CLONE TURBO TANK – Lego Star Wars 75151 | Review, Speedbuild and Unboxing

hey guys welcome to RM Bros. I’m Roman
and this is Max today we’re going to build Clone Turbo Tank from LEGO Star Wars set 75151 Clone Turbo Tank was used by the Galactic Republic during the clone
wars against the droid army it can be used as transport to deliver clone troopers to the battlefield or also it could be used as a heavy assault vehicle against the droid army because it has so many heavy weapons this set includes six mini figures Luminara Unduli, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Gree, Elite Corps Clone Trooper Battle Droid, and his twin brother Battle Droid we have six bags with parts, one bag with
wheels – there supposed to be ten of them and one instruction manual… okay
let’s get started okay max you start first, you need bag
number one you’ll build two Battle Droids and one clone trooper with AT-RT Walker all right our clone turbo tank is finally
completed let’s have a closer look it’s got five pairs of wheels and each
axle is independent which allows the tank to make sharp turns the main control cabin is here at the
front you’re can open flaps on the top and at the front to access the interior of the cabin inside there are two seats. one with the steering wheel and another with control panel this guy drives the tank and this guy controls the front weapons and the attack system the front of the tank is heavily armed we got two laser cannons beneath the cabin two pair of spring-loaded missiles
on both sides a bit more to the back there are two
laser cannons which stick out past the missile launchers and they should both ways forward and
back I tried putting lightsabers in these cannons I think this way they look so cool as if the lasers are already firing the back of the tank is mostly for defense there is a smaller cockpit here and it opens the same way as the front cabin push this flap up and this one down inside there’s only one seat with a control panel to control the defense system and the turret on top it rotates 360 degrees and equipped with
two stud shooters back at the top we have heavy laser cannon which also rotates 360 degrees here also we have an observation tower with space for one guy and the control panel hey, Clone Trooper take your post you can raise it up and lower down from the inside also inside there is space for AT-RT
Walker, but first you need to fold it, otherwise it won’t fit here on the side panels we have spare missiles this section over here, that looks like a
neck, actually opens up inside there’s a box with spare studs
and grenades and here is the hidden handle so that you can carry it around oh look, it looks like a caterpillar or some kind of insect with ten legs okay guys that’s it for today, that was Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank if you liked this video, hit that
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