CGR Undertow – LEGO STAR WARS review for Nintendo GameCube

Well, here we go. Another GameCube game, another
nostalgia trip…another donation from Kevin, from Jersey City, New Jersey. In case you
missed it, he’s sent us a bunch of awesome GameCube games. And a few…crappy, GameCube
games. But the good ones have been a lot of fun to revisit. I mean, I haven’t
played some of them in years. Case in point, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. The original. I looked into it. I reviewed
this back in 2010, for the PlayStation 2. Back when the LEGO games weren’t quite as
over-saturated. And back when I didn’t really know how to talk on video. Sorry about that,
by the way. Anyway, coming back to it years later…it’s great to see the Force is still
strong with this one. It’s that rare game that’s actually as
good as you remember. So it was 2005, and although there had been
LEGO games in varying capacities, there was never anything quite like this one. LEGO Star
Wars was a huge deal—people loved this game. And it launched a series that would become
one of gaming’s biggest, in the following decade. LEGO Batman, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO
Harry Potter…the list goes on and on. And it all started here. That’s one of the cool things about coming
back to it. You see that…somehow, these LEGO games have both come a long way and stayed
the same. Because at the heart of it all is the same simple, brilliant idea, and it’s
the concept that drives LEGO Star Wars. Break stuff, build stuff and have fun doing
it. So if you haven’t played it, LEGO Star Wars
combines LEGO and Star Wars. Shocker, right? You get to play through the major moments
of the prequel trilogy, only the whole world has been LEGO-fied. The Jedi? LEGOs. The droids?
LEGOs. The queens, the spaceships, the gungans? LEGOs, LEGOs, horribly ill-conceived LEGOs.
The thing that still strikes you about this game, all these years later…is just how
seamlessly it merges the two together. It just makes perfect sense. Like…yeah, Qui-Gon should be a Duplo. That presentation and style was the thing
that hooked me on this game, all those years ago. It’s amazing how much charm comes from
having these characters as LEGOs. And humor, too. It’s still a hilarious game. But if
there’s one thing you do notice, it’s that…the characters are silent. There’s
no voice acting, which is something future LEGO games would change. But you know, I kind of like the silent approach.
It makes the humor more clever, and more about LEGO…than just writing jokes. So it lets
the acting and the music handle much of the storytelling. With music this good, that’s
not a bad idea. As for the gameplay…well, I’ve always
had mixed feelings about it. I love playing these games because of how simple and mindless
they are. But at the same time…they’re really simple. And mindless. Especially the
combat. I mean, it’s actually just a hack-and-slash brawler, and not an especially clever one
at that. The draw of actually playing it is the collecting. You have this compulsive desire
to collect those shiny LEGO studs. So it’s the collecting, the building, the
puzzles, and the humor. That’s why you play these games. And if you have friends, obviously
LEGO Star Wars is still awesome with co-op. Anyway, if you want to hear what I thought
about this game three years ago…check out our review of the PS2 version. This one’s
more of a refresher course. And an awesome reminder that, even though there’s a ton
of them these days…the LEGO games are still a lot of fun. Especially for kids. And who among us isn’t a kid? These games have gotten bigger and better,
but the spirit remains the same in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. One of its generation’s
classics, and a chance to shoot robots with Natalie Portman.

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36 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – LEGO STAR WARS review for Nintendo GameCube

  1. Just sayin'… Lego City and Lego Marvel Superheroes are pretty fun games. The Marvel game astounded me in how many diverse side missions it gave me. Something InFamous: Second Son failed miserably to do.

  2. I've noticed that you guys have never reviewed Morrowind for the Original Xbox.
    I would love to here what Mark or Derek think of it since it is my favorite game if all time.

  3. This and Star Wars Battlefront series were the Star Wars games I played a lot back then. If you were on Xbox or PC, you got the best when it came to Star Wars games.

  4. Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 are the only good games in the franchise, 1 being the best overall. I think when they added voice acting is when it went downhill. Lego games were 10x better without voice acting.

  5. I played this back in they day, found myself hating it in rather short time due to sheer boredom. And some how now there are a billion other lego games and everythings, including several tv shows and a movie….

  6. The lego game franchises are fun and all. Just wished that some of them had voice acting instead of the grunt and groan noises.

  7. I've always liked all the lego games, but marvel is the best, it's the only lego game I've 100% wanted to complete.

  8. I really loved Lego star was the complete saga. I played it constantly. Then I realized how broken the jump attack was. Never been able to play a Lego game since

  9. this is my second favorite lego games and my eleventh favorite game ever! but I played on the wii but is same game.

  10. He's right, 2 years ago Derek was a completely different reviewer, he was just "that guy with the annoyingly high pitched voice next video". Now he's my fave CGR reviewer next to Mark.

  11. There are two rules about lego star wars 1
    1. You don't fuck with lego star wars 1
    2. If you do, slap yourself and keep on don't fucking with lego star wars 1!😂

  12. I still have the xbox edition in my basement, and it was big in my childhood. I would look forward to Friday nights, where I would watch my brothers play it and even I got to play it. The cutscenes where funny, and the coolest thing ever was the secret level.

  13. I remember playing lego games so much growing up, it was so fun to get to 100% in Lego Indiana Jones, these games were so fun, but as time went on, I stopped playing after Lego Batman, they really killed the franchise

  14. Fun fact this game was rereleased in combination with LEGO Star Wars 2 as part of LEGO Star Wars the complete saga on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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