CGR Undertow – LEGO NINJAGO: NINDROIDS review for Nintendo 3DS

Hey, know why it’s time for a new LEGO game? Because time has passed. That’s why. I don’t
even use a calendar anymore. I just walk by GameStop every day. If I see a new LEGO game,
I know it’s a new month. LEGO games have become the modern day sundial. They reliably
signify the passage of time. Which is about as exciting as it sounds. Another LEGO game? Pfft. Wake me up for nin-ja-go-go. See what I did there? It’s LEGO Ninjago:
Nindroids. Ninjago…go. Now, I realize this’ll never happen, because
money…but there’s no reason to have sports games be an annual thing. Release one per
generation, and sell yearly updates. Treat ‘em like a platform, almost. Again, never
happen…but for the consumer, that’d be a hell of a lot better than buying the same
game every year. And you know, as bad as sports games are at that…I’m starting to think
LEGO games are just as bad. And worse, in some ways. I mean, they started off so fun, and so addictive.
Who didn’t love collecting LEGO studs? Now, it’s like…seriously, if I never had to
collect another LEGO stud for the rest of my life, I’d be… Alright, maybe just one more time. And that’s the thing about LEGO games, isn’t
it? It’s honestly 90 percent the same, from game to game, you know that going in…and
you still have fun with them. It’s like an old wooden roller coaster. The goddamn
thing hasn’t changed since 1972. It’s not like they get software updates. But every
summer, you go and ride the f*cking thing, and it’s awesome. That’s LEGO Ninjago. You know what it is, you know where the line
starts…that quarter you threw on top of the other ride last summer, it’s still there.
And that reliability and familiarity is part of the charm, I guess. Only difference is, you don’t ride the roller
coaster every month. ‘Cause then it wouldn’t be as much fun.
Then it would be LEGO Ninjago-go. Look, I don’t know what I’m talking about
either, alright? Frankly, I don’t know what’s going on here, either. Some kind of robot
ninjas are trying to take over the city, so you have to collect the powerful things to
stop them. It’s honestly, like…I mean, give me ten minutes, and I’d come up with
something more interesting than this. This is ridiculous. It’s the same story you’ve seen play out
a million times, starring robots that all look the same, with gameplay that hasn’t
changed in nine years. This is like Status Quo: The Video Game. LEGO Status Quo. Coming next month, to every f*cking platform
ever. Anyway, the LEGO gameplay is here, present
and accounted for. Lots of collecting, minor puzzle-solving, lots of beat ‘em up action.
Every LEGO game is built from those three things. But I’ve also noticed that…they
sometimes have more of one than the other. Like, some go more into the puzzle-solving…where
a game like LEGO Marvel is more about action. This is one of the latter. In fact, it’s a lot like the 3DS version
of LEGO Marvel. It’s got the same perspective, same linear levels with lots of different
objectives, same focus on mashing buttons and beating up enemies. Only this time, they’re Nindroids. Nincompoops, more like it. The presentation’s about as okay as you’d
expect from a handheld LEGO game, which are notorious for being several notches below
their console counterparts. It looks okay, it sounds okay…I mean, I love LEGO, but
the Ninjago thing didn’t really do it for me. I don’t really see anything memorable
or charming in the art style or character design here. But hey, if you’re a fan…this is another
solid LEGO game based on it. And I suppose the familiarity is probably a good thing for
younger players. No surprises here in Ninjago-go. I’m gonna keep calling it that because I
like that song. If you don’t like it, Ninjago f*ck yourself. So is this a game for you? Well, are you a
nine-year-old boy, and are you okay with just another LEGO game? If you answered yes to
those questions, don’t even hesitate, little dude. You’ll love this. But for older LEGO
fans, or former LEGO fans hoping for the series to rebuild a little bit… Ninjago look somewhere else. ‘Cause with LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids, the
series is still coasting. Ninjago-go…down the street. I like that song.

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14 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – LEGO NINJAGO: NINDROIDS review for Nintendo 3DS

  1. This looks about as much fun as sand. I don't mean that kinetic sand, that shit is awesome. I mean plain old regular sand.

  2. Lego games may be constantly the same, but if there's one that represents a franchise you like then how can you say no? On the other hand, these ones based on Lego's own TV shows and toy lines aren't really the same. Heck, why do Ninjago and Lego Chima need to be Lego anyway? There's no real Lego-ness about them, and they'd be the same thing if they weren't Lego. They're just 22-minute toy adverts, like G.I. Joe and My Little Pony.

    I think I just answered my own question.

  3. I never enjoyed these new Lego games. Lego game I've always enjoyed the most was Lego racing on the N64. Where you can build your own custom car. Show me a Lego game like that again and I'm onboard.

  4. the only lego game I played was the marvel one… it was pretty good, the only really bad thing is 2 player mode split screen… that shit was annoying… I have played one level with my friend and never again…

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