CGRundertow LEGO HARRY POTTER: YEARS 1-4 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Hello there Undertoads, Amanda here and Lego
games never seem to disappoint. The idea of them is such a genius yet simple concept that
keeps us entertained. When I found out they were making Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 my
heart melted a little bit because I am a super fan when it comes to the series. And even though the movies really never followed
the books well enough, I still enjoyed it all. Well Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 plays
along with the movies but brings the quirky Lego humor we all have come to love and enjoy. The
gameplay time really adds up with this being
the first four years. I felt the people working on this game thought it through to the end
to make sure this Lego game had more activities in it and still give you the feel of the wizarding
world even without actual dialogue to go with it. For instance there are parts where the characters
normally would talk like in the first movie when Dumbledore is giving Harry to the Dursley’s
there is a lot of dialogue in the movie and books. But the Lego characters get away with
their goofy moves like how Dumbldore thinks the cat walking by is Professor McGonnegal,
but meanwhile she’s already there. The actual gameplay though is that of any
Lego game, you want to collect the pieces as you go along as well as the other little
puzzles the developers throw at you such as rescuing the students in peril. The students in peril thing quickly became
a laughing out loud factor to me, because these kids would just be in simple need of
aid like getting down from a building, to me that’s not being in peril but it’s still
a fun little tie to the game. On top of just puzzles and going through the
basic storyline there are also fun events such as flying on a broom or cut scenes with
Quidditch matches. These little extras in this game kind of get the fans out there of
the series wrapped into it because we’ve never seen our hero Harry in Lego form doing any
of these events before. Also in year one and the other years you keep
learning more spells. Certain characters are also able to do different abilities such as
Ron sending his rat Scabbers into a tube to fetch items you need and cannot get to yourself.
Also Hermoine is able to solve puzzles and you get the idea. Even Hagrid helps out by
being able to pull heavy chains out for you. As you get to the higher years your spells
quickly start to fill and the game becomes easier or the puzzles do at least for me.
Because you quickly know what spell to change to in order to levitate something or even
become invisible. I felt I got more entertainment out of this
game then any other Lego game. It’s quite interesting and if you really love Harry Potter
you’ll love this game. I still just wish Hagrid had one line of dialogue just to say when
he first meets Harry, “Yer a lego Harry.”

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18 thoughts on “CGRundertow LEGO HARRY POTTER: YEARS 1-4 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. What this game may lack in ORIGINAL gameplay it makes up for in replay value. With all the unlockables and pure fun of playing the game this really makes for a great.

  2. They're fun little games, even though they do get a little boring if you play them for a long stretch of time. Awesome in spurts. 🙂

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