CGR Undertow – LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES review for Xbox 360

It’s not that I don’t like the LEGO games.
I really do. My thing is, over the last several games, I’ve this unshakable feeling that…man,
these are kind of all the same. Not much varies from one to the next in terms of their core
gameplay. Button-mashy combat, collect the studs, solve basic puzzles…I mean, they
change the structure, but in terms of what you’re doing? It’s always…kind of the same. As pretty and massive as it may be? I don’t
know, I feel like it’s…kind of the same. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m
just saying it’s a thing. If you’re a Marvel fan, this game’s gonna make your brain explode
into a million LEGO pieces. But if you’ve gotten tired of these games? I don’t know that this one, great as it is,
is gonna change your mind. Now, that said…seriously, this thing’s gonna
blow Marvel fans away. There are more than 150 playable characters from the Marvel universe.
That’s just…I mean, that’s just insane. From the X-Men to the Fantastic Four to the
Avengers, oh and about 100 freaking others…this is like a Marvel encyclopedia, but done in
LEGO pieces. And instead of reading it, you get to play
it. And I guess, if I sound at all negative about
this game…I really don’t mean to. Because I had a good time with it. I think part of
my problem is…I mean, I’m not really a big Marvel fan, so all the sameness of the experience
strikes me a bit more, I think. To be fair, if this were LEGO Ninja Turtles, I’d probably
be a lot less concerned about that sameness. Like any LEGO title, it’s really for fans
of whatever franchise it’s taking on. I mean, I probably can’t even appreciate this
game’s scale on a level that a big Marvel fan would, but…holy crap, it’s massive.
Not only are you playing as characters from different series, but you also have bad guys
from different series. All mixed together, just like a big Marvel pasta salad. Each mission
starts off with you chasing after a bad guy, and as the levels unfold, it’s basically an
elaborate chase scene…which is kind of cool. Then again…I mean, am I crazy, or…that’s
all kind of the same, too? Yeah? The puzzles are…certainly puzzles. Usually,
it’s just about which character has the right ability, so you just switch to the right one
and boom. You’re golden. Not much thinking involved. These games are more about mindless
fun, and they are. I love smashing things made from LEGO and then rebuilding them into
more useful things…that LEGO whimsy never gets old. Even if the gameplay might. One of my favorite LEGO games is actually
LEGO City, because I think the LEGO gameplay lends itself especially well to an open world,
as opposed to linear missions. These LEGO titles seem to be using that more and more
to their advantage. Marvel Super Heroes has its main missions, but there’s also a hub
world. You have a huge city to explore between missions, packed with stuff to find and characters
to unlock. And that really helps to break up the monotony that can set in during the
missions themselves. Of course, it also helps that the game is
so huge. There’s always something new to find, some kind of amazing Marvel character for
fans to lose their mind over. And honestly, it kind of makes me jealous. Had I grown up
with Marvel comics, I’d be just as pumped as you guys. I’m just…I’m waiting for LEGO Ghostbusters.
With bated breath. So if you came here to hear a Marvel super
fan freak out about this game…sorry. There are plenty of people doing that. As someone
who doesn’t really know the characters, though…it’s easier to point out that, if you’re not a
huge fan, this game isn’t for you. It’s not one of those games that transcends its franchise,
you know? It’s not so good that it doesn’t matter. Because beneath all the Marvel love? It’s
just more of the same LEGO. For better or worse.

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63 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES review for Xbox 360

  1. Well structured review. Really enjoyed it, haven't played a Lego game for a while and I think this looks like a good game for me to get back into the series 🙂

  2. If you are any sort of marvel fan, you need this game. Just running around the city destroying things as all of your favorite marvel characters makes this game a great experience in itself.

  3. Well, to be fair, you can't just put a 360/PS3/Wii U game on the 3DS. They do need to start putting in more effort for the handheld versions, though.

  4. I WAS tired of these games. I really was. Lego Indiana Jones 2 was one of the most boring things ever. DC Superheroes didn't help much.

    Then I played Lego City for the Wii U. … It was an absolute blast. Idk if it was because it was original instead of more licensed characters or the incredibly funny writing and spoofs, but Lego City has turned into one of my favorite games this year. If you own a Wii U– buy it.

  5. How can anyone not be a true believer. Seriously I can't recall hearing anyone every say Marvels not their cup of tea. Mainly because the characters are so diverse there is bound to be something you like

  6. There missing some big ones scarlet witch, quicksilver, night crawler, apocalypse, crminsion dynamo and a few others

  7. What they should do next is get licenses from DC and Marvel and make ONE HUGE BADASS XOVER GAME!! Interdimensional plot and all, that would sell millions and would appeal to majority of comic book readers

  8. I loved all of the Lego games until they added full voice acting (I think it started with Lego Batman). Removing the pantomiming/grunting just plain killed the "magic" of the series. Even Lego LOTR was ruined because of that, and that shouldn't be possible!!

  9. Agreed about Lego City. Best Lego game for a while. So much fun and the game went on forever even after the story was finished! 🙂

  10. how da fuq ya gonna be a self-respecting, well-rounded nerd and NOT know shit about Marvel? 

    how da fuq ya gonna grow up in the 80's, 90's, know Ninja Turtles & Ghost Busters– play VIDEO GAMES (a great many of which are lisenced comic book games) and NOT know about MARVEL? (x-men genesis, maximum carnage, x-men: children of the atom, etc, etc, etc)

    just do yourself a favor and finish the last piece of your nerd puzzle and buy a copy of INFINITY GAUNTLET or ESSENTIAL X-MEN, bro 

    get on that shiiit

  11. Thank you steamsale. Also its not like they are going to change the core gameplay of the lego games so dramatically, that would be like turning Assassins Creed into like a survival horror game, a complete 180 and simply doesn't work. 

  12. @Thomas Stodghill, yes there is a game play video as someone playing as dead pool. Of course it won't be a marvel game without dead pool right? 

  13. @Steelebourne I personalty don't think so. While Lego LOTR had voices straight from all 3 movies. This game has original voice acting and adds humor to it, in which lego games are meant to be funny and fun. I don't see how that "killed the series" making it transition to an open world is much better. 

  14. Poor game play think you may of missed the point fella it's a treasure hunters dream game more so if you tend to be a little ocd about collecting things, story and combat etc are almost add ons here its just a little brake from the norm fun been a huge lover of lego games since the first star wars even though the game play is old school it's oddly refreshing in a world of games that takes itself far to seriously, these games don't want or need to be perfect and when you buy one you know what your getting, safe, happy and tons of fun trying to get that 100 percent everything collected and finished

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  16. would this be a good game for a 5 year old? just bought an xbox one and I am looking for games to play with my son

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