Cassie – Next Generation Robot

We’ve been working for a lot of years on
understanding walking and running. We started with ATRIAS. ATRIAS really showed the base features that
we wanted to show about legged locomotion. So Cassie is the newest bipedal robot out
of our lab. We added a few motors for degrees of freedom. So that enables us to stand in place, sit
down, crouch, squat. We’ve had to upgrade pretty much everything
from ATRIAS to get the size down. We’ve had to build a lithium ion battery
pack. We looked around to have people build it for
us and the two markets for that really exist in electric vehicles and home backup power. And those are both just way too large for
our applications. We did a lot of out own custom designs for
Cassie because we didn’t have access to off-the-shelf components that performed as
well as we could make perform ourselves. We’re doing something that no one really
knows how to do yet and by doing it we’re learning what’s correct. We’re learning what the right answers are. There are a lot of robots out there that will
take one step and put one step in front of the other but they take a huge amount of energy
to do it or any small disturbance, these robots that are just demonstrations will fall over
and fail. There’s only a few robots that are even
close to Cassie as far as being able to dynamically walk around. Having only two legs is a much more complicated
problem that we don’t fully understand yet as compared to four legs. You know, a biped and you can think of a two-legged
table, is not going to be very stable. So there’s a lot you have to do there, you
really have to move your feet around. If you think about any sort of disaster scenario
where they say, “Do we have any robots that can go into this space?” The answer is always, “Not yet.”. Imagine you’ve got a fire in a building
and the fire chief isn’t really sure if somebody’s still in the building. And they have to make a difficult decision
about whether they’re going to send one of their firefighters in, because it’s dangerous. If you have a robot, that has the same capabilities
as a person, you wouldn’t think twice about sending that robot. So that’s my guiding star, is putting this
out in the world and making something actually useful.

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100 thoughts on “Cassie – Next Generation Robot

  1. Send a human fireman is much cheaper, that’s why it’s only for the military to carry things

  2. OK electro mechanical functions, added gyroscopes – problem solved. But I would guess that with humanoid robots at least, the battery output duration and size is the limiting factor.

  3. I would hv a second thought when the robot I’m sending in instead of a fire fighter costs tax payers millions of dollars

  4. you should think twice before sending our future overlords into burning buildings. one day they are going to look back at this videos and go 'these fuckers are heartless' xD

  5. Imagine there was someone in your neighborhood who had different political ideas than you. You could send these in and just take care of the problem. Heck, you could fix entire neighborhoods!

  6. Can everyone here please take a second to imagine, JUST THINK of the possibilities! Rather than keep it as JUST a singular robot, why not stick an amputee with no legs on top of this thing and develop the tech to read brain commands! We could totally eliminate wheelchairs and give disabled people their dignity back!
    I honestly can't wait to see what the world will be like in another 10 years. I hope to see widespread availability of robotic augmentation

  7. Firefighter robots, rescue robots, these guys are so naive or they do it on purpose ? All of them knows that first thing robots will do is killing other humans … they already do it with drones.

  8. "What if there's a fire and the fire chief has to make a difficult decision?" It's always for saving lives, huh? Until the day they're available and are used in a not-so-friendly way. Remember GMOs like carotene-enriched rice were for improving the health of the people? There's always a humanitarian pretext to the most unpleasant inventions. Bottom line is they want to get rich, why can't they admit it?

  9. I can't help but think this is a massive stepping-stone towards giving people back the use of their legs.

    People seem focused on exo-suits, or prosthetics – which are absolutely wonderful, but if there is a system for taking care of complex tasks such as quickly rebalancing when something unexpected happens, it would become much more useful.

  10. I think it is a strange contrast how one organisation just shows us the robots.
    And the other one is acting over emotional about it.

  11. So this is a showcase of the best features of your robot, and apparently it can crouch while standing still, walk slowly on a perfectly flat surface, sometimes even without a person holding it's leash so it doesn't topple over.

  12. "we're doing something that no one really knows how to do yet." What about Boston Dynamics and Honda? They have been doing this for decades now.

  13. Imagine you have a fire in a building,,?
    Or, say for instance, a person who has political ideas that are contrary to what the Thought Police standards allow…..

  14. They sell the idea with the firefighter sob story, but the money is in defense. And you're going to have robot infantry going bananas in hot zones, likely killing lots of civilians (collateral damage is the buzzword), and before you know it, you'll see some crazy city somewhere experiment with robot cops… you realize this is going to be a very slippery slope, right?

  15. So…why not connect a set together and use programming to simulate animal pacing. Similar to software used by Zapata for their Hover Board Air for complex command processes have been developed. Just a thought.

  16. Okay, buy this little bit beautiful minds, Boston Dynamics, then throw bomb on that that Oregon university project.

  17. This is what the future will look like. Only the super rich will live on this earth and these robots will build themselves in underground bunkers most likely. You will have robot drone/legs flying around grabbing resources and flying back. Humans will be obsolete very soon. We are no longer needed in the New World. All of our Brain power combined has already been copied and now surpassed by AI. Trust me my fellow mortal human. These robot machines will kill and/or enslave us. Only the super rich and war profiteers will control these. Things like an Ethical Governor, a "key component in the ethical projection of unmanned autonomous force", will be built into these machines

  18. So now firefighters obsolete.
    How will robot choose who to save first?
    Just like I Robot submerged car scene

  19. This generation… 😌 We can never finish our projects before moving to a new one in the middle of it xD

  20. my friend, I am interested in buying some of these legs for my robbery, how much does it cost ?,

    pass the purchase link, please, llikkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  21. I'm a freshman in an engineering program- how can I get a head start in learning to eventually work on projects like this one?

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