CGR Undertow – THE LEGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME review for Nintendo Wii U

I feel like we should establish right off the
bat here, that the best LEGO game on the Wii U…is LEGO City: Undercover. In fact, it’s
one of the best LEGO games on any platform, as far as I’m concerned. So if you’re watching
this because you’re looking for a LEGO game for your Wii U, trust me. It’s not even close.
Go with LEGO City: Undercover. Now, with that said…maybe you already have
that one, and you’re looking for more LEGO. Or maybe you’re just crazy, and you want this
much lesser game instead. Hey, that’s fine. You can rest easy knowing that, your sanity
be damned…this is a pretty good game, too. It’s The LEGO Movie Video Game for the Nintendo
Wii U. So, uh…we’ve reviewed this game for pretty
much every platform imaginable. And by “we,” obviously, I mean I. I’ve reviewed this game
for pretty much every platform imaginable. No one knows for sure why. Theories are abound.
I do like the movie. I also review anything that ends up on my desk. And people do like
to f*ck with me, so. Is there a correlation there? I don’t know. The only thing I know anymore
is The LEGO Movie Video Game. It haunts me in my sleep. Then again, if there’s any good that’s come
from playing this thing as many times as I have, it’s that I could review it with my
eyes closed. For the most part, this is just more of the same LEGO you’re probably very
familiar with. It’s a simple action game where you go through linear levels, break apart
LEGO, collect LEGO, make stuff out of LEGO…help Batman work sh*t out. So obviously, it’s a lot of the same ingredients
that have made the LEGO games such reliably fun and reliably basic games for about a decade.
But what makes this one a bit different is the proportion of those ingredients. Where
a game like, say, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes focuses more on combat…this one focuses
a lot more on the LEGO-ness of LEGO games. So more building, more breaking…more Batman. You can’t escape Batman. In fact, where a lot of the LEGO games only
have certain objects that are made from LEGO…in this one, everything is made from LEGO. The
floor, the walls, the backgrounds…it’s just a bunch of blocky LEGO studs. So more than
perhaps any other LEGO game, The LEGO Movie Video Game actually feels like an entirely
LEGO game. Not just a simple action game that happens
to have a LEGO theme, which some of these games have definitely slipped into over the
years. So that’s a really nice change of pace. Now, that’s not to say there’s no fighting.
There is. It’s as button mashy as ever. And there’s obviously still some of that LEGO
platforming. But again, it definitely feels like you spend more time actually playing
with LEGO in this game than prior LEGO games. And actually, one of the ways that comes across
is with the super build mechanic. There are certain moments when certain characters can
take three different LEGO objects, throw ’em all into this ridiculous whirlwind of LEGO…and
create something completely new. Now, on the negative side…you can only do
this at certain moments. But it’s still part of the game’s overall emphasis on building,
as well as a very cool way to tie back into the movie. And speaking of which…this is obviously
based on The LEGO Movie. In fact, it’s actually a complete and surprisingly detailed retelling
of the movie. It takes major moments from the film and lets you play through them. Which
is awesome, because…the movie’s awesome. But it’s also a bit of a drawback in that…if
you looking for that classic LEGO humor? The way the games infuse their own charm into
the given characters or franchise? You won’t find that in this one. It plays it pretty straight, in terms of just
presenting the movie. So what about the Wii U version specifically?
Well, uh…there’s not much to talk about. It’s basically the same as the other versions.
And aside from off-screen play, which is always an awesome touch, there’s no real GamePad
use. Yet another reason why you should go with LEGO City first. But fortunately, you’re
not losing anything on the Wii U, either. Same great gameplay, great presentation, great
music…The LEGO Movie Video Game is a fantastic LEGO game, and an even better licensed game.
Even on the Wii U. So again, go with LEGO City first, but…if
you’ve been there, done that and want even more LEGO on your Wii U…this is a great
place to stop next. It’s The LEGO Movie Video Game. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’ve gotta stop
talking about this game. I need to LEGO, this freaking thing.

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12 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – THE LEGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME review for Nintendo Wii U

  1. tell the people that in 2 player mode one player uses the gamepad and the other uses the tv that means no split screen crap

  2. I didn't like Lego undercover because they completely botched up the combat. Yea Lego combat hasn't ever been anything to write home about but it got pretty entertaining by batman two. Instead they replace it all with throwing people. Every move is a throw. I just couldn't get around that when it's such a large part of the gameplay.

  3. I was thinking of getting this game on either the WiiU or the PS3. Should I?
    I'm still looking for good PS3 exclusives though and this one isn't exactly exclusive.. but still. As you can probably tell I already have Ni No Kuni haha.

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