CGRundertow LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Oh, come on. Leave it up to the elf to make
a big scene. You’d never see a human doing this. Not many games are as consistent as the LEGO
titles. Consistently good, consistently charming…consistently the same. But although there’s certainly
a sense of “been there, done that” in LEGO Lord of the Rings, it doesn’t stop
you from having fun with it. It’s an awesome game, even if you’ve basically played it
before. I mean, it’s like second breakfast. We reviewed the 3DS version of LEGO Lord of
the Rings back in November, and the Wii version is actually quite a bit different. Again,
the 3DS game isn’t quite as sharp as the console versions…but this Wii version, obviously,
doesn’t have the same graphics and polish you’d find on the HD consoles. In fact,
this is perhaps the prettiest LEGO game ever on the Xbox 360 and PS3. But on the Wii? Well…how do you say “blurry” in elvish? Nonetheless, the game still plays great on
Wii. Like prior LEGO titles, this one takes a popular franchise—in this case, Lord of
the Rings—and recreates the entire world with LEGO blocks. Only this time, it’s telling
a condensed version of the actual films. That works to its benefit and detriment, because
while it’s an interesting approach, it does result in fewer of those creative LEGO liberties. Of course, the problem with these games is
that their simplicity has gotten stale, since it’s always pretty much the same thing over
and over. That applies to Lord of the Rings, as well. The combat is rudimentary button
mashing, and the puzzles are your common “pick the other character” variety. There’s
nothing wrong with mindless fun, which the game certainly is…but it can get a bit old
at times. It’s gotten the point that recommending
these LEGO games is as easy as it gets. You like Lord of the Rings or prior LEGO games?
You’ll freaking love this one. But if you’ve been getting tired of the same old, same old
from this franchise…there’s nothing here you haven’t already seen before. LEGO Lord
of the Rings can be a lot of fun. But like the One Ring…one LEGO game pretty
much is all you need.

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24 thoughts on “CGRundertow LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

  1. Wish they would bring this to the Wii U. They've put little effort into making the lego games look good on the Wii since Lego Star Wars III. When the first lego batman looks far better than the second then there's a problem.

  2. Great game! Pretty close to my top favorite Lego game.
    Love the free exploring in the open world & all the side missions.
    I also really like the hole thing of combining Lego with The Lord of the Rings. Just awesome.

  3. please review these games on hd consoles too. the whole reason this is my favorite lego game is because it took my favorite movie trilogy of all time, and made lego free roaming. this was the best part of the whole game!! the free roaming across LotR landscapes are breathtaking, and almost anybody can enjoy it. REVIEW THE XBOX VERSION. just saying.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dude, how I disagree.
    I love lego games and I love the formula.
    Keep making more and I will keep playing.
    Like Megaman and sports games.
    Who cares if is all the same?
    Make better graphics and send me more.

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