CGRundertow LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

I guess when your console cousin steals the
show and pushes your franchise into new territory, it’s kind of easy to settle for average.
Because on the portable platforms, that’s exactly what the Caped Crusader has done.
Maybe bats lack ambition. It’s LEGO Batman 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, I guess if you didn’t know about the
console version, you wouldn’t be too disappointed by what this one is offering. LEGO Batman
2 is essentially more of the same LEGO gaming you know and may or may not be tired of. Of
course, given the amount of these games we’ve had over the years, more and more gamers are
converting to the “been there, done that” side of things. But that’s what makes the console version
so special. Its open world has changed the entire structure, a structure that has been
beaten in the ground over the last decade. And a structure that endures on the 3DS. Anyway, LEGO Batman 2—at least, in this
incarnation—is a simple action game in virtually the same style as the LEGO games before it.
There are 14 linear levels with lots of objects made from LEGO pieces. You smash these things,
grab LEGO studs, occasionally reassemble the LEGO, find secrets. You could change the license
to almost any other LEGO treatment, and you couldn’t tell the difference. Of course, one of the interesting twists in
this particular game is that it adds some characters from other comic franchises. Lex
Luthor is featured in LEGO Batman 2, for example, and I don’t know very much about comics…but
I’m pretty certain he’s from a different one. You also get to play as other heroes,
which is…interesting, I guess. At the same time, it does feel a bit cameo
heavy. It’s just clear that this version just wasn’t
much of a priority, as there are also some technical issues to match the unambitious
design. Inconsistencies in the cut scenes, poorly compressed video, fairly unimpressive
graphics…the gap in quality between LEGO Batman 2 on handhelds and consoles is really
wide. And because of that, you should set your bat
radar to the console version. Wait, does Batman have a radar?

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77 thoughts on “CGRundertow LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

  1. the main thing to set lego batman 2 apart is because of the open world because thats basicly the main selling point of the game lego batman 2 on handhelds is just the same as other lego games while the console versions are so much more awesome

  2. These games were never meant to be graphical powerhouses. And why was there absolutely NO mention in this review of how the game looks in 3D??? Does the 3D feature enhance this game or not? That's really what I want to know about these console-to-3DS releases.

  3. You cannot fairly compare the 3DS version to the Console versions. The 3DS doesn't have the power to render an entire city. You should have made a judgement based on just the 3DS game itself and not on the other versions.

  4. I think i'm starting notice why people don't like Derek now. Did he really just say skip this version because of poor gfx? thumbs down

  5. Heres a better review , this guy knows everything Batman/Superman Movies/Anime/Comics

    Console Review:

    3DS Review:

  6. The 3DS version LEGO Batman 2 doesn't have an open world? OKAY! Developers are just being fucking lazy, now! We KNOW it can handle an open world like the console versions! Hell, if the iPhone/iPod version of The Amazing Spider-Man can handle having an open world, so can the 3DS, since the 3DS IS more powerful than the iPhone/iPod touch. Seriously, the 3DS is turning into another Wii with the lazy fucking 3rd party support it's starting to get.

  7. are you sure about that? I know its a port, but Ocarina of time is pretty open! Unless you are just talking about "cities"

  8. The city in the console versions is huge! I understand what you are saying about OoT, but its not the same. In OoT there isnt a fully interactive enviroment like in Lego Batman 2.

  9. The city isnt the main feature of the game, the story is, and the story is still intact in the 3DS version of the game. You've never played the 3DS version, so you cannot judge it.

  10. I agree. But what sucks is that all of his complaints in this review are valid for the PS Vita version too. I think 3DS and Vita owners kinda got screwed over by the developers just giving those systems a quick port of the DS version.

  11. Yeah, but I don't think they really care about the handhelds, they just made them to make more money.

  12. Its a lego game if your gonna bitch and say console versions look better..ok! Again its a fuckin lego game! I dont see anything wrong with the vita or 3ds versions! I guess gamers run out of things to review n talk about!

  13. That still doesn't excuse how this is a crap port of the crappy ds version, for what the 3ds can do, it should have been far better than this

  14. I actually thought the game was pretty good. Have you played the game? What do you base your statements on?

  15. I've only watched the Superman cartoons and I know where's from. C'mon Derek, do some research, we don't another Eric (whatever happened to him?) here

  16. Why do you want copy the IneCompany why you're not create a proper youtube channel…. But I like's ur review's

  17. I am so tired of this version of the game being compared to the console release! IGN gave this perfectly good game a 5 out of 10 which is STUPID! The game is fun and has a lot of replay value like all LEGO games. I am playing this on Vita and am having a blast! The only negative in my opinion are the ugly cutscenes! Still at least a 7 out of 10 And worth buying!

  18. Handheld game is not as visually impressive as a console game? Wow. Thanks for letting me know expert reviewer who doesn't know who Lex Luthor is lol.

  19. I'm not 100% sure about that because some games on 3ds are on par if not better/bigger than Wii games

  20. you know that was an attempt at avoiding being called a nerd even though he loves video games, right?

    oh the irony

  21. That is only true because the Wii has a lot of shovel ware titles. Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy are bigger than Ocarina of Time 3D and Super Mario 3D Land.

  22. the 3ds doesnt have power to render entire city? what do you call ocarina of time? it renders it all in full 3D. plus they could have toned down the graphics to fit 3ds stage. i just see this as lazy developing choice.

  23. Gotham City in the Console versions is a fully interactive city, almost everything can be manipulated. The cities in Ocarina of Time is not. It may seem lazy, but the developers took the time to add in extra characters that are not in the console versions instead.

  24. Yes and then once again the masses would complain. Why can't people just be satisfied with the game. It's still a good game without the city.

  25. If you think it's such a bad game then why would you bother playing it to 100%. I played it to 100% because I enjoyed it.

  26. you know gta? that is an entire city. even more and that was fully rendered on a DS not 3DS which is more powerful but DS! plus the environment is interactive as you can pop into any vehicle and drive off. plus you can go into many buildings. your point is moot. 3DS has more than enough power. its more powerful than psp which could render full 3d cities in games like spiderman 2.even so they could tone down the interactivty or make a new more clever gimick than adding more characters. lazy. 🙁

  27. Chinatown Wars was in 2D, not 3D. The console versions have a city more like the city in GTA IV or Mafia, everything is interactive. If they made the city less interactive, then people would complain. I guess it's a loss for them either way because people are complaining anyway. I liked the game, I thought it was a great addition to the Lego Universe. How about instead of complaining about what the game doesn't have we appreciate it for what it does have.

  28. yh le's appreciate what it does have. the same tired old gimmicks evry lego game since 2005 has had building stuff to get more stuff. sorry that is really simplified lego game's are fun but its not fair that the console versions get an open world whereas the portables get this lame mission system from previous installments. also chinatown is 3D from a top-down view. 🙂

  29. I smell some sarcasm. If your tired of the Lego formula, then why play the game. Chinatown wars isn't a fully fledged open 3D world like the console versions, so your argument is invalid.

  30. true and some of us would like to play on the go not sit in front of the TV …this is why i played the demo (3ds)and played the vita version which was good and i didn't 100 percent it but when the price drops on it i will be buying it

  31. The fact that is 3DS release doesn't have an open-world like the console version is something that should be pointed out, but not the focus of the review. As always, Derek makes the game sound worse than it actually is.

  32. The handheld version of a game isn't as "robust" as the console release? OMG really? As always, Derek doesn't look at things in the proper prospective. Yes, it isn't as "big" or flashy as its console brother, but its still a good game. The only major difference between them is the open-world. As for the video quality: Again, its the console version of the game. You cannot expect it to be at the same level. And before anyone says it: Yes the Vita has console-level ports but it was made for that.

  33. If anyone wants a good review of this port, check out Kwings' review. unlike Derek, he considered that long time Lego fans might enjoy this port. then again, when does Derek ever say something like that without it being an insult?

  34. You know, the Lex Luthor sarcasm in this video is know where NEAR as obvious as you act like it is in the console review. P.S. WE'RE GEEKS NOT NERDS.

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