CASH or TRASH? Blume Dolls Surprise Box, Ultimate Slime Kit Reviews

hey grains wanted to let you know that I
am hearing you loud and clear that you want a crafting video the last few
videos for the last few weeks were pre-recorded because I’ve been traveling
to the US and Japan so I promised as a Friday we will have way more crafting
videos gomen nasai hay grains welcome to
another cash-for-trash a show where we review multiple craft
kits to make sure that we waste our money and you don’t today I am joined by
my sister Sika like hey there’s my name and with all the changes coming to
youtube in January 2020 where they’re going to be flagging kids content and we
might probably be demonetised welcome to our new background we have now moved my
studio into a garage they’ve nicely let us use their their shop once in a while you’re going to hear
that drilling sound it’s going to be a little annoying or maybe we should move
somewhere else then you should move somewhere else
Italian restaurant maybe alright it’s down the street anyway so it’s
not too far all right Italian restaurant it is or
maybe something a little more adult-like like wine and cheese hmm wine and cheese could work hmm you know what I’m just gonna let the editing dictate it there
that’s the background for the rest of the day good enough I guess it’ll work
and with the holidays right around the corner for those of you who are
last-minute and loved to buy the gifts again you know from the pharmacy no pretend you don’t know last-minute
person aren’t you confess you don’t know me the pen is mightier than the sword I gave her a sharp pointy thing don’t
wave it do it so today we’re going to be looking at three craft kits that you can
buy last minute from either a pharmacy like CVS or whatever ones you have in
your country and we’re going to figure out whether they are worth your cash or
they go in the trash first one is going to be a blume toy this has been really
popular many of you grains tagged me to check it out it’s supposed to be a toy
where it grows from the soil I guess that’s the symbol for growing now next
we have a glowing slime kit and it’s a little sister the strawberry kit because
I wanted slovenly she really wanted the gold the dark and last but not least we
have oh yeah it’s got a weird English thing going on there you know what that
means English number one and this box
promises five batches that we should be able to put together everything from
glitter rainbow sparkle neon crunch and crunchy and just crunchy what was we
don’t eat that and so the reason we have to put the background as something out
of like is because slime has been flagged as children even though I’m
making the review for you grains who want to buy them so got it
stop what is the white what do you see there our first victim I mean reviews is
blume grow your own doll kit now this is supposed to be a kit because it
according to the box it includes a ten surprises inside for twenty dollars it
is quite an expensive toy very heavy but at the same time it’s supposed to be an
activity so I really wonder how long does this activity last and whether or
not the little thing that we’re getting really is worth twenty dollars that’s
quite the price tag yeah I mean look at that do you think money
is just raining down all the time no again as you can see on the box so a
new friend will blume before your eyes a friend is worth twenty dollars they
put a price tag on a friend some friends are priceless and some friends I’ve been
hurt so many times they breaka my heart they breaka my heart all right time
to see what’s inside oh my god it’s like your blades is not even going through two
thousand years later all right so we finally got through to the packaging it
is definitely not adult-friendly because we needed blades and and yeah it’s no
one friendly it’s no one friendly in a salt grown inside who said you could
open it oh it’s the instructions so we’re actually filling this with
water to try and make whatever is inside grow out so now we’re going to fill it
up with water that little water thing it just says fill with water we don’t
know what it’s called what is it called in English or is it full
you tell me well now we just get to remove the pink thing down here did we
get a sticker so it feels like a coffee filter and we are we are supposed to
all right so let’s go ahead and put water on this thing evenly are
you sure we’re not supposed to feel something else I’m pretty sure the
sticker itself says to put it there are we supposed to wait oh all right
is something happening yeah look at it okay don’t put all oh I got really um
excited there oh nice so funny is so weird did it grow or is that it
just give it time it’s slowly alright put some more water over here maybe it’s
almost that thing that was that small that happens because as according to the
instructions only the hair is going to pop out you need to pull her up by her
hair yeah that’s that’s mmm hey company I think you’re supposed to encourage
people to pull others by the hair so that’s it I was yeah that was $20 yeah
what’s it even like it’s very wait well she’s really in there oh did she break
so you don’t pull people by the hair all right hang on we’re gonna trying to find
the pieces now so here is our dolls doll you put it together
well I open this thing here oh so this is the mechanism that it’s in it really
is just kind of paper holding it down with Springs see so this is the doll
that we got we got Mandy and she comes with a pop companion and then over here
it says she’s one of the adorable ones oh yes so it seems like we got one of
the most boring ones yep it’s just kind of soft-serve ice cream on her hair so
in the first box we get a purse we’re supposed to be getting ten
surprises so 10 yeah Sika I’m gonna let you accessorize her while I open
everything here next in this little sink looking thing oh that’s her companion
and onion and onion greens is this a garlic or an onion bacon onion yeah so
we’re supposed to get ten so far we only have two so my guess is in here the
dresser should have the rest okay that’s three for shoes and so here’s the doll
all dressed up she has one surprise which is this to surprise which is the
shoes then we have her purse which we dropped her onion friend which is four
and that’s it where are the other surprises it specifically says ten
surprises we only have four of them does even stand so it looks like whoa Mandy
they didn’t even give you a proper piece of clothing to cover your butt so for
twenty dollars for those of you thinking about anything that like this kit
especially for those of you who are last-minute
I would definitely say whatever we get with this go straight in the track our
next kit we have two from ricochet and the last time we did ricochet it was
scrub absolute no because it was gooey it never activated and it was just it
either didn’t hold or became just glue yeah it was gross on so many levels I
don’t even know what we’re trying again I’m just already angry because I’m a
generous grave you need to calm down breathe in salt wait let’s put salt in
the back all right let’s breathe it in and
breathe out it’s a saline wash saline or saline
saline one of the things Celine Dion Oh someone needs to make a salt shaker
Celine Dion maybe okay you know what I’m photoshopping it here it is enjoy one of
the things about this kit is that it does actually look cute but for $7.99
it’s pretty light feels like there’s not much inside and many of you already know
techniques to make slime so it’s 79 $79 nine dollars it better be told me to
come myself you come yourself you come yourself down another allergy of mine
says include everything you need let’s try it again include I tried to
compensate since we have one each she has the glow-in-the-dark I have let’s
see what we get inside I don’t for it here’s what we get inside
for the glow one one mixing stick one bottle of slime activator one bottle of
slime base one slime container which is pretty small it looks like a pill bottle
it is like a pill bottle white we have too much experience with pill bottles
hashtag invisible illness one glow-in-the-dark solution and I my
instructions tell me that we get one instruction so the instruction sheet
tells you that you get an instruction sheet what the fudge it almost broke my
nail I punch see in the background but no it’s delicious actually can we have
brownies hashtag feed sika I’ll feed her right after and when it comes to the
strawberry one the instructions are pretty much the same except we get a pot
of paint and it again says that we get instructions the instructions I mean if
we don’t have the instructions how do we know if we have instructions we don’t
that’s why it lists that comes with one instruction on the instructions so for
the glow-in-the-dark one the instructions are pretty straightforward
we have to add the entire slime base mix it with glow solution they didn’t say
how much so we’re going to assume the whole thing once it’s fully blended we
have to add the entire ten milliliters of slime activator then we’re supposed
to stir it for one minute wait 30 seconds and then our slime is supposed
to be ready to use alright so we’ve waited way more than the 30 seconds to
make sure that it had enough time to set all right Sika this is the one you
wanted so go for it it’s holding itself yeah uh you know if you like barbour
but Arabic word for snot word of the day Oh
Oh gross so it’s so barbour and it’s mucousy it’s yeah that’s new too so
gross residue Oh gross oh it’s it feels like
um phlegm I feel like don’t you ever have to lemon your mouth yeah it feels
like like look at the shine on my hand it’s very wet
it’s very phlegmy it’s really gross it’s not the slime why’d you wipe down me
after that one time you lift my arms put out our dirty laundry over here okay
that’s for the vlog channel so in essence this is not really the slime
that you grains like it’s very wet yeah it’s very mucus see so it’s leaving a
residue but if it didn’t leave the residue it’d be kind of cool only if it
actually glows in the dark though in the what the dark oh we’re gonna try the
glow-in-the-dark into it the other thing if you want the slime to be more activated we’ve used all the materials
they really wanted us to use all the containers to make exactly this here
which means that there’s no other way to activate it unless you have activators
on hand or of course laundry detergent so now what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put it in the container put it under a UV light and then see whether or
not it glows in the dark so here it is it’s had enough time under the UV light
which should be equivalent to about 5-10 minutes with it light sunlight and here
we go well that took a while so even though you grains can see the lights a
lot more here on camera it is very light yeah you can barely see it I have the
exposure much higher on my camera so think of what you see right now it’s
about a quarter of that in real life let me show you what it really looks like if
I put the exposure off that’s what it is not much these light alright since this
is the kit that Sika really wanted go for it what’s your verdict one just
start I’m so angry I cannot even word basically this here is what
to get for $8.00 one it’s very little and two it doesn’t even glow-in-the-dark
WTF so for me this goes in the trash that’s a slam dunk and now for the
strawberry one we’re adding the entire slime base and then putting the whole
block thing of paint and mixing it until it’s fully blended at this point they
say if we want it to have a scent we should be putting it in there right now
so they only say a few drops and then we’re putting the whole thing of
activator mixing it for one minute and waiting 30 seconds again I can I can
hear seek aside because she is not she’s very skeptical on that one this ain’t
working I guess we’ll find it so here it is after it’s had enough time to rest
from my vigorous shaking and ooh it holds itself way better it’s a lot less
wet wait let me review it it looks like jello it does have this feeling of jello
it’s a little closer to the slime that you grains are definitely used to here
you can touch oh it’s a lot yeah it’s a lot better it’s so slippery
it’s it’s very easy not as bad though as mine was mine is just leaking all kinds
of weird gross juiciness it’s not barb or it’s not bad it’s nots not what we’re
sticky do now the question is that smell like strawberries after putting 10 drops
the answer is no it’s the only yoghurt it smells like yogurt definitely way
better than the first one is it worth $8 for you well if you’re a last minute
person going for gifts and you really have no choice but to spend that $8 I
would say it’s the closest thing to a slime so there’s so little though but
skeptically for last-minute people it’s worth your cash still don’t know who you’re talking
about one in case you’re wondering I’m trying to get it to make the squirty sounds and the answer is no it’s way too easy
see it doesn’t want to leave any kind of air yeah it’s too late molds too quickly
yeah next by are still the best friends
ricochets ultimate kids mine you said it right this time I know because it’s
terrible and this kit slime says that we should be
getting five types of glitter I mean five types of slime five types of glare
actually we do have five types of glitter six you like we get glitter
rainbow sparkle neon crunch and crunchy which is interesting I really want to do
crunches life I claim crunchy you can have neon crunch
know I like crunchy fine I’ll take me on crunch okay and it does say that the
thing that we always interestingly enough the previous kit actually did
have everything we needed and you stop being in my head- it’s so
cozy in there and it’s warm and this box also says and we do get to mixing tubes
so my guests do we need any bowls for this or do we get to just mix it like
like this very like with your pinky up look one one what yeah that’s how I mix
things get your mind out of the gutter but she’s putting you in there isn’t she
Wow alright let’s stop the delay because it
seems really interesting let’s open it up here’s what we get inside two little
blues three colorants in green blue purple and purple – mixing the tubes
beads in transparent as well as colourful trashy glitter colors mixing
stick measuring cup and two bags of cornstarch not sure why but I guess
we’ll figure that out the box also mentioned a stirring spoon
that is nowhere to be found but there’s no stirring spoon hey how’s the
instruction going there though the rules are kind of interesting says do not eat
slime or any of the ingredients that’s good to know do not apply on eyes
lips or mouth that’s good to know if you really need to wash your hands
thoroughly after use I thought this was supposed to be non-toxic but that’s good
to know grains we found the spoon it is hiding
very nicely transparently in here here it is we found it so these
instructions don’t tell me that we get instructions they’re very inconsistent
Ricochet very disappointing I need to know that I get my instructions
Oh my instruction sheet right we have something when it comes to the
instructions use the measuring cup to add 20 mils of white glue into a bun so
the instructions are supposed to be in English but that’s a French word for
bowls yeah so they didn’t translate the French word for bowl into English yeah
into a bowl don’t repeat these words to your french
friends I’m not gonna say more than that the process to make the slime is pretty
similar for any of the types and only once we get to the sixth step do we
start adding at different ingredients so we’re going to be adding 20 mils of the
white glue 30 mils of warm water we’re going to stir them together and then add
a hundred and ten mils of cornstarch that’s quite a bit of cornstarch we’re
at a point now where we’re like they’re like yeah yeah it’s so weird because we
just realized wait there’s no activator it’s only cornstarch and
it tells us don’t use your hands to mix it yeah which is kind of little
skeptical and that’s just that we have tubes and it doesn’t say what’s use them
for they’re called mixing tubes not storage tubes but the instructions have
no mention of them not so ricochet what the heck yeah I’m curious not because we
need to put the cornstarch all of this so this is the measurement they asked us
for we need to put all of this cornstarch in a total of 50 ml of liquid
so I think I’m gonna do the other way around because I don’t think it makes a
difference to be honest I also think it makes a difference let’s let’s do this
so we’re just gonna mix it I highly doubt it’s going to be slime that’s so
weird it’s going to just be a paste but maybe I’m wrong maybe it’s a new method
of making slime I don’t know I’m just a little grain but so far
skeptical we’re gonna keep stirring and we’re gonna make a crunchy slime so
we’re gonna add just a couple of drops of colorant and add these in there for
the color go horse the color oh my gosh I feel like this is just water I think
you’re gonna need to add like literally the whole thing because I don’t see any
coloring does it feel like just glue yeah it just feels like glue and
cornstarch where’s the color all right so we really tried to put some of the
colorant in there and it’s just not catching any of the color it’s not
turning into slime I just I don’t get it do you want to add some more cornstarch
and see if we can fix it up they do say to add more cornstarch if it’s a little
too wet but in water if it’s dry but this is not dry so let’s
try a little more cornstarch and see if we can get it to be a little bit more of
a consistency because whatever we put at this point is supposed to be aesthetic
the crunch so let’s just keep stirring how’s it looking oh it’s never gonna be
slime though I feel like it’s gonna be pudding now I think it’s too dry I can’t
mix it anymore it’s cornstarch it’s going to be exactly
the effect of when you hold it it’s gonna hold itself and then when you let
it go it’s just gonna droop that’s the that’s the cornstarch effect what you do
you got it all over me now try this turning on so this kit is
utter trash it is exactly the cornstarch effect when you start making experiments
where let me show you grains so if you don’t know the cornstarch effect if you
mix water and cornstarch you get this really cool substance in which that if
you go quickly it’s blocked on top but if you go slowly you can go through so
that is pretty much what we’re getting it is not
slime it is just cornstarch and glue at no point will this ever be something
that you can hold and manipulate so and you can’t even get it off your fingers
if I’m trying to get it off my fingers and it’s just it’s just spreading it’s
so gross yeah and you do not want to throw something like this down the drain
because that’s enough vlog yeah yeah do you want to see what it looks like with
beads yeah we can try it let’s put some beads in there alright and alright so
are these gonna go down oh it feels so gross it is gross that is not slime it’s
like a weird putty so here are the beads and again if you want to go quickly
you’re blocked see your hands are not that dirty but go ahead slow that’s what
he said what so I really don’t think there’s any point in going further with
this kit because it’s so with mixing tubes that are not for mixing and slime
that isn’t even slime is just cornstarch and glue this kit is just an absolute
mess so this 100% Ricochet kit goes straight it makes me so salty if it was not cold
today I’d say we’d have to burn it let us know in the comments section
below if you are a last minute gifter I usually start checking for gifts
somewhere around October so I don’t wait too long which one did you have the most
hope on let us know in the comment section below cos we’re very curious
this week’s shout outs go to bricks and weirdos Kenneth Burley Hannah Claxton
Emmy 125 House e07 glitchy clockwork I love my hit and run bub
Hemme Bergen M FTW gotcha angel forever 1998 and drawing things 73 remember if
you want a shout-out in my videos don’t forget to hashtag notification squad in
the comment section below within the first 5 hours of a videos release or
hashtag nerdecrafter on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook any time with any of
your creations and if you want to reach my sister you can find me on instagram
at and nerde sister underscore Sika until then we will see grains in the
next video

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