Clone Wars Journal Chapter 2 – Lego Star Wars Stop motion

This operation is not being planned with any alternatives, this operation is planned as a victory and that’s the way it’s going to be. We’re going down there and we’re throwing everything we have into it and we’re going to make it a success… Remember, no diggin in at the shore. You gotta advance. You need to stay low and do not bunch up. You stick to your training and you’re gonna make it through. I’m proud to lead you fellows into battle. It’s time Hold on tight, we’re gonna drop 18 thousand feet. If we do this, our gunships will be able to fly in and make this whole mess a lot shorter. Red wolf, I want you up the beach and at that treeline asap! You’re on point as we move inland! Got it! Lieutenant! East ridge, there’s a turret on the point! We need to get off this thing! Pilot! Drop the ramp!! That gun could zero in on us at anytime! I got you Red Wolf! You’re still in one piece! Plan’s gone to bricks….Chim’alsi’s got a defensive line dug in just beyond the tree line and we got heavy turret fire tearing up the beach! Get on one of the speeder cannons and blow these chuff suckers up! Right away, sir! Great work, Red Wolf! Regroup at the tree line! Sniper! Get down! Don’t let them get a fix on you! Fire! Move! Move! Move! Hold your fire! All clear Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Yes, soldier? Order the men to stop moving! Everybody hold it! Listen… Ambush!! Lieutenant! Are you alright!? I’ll get you out of here. Red Wolf to Republic high command, I repeat, Red Wolf to high command! This is command, go ahead. Command, this is Red Wolf calling from the surface we need immediate backup down here, the beach has been cleared but we have many casualties. Send reinforcements immediately! : Copy that, keep your radio on so we can locate your exact position. Reinforcements are being deployed now. You should leave me trooper. That’s a negative, Lieutenant. I can’t destroy their artillery on my own, I’m gonna need you alive or all those men died for nothing. I appreciate your spirit trooper but you must understand there are thousand of us… … a thousand expendable… Aye, I know there are thousands of us out there, but there is only one of you and me. I think we’re good to go. Red Wolf, this is command.. Reinforcements should be in your vicinity now. All right boys, take them into custody. We know that progress is not inevitable But neither was victory upon these beaches Now, as then, the inner voice tells us to stand up and move forward. Now, as then, free people must choose.

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100 thoughts on “Clone Wars Journal Chapter 2 – Lego Star Wars Stop motion

  1. Amazing Fun!! I watched your All Videos~ It make me happy~ Sounds,Effects,Colors, everything is great!! Watching your video is my pleasure.^^ Keep going upload videos~

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum that was good. I always think I sound a bit off when I listen to the raw audio, but with that helmet filter that sounded so cool. Glad to be a part of this again man! 😀

  3. I want to (again) give a huge shoutout to True sons of mandalore for providing his voice for every clone trooper heard in the video!:

  4. Very well done, I love good clone battles! At 2:37 is that a green screen or did you print the picture and use it as a backdrop?

  5. Nice animation man, good green screen effects I really enjoyed it! I've liked and subbed! I make stop motion too, so maybe consider checking me out as well? Oh and btw do you want to join our Discord Stop Motion Community

  6. You deserve more views and subs. This kinda reminds me of my own videos. If you have time from making these master pieces you should check out my channel.

  7. Love the cod soundtrack in the background. At first I was trying to figure out what it was and was going crazy😂

  8. Hey! I noticed in the begging, that gunship is from brick bros uk's clone trooper battle back and republic tank combonation

  9. I see what you did at the beginning you copied call of duty World War II but I don't care that copied and it's still a good stop motion

  10. Red wolf took a bomb to his knees and walked it off but the lieutenant got knocked out by one farther away but still amazing work

  11. I have but one question.
    Are you gonna use the Russian campaign as inspiration for the next chapter? This is extremely giving me WaW vibes!

  12. I like the amphibious tank at the beginning. It’s like a combination of a saber tank and a LAAT Gunship.

  13. I love the use of the same lines from turner in cod ww2 for the beach scene, it was a great idea

  14. LOVE the animation! You did a great job! keep up the good work! I started a small channel where I also do stop motion and I was wondering if you have any tips for me?

  15. 4:53 "drop your weapons you have no where to go"
    The power of snapchat is beyond anyones imagination.

  16. You used some parts from the Republic fighter tank and the clone trooper battle pack for the boat am I right?

  17. I'm just Curious, how did you get the audio for the blasters they sound just like Battlefront 2! Also the blue laser effects did you have to edit it or something like that?

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