CGR Undertow – THE LEGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME review for Xbox 360

I’ve played, like, two good movie games in
the last decade. I’ve already played two this year. There’s South Park: The Stick Of Truth,
and there’s this. The LEGO Movie Video Game. Hey, maybe this is the turn of the tide. Maybe
movie games are gonna start being awesome. I mean, that would be awesome. ‘Cause this one’s awesome. Not sure why I keep saying awesome, but…it
feels awesome. So I actually reviewed this game on the PlayStation
3 about a month ago. But since then, I’ve actually seen the movie. And I’ve got to tell
you…just a great movie. Actually, I was gonna say awesome, but…that joke’s over.
And coming back to it after seeing the movie, I’m even more impressed with the game. I mean,
this is how you do a game based on a movie. It captures the vibe, it tells the story,
and it does it really well. In fact, it’s kind of crazy how well it tells
the story. Playing this game really feels like you’re playing through the movie. It
goes scene by scene, turning major moments from the film into playable levels in the
game. And they picked the right scenes, too. Emmet’s long fall into the abyss, the big
escape in the Old West…you get to play them, in the game. And since it’s all tied together with actual
video from the movie, it really brings the whole experience together. The LEGO Movie
Video Game is just that—the movie, as a game. Of course, it starts with the presentation.
The game looks beautiful, and it does a great job recreating locations from the film. And
again, you’re getting a lot of video and music from the movie. So much so that…it sort
of changes the game’s tone. I mean, most LEGO games use cut scenes to inject that LEGO humor
into the given series. We’ve seen it in everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars. That quirky
charm that comes from the LEGO games. But this one doesn’t have it. As a movie game,
it’s not reimagining characters as LEGO. The movie already is LEGO. So again, it does feel
a bit different from most of the LEGO games. While it may differ in tone, it’s very familiar
in terms of gameplay. This is another classically LEGO video game. You beat up enemies, you
collect studs, you make new things from LEGO bricks. Occasionally, you solve a puzzle.
I mean, it’s mostly the same simple gameplay we’ve come to expect from the LEGO games.
But where it sets itself apart…is its focus. Where some lean toward combat, this one’s
more focused…on LEGO. See, in The LEGO Movie Video Game…virtually
everything on the screen is made from LEGO bricks. It’s not like the other games, where
it’s only certain objects made from LEGO. In this one, everything’s LEGO. And a lot
of it can be destroyed. So perhaps more than any of the previous LEGO games, this one feels
like a truly LEGO game. There are bricks and studs all over the place, and you’re constantly
building new things. And one of the central gameplay elements are
these crazy super builds. Some characters can actually highlight a bunch of objects,
and then tear them apart and throw the pieces into a huge LEGO whirlwind. And these whirlwinds
create crazy new LEGO stuff. Obviously another area where the game mimics the film, but it
also plays into the emphasis on creation. I mean, playing this kind of LEGO game after…some
of the Marvel games, for example…it’s obviously got the same gameplay elements, but it’s about
the proportion of those elements. Of course, on the other hand…it’s also a
much smaller game than, say, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Although each world has its own little
hub level, it’s nowhere near the size of the open world parts of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
or LEGO City: Undercover. It’s a more linear, more streamlined game. But at the same time,
there’s still a lot of content. Tons of characters to unlock, and swap between…freaking Batman. And of course, you can always go back and
replay levels with new characters, which is awesome. And there’s that word again. Awesome. It’s
something movie games rarely are. But this one bucks the trend. I had an awesome time
playing the PS3 version, and I had just as much fun replaying it on the Xbox 360. Sure,
all the same complaints you might have about the LEGO games will still apply here. The
tedium, the simplicity, the technical issues…but for what is primarily a kids game, let alone
a movie game…everything is awesome. In The LEGO Movie Video Game. It’s like if GoldenEye had more Duplo.

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24 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – THE LEGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME review for Xbox 360

  1. I'm surprised how many people like this game, I love lego games but this one just felt meh to me

  2. It has a movie, from about 14 or 15 years ago. Most of the inspiration from the show itself, like Cartman's outfit is from the episode that parodies The Lord of Rings.

  3. Boy, you're seriously willing to play the same game on multiple consoles, huh?  I guess when you have 5 minute videos, you could focus on different aspects, but why not just do a 15 minute video on everything instead?

  4. Geeeessh! You've already reviewed it on the PS3, Wii U and 3DS and now you're doing the Xbox 360 version!? Just review the console and handheld version of a multiplat game instead of reviewing every single version of the same game

  5. Im 32 and i love the lego games. Heck, i love anythinv lego. Theres a lego store near my place that i like going into.

  6. please tell me im not the only one on the internet that thought the LEGO movie was actually a really bad movie?

  7. Good analysis, but are you not at all pissed about the game totally spoiling the movie twist without any of the emotional heft of that twist?  I love the movie too, and I was very angry to see that they cut out the important parts of the twist, the entire heart of the film.

  8. i have never been disappointed,

    as much as I have been with this ga—

    jk I love this game. never have been disappointed with a single Lego game. even the ones people don't like as much. they all have there charm, silly jokes, puzzles, and collectibles. I mean, I'd instantly pick up a Lego anything. (except Lego Friends, no way hose, maybe if it had the same gameplay as other Lego games, but for now no)

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