Can you transform a toy car into a pullback car?

(March music) ♪ We love science, yes we do ♪ ♪ We love science, yes we do ♪ ♪ We love science, Science-U ♪ ♪ We love science, Science-U ♪ (drum rolls) ♪ When I say science, you say U ♪ ♪ Science ♪
♪ U ♪ ♪ Science ♪
♪ U ♪ – [Narrator] Today campers are making their own pull back cars. – This is a pull back car. You pull it back and then you let it go. – When you pull it back
what you are doing is you are winding up a coil spring. And, it releases the
energy and powers the car. You’ve got to make this truck go with the power, the energy
and just a piece of plastic. (revving engine) – I think the best idea
is to wrap the coil around the back axle right here. – So that when we pull it
back, it will wrap around. And then when we let it go,
it’ll make the back axle spin. – So, pull it back. – No just let it go, just let it go. – Dang it! – How is this supposed to even work? – [Girl Camper] It doesn’t work very well, this is our first trial. – [Boy Camper] We might need
to make it even tighter. – So now this is the time
when you need to experiment to make it better. – [Several Campers] Two, one…GO! – We thought if we could
coil it around enough and the more we coil it,
the faster it will go. – [Camper] Here it goes! – Alright, I think it’s time for racing. – [Campers] Woo Hoo! (screeching tires) – Can you make your own pull back car? – [Campers] Try it!

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