Chocolate Egg Pooping LEGO Bunny

Ah, Winston. How many times do we have to go over this. You’re supposed to poop in the candy bowl. Hey everyone, Jason here. After building the candy catapult a couple of months
ago, Kristal had this brilliant idea to build a bunny rabbit for Easter that
would hop around and poop chocolate eggs and as you saw in the introduction it
actually worked really well. Ah, yeah, you’re a good bunny Winston. She decided to call him Winston I just call him poopy because he poops everywhere. For eggs we decided to use these Cadbury mini eggs and they’re a hard candy coated chocolate egg, and they’re really nice because they’re small and they’re really hard so they don’t break apart and gum up the mechanism. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at how it works. We decided to build this model using the
Lego BOOST, and you can see the move hub underneath here and the rabbit is just
built on top of it and it actually worked out really well each of the
integrated motors drives one of the legs and so for every hop each motor just
turns 360 degrees. And the legs are only connected by a single pin, so they’re actually free to rotate but it’s not an issue because they are constrained by
the ground. And when you put it all together you get a nice hopping motion. To see what is going on on the inside of the bunny I have a second model without
any of the actual bunny decoration on it and here you can see the external motor
which sits inside the front of the bunny and it drives the pooping mechanism which
is in the back of the bunny and if we turn this model around I have some transparent pieces so you can really see what’s going on. The eggs gets stacked in this feed channel, at the bottom of which is a
shuttle which are the tan pieces there and every time the motor rotates, it
pushes the shuttle back and then brings it forward again to push an egg out. And as the shuttle comes back, the rest of the eggs fall down to replace the egg that was deposited. If we take a look at the main model again, you can see that we can take
the back of the bunny off and this gives access to the channel holding the eggs,
as well as the move hub and that’s how you can turn it on and off. I have this
long axle that I can stick in there to push the button to turn it on, and we can
load up some eggs. And if we take a look at the very back, we can see that the tail is on a hinge, so that that shuttle that pushes an egg out will give a nice
little cute effect of popping up the tail every time it poops. And that is about all there is to it. As
you can probably imagine we had a lot of fun building this model and eating way
too many chocolate eggs. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching, keep on building and we’ll see you next time. Winston we talked about this already. mmmm, delicious.

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