CGR Undertow – LEGO THE HOBBIT review for Nintendo Wii U

Hey, what species would you be if you were
a character in Middle Earth? I like to think I’d be an elf, because I’m
noble and wise, but…also kind of a dick. Also, I have great hair. Also, I hate short
people, and will probably live forever. Most of that is true. Tell you what, though. I
almost wouldn’t want to live forever, at this point. I’m 30 years old, and I have
already had more of these LEGO games than I can stand and I can’t stand no more. Can you imagine playing an eternity’s worth
of LEGO games? F*ck that, feed me to the dragon. It’s LEGO
The Hobbit, for the Nintendo Wii U. Speaking of dragons, the first two Hobbit
movies are kind of about a dragon. Sorry for the spoiler. And guess what? So is the third
movie. And that’s the strange thing about LEGO The Hobbit. This is a video game adaptation
of the first two movies…in a trilogy of movies. This makes very little sense, until
you realize it’s a video game. We’ll do this one now, and then we’ll
do another one based on all three. Or a collection, or something. We’ll bleed these hobbits
for every penny they’re worth. Signed, the gaming industry. PS: There’s also DLC. So, knowing full well that it’s an incomplete
story…how is LEGO The Hobbit otherwise? Well, that’s the easiest question ever.
Have you ever played any other LEGO game? Because that’s what LEGO The Hobbit is like.
It’s like any other LEGO game. And that’s not the worst thing in the world—the formula
works, it’s always worked, why mess with it? I get that. You know what it’s getting? Old, that’s
what. Now, of course, I say that as a guy who has
to play pretty much every LEGO game. Like, several times over. So the sameness hits me
a little harder than it might others. Like, if you’ve played a couple of games or whatever,
and you really like the Hobbit…then yeah. This game should be fine for you, you’ll
have fun with it. That’s the thing about LEGO games. They’re always the same, but they’re always
amusing. Kind of like dwarfs. See, I’m so an elf. I guess if anything struck me about this LEGO
game in particular…it’s the scope. LEGO The Hobbit does a great job of feeling like
Middle Earth. It’s big, it’s epic…and most of the time, it’s beautiful. This is
a very pretty game, artistically. Some of the environments are just gorgeous, and that
contrast between realistic places and tiny plastic faces is pretty awesome. From graphics
to music, the game has exactly the presentation it should have. So if you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll
love that. As for the gameplay, though? I mean, I don’t
know. Do you like LEGO games? ‘Cause this is a LEGO game. You slash through enemies,
you solve some puzzles, you collect LEGO studs. It’s functionally the same as ever game
since LEGO Star Wars. Which, by the way, came out less than ten years ago. But it feels
like ten more than that, ‘cause there have been about ten thousand of these LEGO games. You can switch between characters, each one
has different weapons…and there’s some platforming, here and there…actually, one
problem is that some of the characters look so similar, it can be hard to tell them apart
and to pick the right one. Like, they’re all short and have beards. And I’m serious this time. I’m not being
a dickhead elf. These games are always at their best with
multiplayer, though, and so is this one. In fact, the Wii U version has a pretty neat
benefit in that regard. Rather than doing split-screen multiplayer, you can actually
have one player playing on the TV…and the other on the GamePad. Which is awesome. Honestly,
if you’re getting this just for multiplayer, this is the version to get. That’s one of the major benefits of the
Wii U’s GamePad. You can have an entire screen to yourself for local multiplayer.
You can see your character…even if it’s a dwarf. Okay, that time, I was being a dickhead elf. Anyway, I’ve reviewed this game for a couple
different platforms, I don’t even remember anymore…so watch those for more. Not that
there’s anything else to say, really. It’s another LEGO game. Only this one has hobbits
and dragons. And dwarfs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And, hey…Traveller’s
Tales. How ‘bout a TMNT LEGO game? You’ve literally done everything but that,
the one LEGO game I actually want. Come on, man. Take my money. I’m offering
it to you. It’s LEGO The Hobbit for the Wii U.

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