Cat Hid Our Toys! ZhuZhu Pets Hide & Seek

this is an advertisement for Spin Master Jillian have you seen my Zhu Zhu Pets no
where did you leave them I was keeping them on this shelf underneath the table
but I think our cat Paco might have scared them away I don’t think it was
Paco’s fault but they were right here on the show and Paco was right over there
but you put them on the shelf don’t you know Zhu’s are flying off the
shelves now we have to go find them now if I was as soon as you pet where would
I hide I think we should use their hamster wheel to lure them out they love
playing on their hamster wheel Julian look it’s Roxy Roxy you’re such a rebel
just like me look here comes Barrett Merritt’s that’s a nice little hamster I
just love her little pink nose did Paco scare you
we’re still missing three of our zoo zoos what should we do let’s try putting
out the adventure ball we’ll never be able to resist this
yeah it’ll let them roam around free and protect them from the cat how do you
look I think it’s working already it’s Winky do you want to go on the
adventure ball we’ll just snap the base on and off you
go Winky but Julien we still have to find two
more zoo zoos don’t worry Adi I saved the biggest for last
the hamster house playset they love going up that ramp and down that
twisting slide wait I hear one coming it’s Sophie Sophie’s one of my favorite
Souza’s because she likes fancy things just like me have fun playing Sophie I think we have one more don’t we addy
if we haven’t found him yet he’s probably just chilling out somewhere now
who could that be rocky he was hanging out with bunker the
whole time that’s just typical rocky rocky Susie’s aren’t cat toys they’re
for kids don’t worry rocky we’re gonna make sure
you get lots of exercise thanks for helping me find all my zoo zoos Gillian
no problem now let’s let them play together so remember you can get these you see
pets and all these great accessories at Toys R Us and other stores be sure to go
to the Spin Master YouTube channel for a lot more fun step we’ll even link in the
description below have you played hide-and-seek with your
Zhu Zhu Pets let us know about that in the comments below
did you like this video who is your favorite CC pet let’s all comment don’t
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every day and make sure to go to baby teeth more for more baby teeth so that’s
a temper today so remember keep on playing as you can see Zhu Zhu pets are flying off the shelf go get yours while they’re still available

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