polish. Remember that the live broadcast record will always be available on our YouTube channel about one hour after the end of the broadcast. Sorry for my English. My Polish is much better … Today I will present you some of our most important novelties, which we presented for the first time at our COBI stand at London Toy Fair 2020. I would like to remind you that in a week or 29 January the largest toy and games fair in Europe will start – the famous Nuremberg Fair in Germany. COBI will present in Nuremberg a huge, multi-story stand where we will show almost all our new products planned for the first half of 2020. A small technical problem. What was I talking about? We are preparing many surprises for you. Of course, we are preparing many surprises for you there, which of course you will get to know thanks to our social media. I encourage you to follow our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Are you ready for news from COBI? Are you excited My dear, we are starting the presentation. In three soldier words: At the London fair which are just ending we have shown many new products. However, in a week we are starting the fair in Nuremberg. One of the largest trade fairs in the world. The largest trade fair in Europe dedicated to toys and games. There will be a huge COBI stand. A bunk stand and lots of new products. A whole bunch of cool things. We will be broadcasting live from this stand. We will publish photos on our Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. They will be live stream. OKAY Get Ready! First! In the COBI online store, we began presale (4816) USS Enterprise (CV-6) Limited Edition. As much as 30% of the available circulation was ordered in just 24 hours! I think over 40% of the limited edition has been sold out right now. If you are interested in this set in a limited edition, order it now in the COBI online store. The set is very limited. The limited edition contains as many as ten aircraft instead of six as in the regular version. The standard version will probably be available in March. So, if you want to have an Enterprise quickly order now. In the limited version there are also two black plates with the name of the aircraft carrier burned by a laser and an individual set number consistent with the paper certificate of authenticity handwritten by the president of the COBI company. But we still have a lot of news to show I will show you USS Enterprise This is the USS Enterprise Limited Edition. You can order it now. I see we have a small problem … We have a small problem with the internet right now. I hope everything will be ok. OKAY There is a big problem with the internet right now. OK, I want to continue. I think it will be OK later. So, give me a second … OKAY. I think it’s better now. OKAY! I will continue: I see there is a small problem with the internet. I think if you have a problem, it will get better soon. If this stutters, the transmission record should work well. It seems to be OK. We keep going. This is the USS Enterprise. You can now order in our online store. Ok my dear I will remind USS ENTERPRISE It is pre-ordered in our online store. The planned shipment date is approximately February 10, 2020. The price is really very good. Order because the edition is really low. At this time, we’ve probably sold about 40% of the effort. Today, when I left the office, around 4pm was sold, around 4pm. Now it’s probably about 40% of copies sold All right my dear Transmission status – it’s better. USS Enterprise, I will show you the finished model next week. I will do a live stream from Nuremberg. I have something special for you Warning! This is a render, digital visualization. See the JU-52 live soon. This is 3D JU-52 visualization, graphics. See the JU-52 live soon in Nuremberg. It’s almost ready. I think it will be beautiful! JU-52 Model of a German transport plane. Model of the German transport aircraft (5710) Junkers Ju-52 / 3m g5e in the version from Operation Mercury – landing on the Greek island of Crete. I think many COBI fans will be excited. I think it will be the best airplane model released by COBI this year. It will probably sell even better than the DAKOTA C-47. I think it will be a very popular model. Isn’t he wonderful? I am waiting for your opinions! Waiting for your opinions chatting, hence the small break … My dear, it’s so fast. A great model. Model of the German transport aircraft (5710) Junkers Ju-52 / 3m g5e in the version from Operation Mercury – landing on the Greek island of Crete. This is a digital visualization. You will see this model in a week, at the trade fair in Nuremberg. I will also show it on live broadcasts. There will also be photos, you will definitely see how
it will look cool. Two figures will be available in the set, but let it be a secret for now what these figures will be. You’ll see them later. Two figures will be available in the set, but let it be a secret for now what these figures will be. I hope everyone will be very happy. Give us just some time. OKAY He will probably have only prints. No stickers. I can’t confirm it 100% yet Currently the last works on this set are underway. OK, I have another set for you
show. Warning! Warning! Here: I look forward to your comments! This is a very special edition. Very limited. It is possible that we will do the standard version The limited edition will be very special. It will contain additional figurines. There will be a black dog figurine. There will be a figurine without hair and clothes. I think it will be a very popular figurine. I want to show you this set in Nuremberg. Next week in Nuremberg I will show a model. I think it will be an extremely popular set. It will have a lot of moving parts. I think it looks great. Also included is New! barbed wire, new in COBI offer! Barbed wire – I forgot the English word … That’s what it was called. I think this set will be very popular. I don’t have this part here, please, bring it to me. It will show on broadcast. OKAY Yes my dear in this set will be this bald German soldier. Big, with dog tag print on the chest. With bare chest. You should associate this figurine with such a very popular movie. She is obviously inspired by this movie. There is a policeman Field gendarme, with black dog, German shepherd. There is an officer with prints on the cap, Upstairs there is a soldier wearing only a shirt and suspenders. There are a lot of moving parts. It has not been yet. Everything rises and leaves. He will be crazy! I will show you something very special now. Another amazing set Please remember that I can’t show you everything. We will show a new catalog online on January 29. Then it will be available on our website. My dear, probably on January 29 on the first day of the fair, we will publish a catalog at It will be a commercial catalog with new models. Traditionally, it is also possible that I will write the material a little earlier as on Wednesday. I will probably broadcast from Nuremberg. We are preparing a lot of news. I only show a few of these news. Of course, most of them will be shown in Nuremberg. Some of them have already been spotted in photos from London. We have a lot of news for you. There are even news that we didn’t show in London. We will show them only in Nuremberg. OKAY I want to show you another great set! Are you ready? This is the warship Scharnhorst !!! warship Scharnhorst! It is a German warship from World War II. I think it’s great! Many people asked about this ship! Warship Scharnhorst Soon we will meet your expectations and will be available for purchase! I think it’s wonderful! At the beginning it will be available in the imitated edition. Special limited edition. We think she looks great 🙂 It will perfectly match our collection with Bismarck and Tirpitz warships. What do you think about him OK? I hope so. I look forward to your feedback, in our chat. so… WOW! There are a lot of people with us on this broadcast !!! There are really many of you! As many as 168 people are watching me right now !!! I am very happy, it is a very nice result. All right, let’s keep going … I’ll just look at the statistics. OK. Last set for today. The latest model of news. Let me just remind you that we have a lot of these new products. Some of them you saw in the pictures that are on Facebook and Instagram. We are preparing a lot of news that we did not show in London. We will only show them at the Nuremberg fair, which will be next week. Get ready, it’s going to be fat. Ok, so: last set. Ready ??? My dear, here is GRAF ZEPPELIN !!! German aircraft carrier from the Second World War. This is a great, wonderful, beautiful set! WOW a lot of people are watching us! Graf Zeppelin German aircraft carrier from the Second World War. In fact, it was never completed. This is a very unique ship for fans of history and navy. It will be released in the World of Ships collection. It will be a huge model. This ship will have about 3100 items. It will be larger than our huge Titanic, which had 3,000 elements. The aircraft carrier will be larger by 100 blocks. The Titanic limited edition iceberg had 3,000 items. My dear, how do you like this set? This will be by far the largest set released by COBI. Limited Titanic had 3000 elements. Here Graf Zeppelin himself will have 3120 blocks. This is not the last word. He can still grow. Still a curiosity. There will be a movable elevator. For lowering and raising planes. She will be mobile. so… This is the end of the news section. Next week we have a large fair in Nuremberg. We will have a great stand. This is the largest trade event in Germany and Europe. We will show you photos and videos from this event. Follow our social media. We invite you to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Don’t miss the latest coverage! I hope you enjoyed all the new sets I showed. The first part of the transmission is just ending. Now I will speak only Polish. My Polish is better than English. If you want you can stay with us. You will certainly see something interesting. Subtitles for this movie will appear tomorrow or the day after. Thanks to the automatic translation function on YouTube, they will allow you to display subtitles in all possible languages, including German, English, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Japanese and many, many other languages. If you don’t understand something in Polish, ask chat. Also ask in the comments under the video. END SUBTITLE FOR FILM

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25 thoughts on “COBI Stream #47 – London Toy Fair 2020 / Katalog COBI 2020

  1. English Part, thank you very much.
    My son is waiting for the Karl Gerät and the Ju 52.
    I think we have to move to a bigger House, we have Cobi Tanks erverywhere because my nephew and my Son Love to Play with Cobi.
    Greetings to Poland.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Całą masa genialnych premier, dwujęzyczny liva świetnie łączy społeczność.
    To będzie ciężki rok dla portfela. Karl, Graf i Ju52 to będą obowiązkowe pozycje. Swoją drogą przy tym tempie wydawania nowych modeli statków ciekawe ile przyjdzie nam czekać na Prinz Eugen, żeby Bismarck miał towarzystwo.

  3. 2020 will be a great year. Scharnhorst, Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin. Wondering if all these ships will also be released as normal edition…

  4. Ooooo kurde karla zrobiliście!!! O rany nie wiem czy z mojego kieszonkowego go kupie ale jest cudny ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

  5. Czy będzie możliwoścz kupienia pojedynczych żołonierzy amerykanskich ww2
    I czy dodaće karty bitewńe na stronie do czołgów z wota ja tiger 1 maus hellcat itd. Bo np hellcat i tiger mają normalnie karty bitewne
    Ps przepraszam za pisownie.

  6. Wow! This year will be a good one. Do you have any numbers for the graf Z?
    Thx for the English also. Best regards from Sweden 🙂👍

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