CGR Undertow – LEGO CITY: UNDERCOVER review for Nintendo Wii U

Let’s be honest. The Wii U needed this.
As great as games like Mario, Batman, Mass Effect and Call Of Duty are, it needed a release
that wasn’t just an old port or another Mario. It needed something fresh, something
new, something exclusive… And something good. Rejoice, Wii U owners. LEGO City is all of
those things. Finally released this week to the Wii U, LEGO
City: Undercover represents a major turning point for the LEGO games. It breaks from the
LEGO standard, it doesn’t have a huge mega-franchise attached to it…and it was published by Nintendo.
In fact, it’s also a turning point for Nintendo. Or at least…so they hope. Because as great
as some of the Wii U’s games have been, it could really use more of this. You play as Chase McCain. He plays the all-star
cop. You know the type—great hair, dreamy smile, played by some rugged actor. Kind of
a familiar character, but that’s one of the best things about LEGO City. It takes
inspiration—uh, and at times, even actual lines—from all kinds of movies and television
shows. In fact, it may not be about Star Wars or
Batman per the LEGO usual, but that’s exactly what makes it so good. Not only is it refreshing
to have that characteristic LEGO humor and charm in an original story with original characters,
but it’s also a fun story with fun characters. It’s a world that’s just really easy to
get lost in. I mean, metaphorically. You actually have
a map. What’s fitting about LEGO City is that…much
like LEGO, it’s just this bucket of ideas poured onto the floor. And that also applies
to the gameplay. This is all the things you love about LEGO games snapped onto a huge
green baseplate of Grand Theft Auto. LEGO City isn’t as massive, but its open world
is still packed with people to meet, secrets to find and those shiny LEGO studs to collect. I mean, you can’t not go after those things.
They freaking glisten! Now, the missions and story are good fun…but
really, just wandering around the city is fun on its own. And part of that is because
so much of it is destructible. You can smash anything made from LEGO and collect the pieces…which
you can use to create more useful things. Pads that magically spawn cars, reliable sea
vessels…hey, fortunately, you know a captain! A trustworthy ol’ sea dog! Of course, the game isn’t without its issues.
And chief among them, LEGO City is constantly interrupting your fun with really annoying
loading times. The progress bars come one after another, each one more annoying than
the one before. It’s not enough to ruin things, but it does break up the experience…and
not in a good way. Of course, there’s also an inherent degree of repetition…but there’s
so much to do in LEGO City that, even when it gets a little repetitive, it never stops
being fun. I think it’s fair to say that…recent LEGO
games were getting stale. Predictability was setting in, and as it often does, tedium seemed
to follow. But simply placing the LEGO concepts—the crushing, creating and compulsively collecting—into
a new framework, that of open-world action game…it’s just brilliant. It’s fun,
it’s charming… And it’s just what the Wii U needed. It’s LEGO City for the Nintendo Wii U.

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95 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – LEGO CITY: UNDERCOVER review for Nintendo Wii U

  1. If I had a Wii U this would be a must-have.

    I do, however, have a 3DS. A review over the 3DS version would be nice.

  2. 2:17 until 2:22 I kept laughing for the rest of the Review ! Keep up the awesome reviews & the AMAZING Jokes :D.

  3. As much as I loved the others, this is the kind of lego game I've been waiting for. Now if only I had a WiiU…

  4. Other good LEGO games:

    Star Wars I and II (GameCube/Wii)
    Harry Potter years 1-4 (Wii)
    Indiana Jones (Wii)
    Batman (Wii)
    Lord of the Rings (360)

  5. Finally a reason to buy a Wii U, now all I need is a new Zelda and a 3D Mario and i'm good to go. Making a new F-zero, Star Fox or Metroid wouldn't hurt right Nintendo?

  6. This game looks pretty fun, but I doubt I'll be getting it soon. Spent the rest of my money on Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.

  7. Considering that the Metal Gear series was also referenced in LEGO Lord of the Rings, I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen. Just prevent all the really perverted humor.

  8. It was scheduled for launch but needed more time to complete. Like Mr. Myamoto (sorry forgot how to spell his name lol) "A rushed game is terrible for ever, but a delayed game has the potential to be great." Better to delay the game when it is unfinished than to rush it out for launch. Here's looking at Assassin's Creed 3 that game was great but because of it being rushed it had many clichés that could have been fixed if it was delayed a month or two.

  9. That would be so much fun. And hey, they could have red lego studs fly out instead of blood! :3

    A stealth Lego game would be quite something… Plus playing as all the baddies would add for some variety.

  10. Wow, I get downthumbed for noting that for a LEGO Metal Gear game to pass, the perverted humor would be cut down (like LEGO LOTR cut down smoking and alcohol references, replacing them with coffee, tea, and cups of meat). I know it's the charm of the Metal Gear series (heck, I've been playing it), but damn, LEGO's goal is to be a bit more family friendly and be funny about it.

  11. only bad thing about this game is no guns how can you be a cop without a gun fucking retards going around shooting shit up ruining everything

  12. you guys should do a review for the ORIGINAL lego city game for the PC called Lego Island. it was an open world lego game similar to this one and pretty much EVERYTHING was destructible if im not mistaken. good times….

  13. I wish this was coming to 360. I've got a 3DS XL so I can play the prequel but it won't eb the same as playing it on a console. :/

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  15. idk why, they aren't really that noticeable. Each one lasts for about 30 sec and the game loads at least worst case scenario every 30min, normally every Hour or smth.

  16. Just beat the game. I'm not exactly a Lego game fan but this game was amazing!!! A must buy for Wii U owners.

  17. 1:00 Seems like all women in lego games have makeup and/or lipstick, as if we don't already know they're women because of their feminine hair or outfits.
    Why is that?

  18. Just got a Wii U for 300 with 6 games, this being one of them. Didn't know how I felt about that but now I'm at ease.

  19. because we're used to open world games without that big of loading.
    i mean 30 sec-1 minute was okay 2-3 generations ago, but come on this is 2013 we can't have such long load times, especially if they're constant.

  20. have u played the game ? they arent constant at all. its only annoying when u go to the police station and thats it. and if u played Mass Effect 2 it loads for about 2 freakin minutes !!!!

  21. This game is insanely awesome.  It is not your usual Lego game.  This is meant for adults but yet is Lego. 🙂

    I think there are 2 games on the Wii U that should be up for the GOTY but won't cuz Wii U sales struggled.  Lego City Undercover and Rayman Legends are just awesome on the Wii U.

  22. That's the way to go Nintendo, exclusive games published by you and no one else. Wii U does not have enough power to play ports that well, which means if you want to make people like the Wii U then make 1080p 60fps exclusive games. 

  23. Absolutely am loving this game and even though I have quite a few more games, this has been taking up all my time and that is alright with me.  I do hope that they continue on with this series and make a couple more

  24. Love this game. Best Wii U game and one of my favorite games ever. I so hope we can get a sequel. I'd even be in for a new title with the same open world style. Maybe Clutch Powers?

  25. Recomendations for sequel
    1. More focus on open world, like drivable vehicles or more gta style stuff
    2. Online mode – Self explanatory
    3. Better load times and less load times

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